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War By Deception (Video in Post #3)



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    I'm off to a Family function now, so that should give ou enough time to have watched the docco before I get back ;)

    your breaking my b**** here man pffff;)

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    Very interesting Docco, tis over 3 hours long tho,raises some rather interesting points, well worth a look

    The film has been taken down from youtube now. Feck!

    Here is a shorter version

  • Banned (with Prison Access) Posts: 921 ✭✭✭Border-Rat

    I know the editor of this film, Ryan. I've been a member of his forum for a few years. I haven't had time to watch it, but I'm pretty sure I've seen it all anyway. We had a discussion about a month ago about the stark contrast in accounts of the invasion of Iraq (Anglosphere vs international). The Americans say the Iraqi army packed up and went home. Thats not what the rest of the world said. I wonder if he included the airport fiasco in his video, I doubt he got around to it.

    I'm going to watch it and post a review here, eventually.

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    Eh?? thats NOT the documentary we're discussing here tho, thats something else that the ADL Lobbed in there to muddy the waters and slander the Author of War by Deception, based on the fact that most people wouldnt check things out for themselves

    your response says it all.

    Watch War By Deception and then link me to the AntiSemetic content Please

    I don't think I explained myself properly before. The ADL coming out and criticising actually made me want to watch the film even more. It is a compliment to be criticised by the ADL because it means you are doing something right. I was sure that there was no anti-semitism in the documentary because the ADL would have posted the most anti-semitic remarks possible and what they did wasn't anti-semitic at all.

    I've just watched the first 30 mins or so of the film up to the dancing Israelis and I must say I am very impressed. Ideally the production could be a little better but it hardly matters, if at all. This Ryan Guy is a breath of fresh air. He has really researched in depth, made interesting connections, sticks to the facts and presents them in an easy to understand fashion. This kind of background information (CIA coups, drug-running & other black ops) is crucial to understanding the possible conspiracy and it's motivations rather than having nonsense arguments

    Will definitely watch the rest. Thanks for sharing MC, cos I'd promised myself i'd never watch another 9-11 film again.

    I challenge anyone to watch the segment on the dancing Israelis, the fleeing dominik Suter, the 9-11 mural van and the explosive laden vans and not be highly suspicious.

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    Border-Rat wrote: »
    I'm going to watch it and post a review here, eventually.
    Look forward to it.

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    got to see the full version earlier today was familiar with most of it but its really well put together
    And the few hours passed nicely

    Thanks for the link MC