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Athletics/Running/Triathlon shop directory

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    since this is a recurring question.
    Use this thread to list the shops you know of, sorted by location, and add a comment if you've shopped there yourself. Note the range of equipment they sell, especially the less usual stuff ('the stick', specialist tri or athletics equipment)

    Elverys Dundrum Shopping Centre and Suffolk Street
    Stock: General sports shop, decent range of running gear
    Comments: Free gait analysis

    Amphibian King in Bray
    Stock: Runners, running clothes, gels, 'the stick', wetsuits, HRMs
    Comments: Highly recommended - good range, knowledgable staff, free gait analysis

    Lidl & Aldi
    Stock: No permanent stock, but regular specials of running gear
    Comments: Decent quality gear, usually sells out pretty fast