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Antivirus / Antimalware Recommendation Thread (May 2011)

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    Closed Accounts Posts: 17,209 aidan_walsh

    To keep the information on your choices of AV and Antimalware fresh, I'm going to start rebooting the polls periodically (not decided how often yet, probably every few months).

    You can find the old stickies on the topic here and here.

    The current poll options are the most popular items from the last poll. If you use something else, tell us here on thread.

    What AV/Antimalware do you use? 382 votes

    Microsoft Security Essentials
    0% 2 votes
    31% 122 votes
    21% 83 votes
    17% 66 votes
    3% 14 votes
    4% 16 votes
    6% 23 votes
    Something else (post on thread)
    8% 31 votes
    6% 25 votes



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