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The Colourful Characters of Waterford



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    The proper Eddie Batt bad luck horse docket story went along the lines of one day a bloke went to the bookies in Barrack Street and put on his bet. As bad luck would have it he met Eddie in the street and went to screw up the docket but he said hang on it can't always be true. Back in the pub he watched all the horses win !!!

    He went back to the bookies and drew the winnings.

    And then got knocked down by a car at the corner of the Mayors Walk !!!!!

    Never heard that story but I don’t think it’s true. Poor Eddie Batt was a lovely fella who just got labelled a jinx one day and the name stuck with him. Waterford is a small place and unfortunately for him he never got rid of it. He had a lonely existence by all accounts.

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