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  • steddyeddy wrote: »
    T-rex high heels hopefully to be worn on a Boards-Palaeo drinks night!

    By Galvasean!!!

  • I'd have laughed but someone already posted that on my Facebook wall...

  • Not sure if this is the right thread for this one.

    A prehistoric Family Adventure! T-REX takes you on an adventure you'll want to share with the entire family. Enjoy face-to-face encounters with life-size dinosaurs, hands-on educational activities, delectable food and phenomenal shopping. Our Kitchen of Fire features a wood burning pizza oven and rotisserie surrounded by live flames. Plus, you'll know "the end is near" once you've taken a bite of our fantastic dessert, the Chocolate Extinction!

    Restaurant Info: American, Lunch/Dinner A la carte, $$

    Order T-Rex Gift Cards Online: Click here.




    Brachiosaurus Bruschetta
    Grilled eggplant, bruschetta tomatoes, herbed cheese and toasted
    focaccia bread drizzled with a balsamic glaze - $9.59

    Dexter's Dual Dip
    Our phenomenal combination of Shrimp & Artichoke Dip and Chili
    Con Queso Dip served with tri-colored tortilla chips - $9.99

    Pterosaur Wings
    Our traditional style Buffalo wings served with carrots, celery
    sticks and Blue cheese dressing - $10.99

    Footprints Flatbread
    Warm flatbread topped with Cheddar, Mozzarella, Parmesan and Goat cheeses,
    rotisserie chicken and caramelized onions, drizzled with a balsamic glaze - $15.99

    Colosso Nachos
    Start at the summit of this delicious heap of tri-colored tortilla chips topped with
    seasoned ground beef, melted queso, black beans, pico de gallo, green onions,
    Cheddar cheese, and sour cream - $15.99

    Megalosaurus Mozzarella
    Seared Mozzarella with creamy marinara and Mozzarella fingers - $8.99

    Artifact Stack
    Dig into these fried onion rings, piled high and served with our
    BBQ Ranch and Buttermilk Ranch dressings for dipping - $8.99

    Chicken, roasted red bell peppers, green onions, Monterey Jack and Cheddar Cheeses
    grilled in flour tortillas and served with pico de gallo, sour cream and guacamole - $10.59

    Supersaurus Sampler
    For an appetite as big as T-REX! Chili Con Queso dip with tri-colored tortilla
    chips, Brachiosaurus Bruschetta, T-REXadillas and onion rings - $18.99
    Add a side of St. Louis ribs for - $5.99


    Jurassic Salad
    Iceberg and romaine lettuce, celery, carrots, tomatoes and black olives,
    served with your choice of dressing - $6.99

    Omnivore's Delight
    Iceberg, Romaine and baby greens with goat cheese, strawberries, dried cranberries, red
    onions and caramelized pecans. Tossed in a balsamic vinaigrette dressing - $16.99
    With grilled chicken - $17.99

    Pteradactyl Salad
    Roasted chicken, mixed greens, celery, tomatoes, Blue cheese crumbles,
    chopped egg and bacon. Tossed in a balsamic vinaigrette dressing - $16.99

    Saber-Tooth Salad
    Iceberg, romaine and mixed greens, with fresh pears, Gorgonzola cheese, pistachios,
    grapes, dried apricots and apple chips in a white balsamic vinaigrette - $16.99
    With grilled chicken - $17.99

    Asteroid French Onion Soup
    Traditional sherry-based onion soup baked with a large crouton
    and bubbling Swiss cheese - $6.99

    Lava Tomato Basil Soup
    Tomato basil soup garnished with Parmesan cheese - $6.99

    Add a Jurassic Salad or cup of Lava Tomato Basil Soup for - $5.99

    Cretaceous Chicken Fried Steak
    Breaded beef steak, fried golden brown and served with country gravy and served
    with red skinned garlic mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables - $19.99

    Fire-Roasted Rotisserie Chicken
    Half of a chicken, slow-roasted and served with your choice of two of the following sides: red skinned garlic mashed potatoes, waffle fries, Raptor rice, baked beans, cinnamon apples, cole slaw or seasonal vegetables - $19.99

    Mega Mes-O-Bones
    Slow-roasted St. Louis style pork spareribs, basted with BBQ sauce. Served with your choice
    of two of the following sides: red skinned garlic mashed potatoes, waffle fries, Raptor rice, baked beans, cinnamon apples, cole slaw or seasonal vegetables.
    Whole rack-$27.99 Half rack-$22.99

    Woolly Mammoth Chicken
    Seasoned grilled chicken breast sautéed with spinach, onions, roasted red bell peppers, zucchini, peas and mushrooms served over red skinned garlic mashed potatoes in a light tomato and roasted red bell pepper broth - $19.99

    Boneyard Buffet
    Fire-roasted Rotisserie Chicken and Mega Mes-O-Bones served with waffle fries and your choice of one of the following sides: red skinned garlic mashed potatoes, Raptor rice, baked beans, cinnamon apples, cole slaw, or seasonal vegetables - $27.99

    Primitive Pot Pie*
    Creamy home-style chicken pot pie filled with pearl onions, mushrooms, celery, carrots, and peas with puffed pastry - $17.99

    Neanderthal New York Strip
    Charbroiled Certified Angus Beef New York Strip Steak topped with steak butter and
    served with red skinned garlic mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables - $30.99

    Tyrannosaurus T-Bone*
    Our charbroiled Certified Angus Beef T-bone steak, topped with steak butter and
    served with red skinned garlic mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables. - $32.99

    Enhance your meal with one or more of the following items:

    Add Onion Rings - $5.99
    Add Tar Pit Fried Shrimp - $6.99
    Add St Louis Style Ribs - $6.99


    Layers of the Earth Lasagna
    Fresh pasta layered with tomato and meat sauce, Ricotta, Mozzarella
    and Parmesan cheeses, baked to perfection - $17.99

    Triassic Tortellini
    Tri-colored cheese tortellini with sun-dried tomatoes, peas
    and mushrooms tossed in an Alfredo cream sauce - $17.99
    With grilled chicken - $18.99

    Mammoth Mushroom Ravioli
    Walk on the wild side with our massive mushroom ravioli simmered in a rich
    lobster cream sauce with Roma tomatoes and fresh spinach - $18.59

    All burgers served with Potato Chips.
    Add a Jurassic Salad or cup of Lava Tomato Basil Soup for - $5.99
    Substitute Waffle Fries for - $1.99

    Bronto Burger*
    A 100% beef burger piled high with fried onion ring and your choice of
    lettuce, tomato, pickles and cheese - $13.99

    Gigantosaurus Burger*
    A true carnivore's choice! Two 100% beef burger patties piled high with a fried
    onion ring and your choice of lettuce, tomato, pickles and cheese- $16.99

    Guac-Asaurus Burger*
    Sink your teeth into this! A 100% beef burger topped with guacamole, a fried onion ring,
    Pepper Jack cheese, crispy bacon and your choice of lettuce, tomato and pickles - $14.49
    Supersize with an additional patty for $3.00

    All sandwiches served with Potato Chips
    Add a Jurassic Salad or cup of Lava Tomato Basil Soup for - $5.99
    Substitute Waffle Fries for - $1.99

    Lost World Chicken Salad Sandwich
    Grilled chicken, tossed with tarragon, celery, onions, toasted almonds
    and mayonnaise, served on a croissant - $13.99

    Paleozoic Chicken Sandwich
    Fried pizza dough with grilled chicken, lettuce, bacon, Pepper Jack cheese,
    avocado, tomato and lemon aioli - $14.99

    Pork-Asaurus Sandwich
    Smoked pulled pork simmered in BBQ sauce, served on a toasted
    bun with an onion ring and cole slaw - $14.99

    Stegosaurus Steak & Cheese Sandwhich
    Traditional-style cheese steak topped with melted Monterey Jack and Swiss cheeses
    served with lettuce and tomatoes on a toasted hoagie roll - $14.99

    Add a Jurassic Salad or a cup of Lava Tomato Basil Soup for $5.99

    Jurassic Shrimp Skewers
    Grilled shirmp with red and yellow bell peppers and onions, served over
    Raptor rice and mango fruit salsa and lemon butter sauce - $22.99

    Tar Pit Fried Shrimp
    Tender shrimp lightly fried golden brown, served with tartar
    and cocktail sauces, waffle fries and cole slaw- $22.99

    Paleo Shrimp
    Parmesan crusted shrimp with linguini tossed in pomodoro
    cream sauce - $20.99

    Tribal Tacos
    Your choice of tempura fried or blackened white fish wrapped in corn tortillas and topped with red cabbage, fresh cilantro, pico de gallo and our T-REX avocado cream sauce - $17.99

    Fossil Fish-N-Chips
    Fillet of cod, golden fried, served English-style with waffles fries,
    coleslaw and tartar sauce - $19.99

    Age of Salmon*
    Fillet of Atlantic salmon, seared with our Miso glaze served with
    Raptor rice and seasonal vegetables - $24.99

    SIDES - All $1.49
    Red skinned Garlic Mashed Potatoes
    Waffle Fries
    Raptor Rice
    Baked Beans
    Cinnamon Apples


    Ice Age Indulgence
    Layers of ice cream sandwiches, fudge sauce, whipped cream and Heath Bar Crunch - $8.99

    Meteor Bites
    Warm chocolate and vanilla donut holes with powdered sugar.
    Served with caramel and chocolate sauces. - $8.99

    Cosmic Key Lime Pie
    Our own freshly baked key lime pie in a graham cracker crust, served
    with raspberry sauce and fresh whipped cream - $7.99

    Sorbet Sampler
    Mango and raspberry sorbet topped with raspberry sauce and mango puree and served with a chocolate covered wafer - $6.99

    Chocolate Extinction
    A gigantic portion of chocolate fudge cake served with ice cream, fresh whipped cream
    drizzled with fudge and caramel sauces and sprinkled with Butterfinger crumbs. Enough
    for two or more! - $15.99

    ** Menu and Prices are Subject to Change Without Notice **

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  • YLYL


  • Mickeroo wrote: »

    Not possible according to this


  • gXRIp.jpg

    The three states of matter.






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  • Hitler finds out that dinos are dead.

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  • wat?

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  • Jumblon wrote: »

    Don´t take it wrong but how is this funny? I find it rather sad...