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Its all about Time...



  • Ok a bit of time on my hands (well a lot actually)... Here are the official MisterDrak predictions for 2011...

    Got to put them out there and see how things go...

    Distance Time
    1 mile 5:40
    5K 19:50
    5 mile 33:00
    10K 39:50
    10 mile 67:00
    Half 1:27:30
    Marathon 3:04:00

    If im to put a brief commentary on each of them then here goes:-

    1 mile - No idea? Never run just a mile before, however probably something to go for after the summer when i have some decent interval session in the legs. If there are no suitable races, i just might give it a bash with a stop watch in ALSAA some evening....

    5K - Will be pretty disappointed if i dont hit this. Chance 1 will be the St Paddys day 5K in the city. Second the Raheny mid summer run in St Anne's park...

    5M - The Raheny 5 - 2011 in 26 days from today.... Did 33:50 last year, with a massive stitch up the watermill road. Should hit 33:00 if all goes well.

    10K - No idea for a race for this one, possibly the Dunshaughlin 10K in the summer. My PB for this distance in actually 47:?? from 2006, the year i started running...

    10M - Probably the Frank Duffy 10 - Aug20th. got 68:20 in this last year and was pretty close to as fast as I could go at that point. Still another year of running and another year of experience and we can see where we can go...

    Half - Again the Dublin Half marathon. I died at mile 12 last year, also ran without the Garmin, so could not pace accurately. Going to give it the beans again this year.

    Marathon - 3:14 last year (2010), is 3:04 on for this year. If im honest from mile 21 last year I was very slow. Had dropped down a minute a mile from the first half of the race, If i can just hold the pace for the whole marathon then at least a 3:09 is on. The challange is also to run a negative split...

  • Training going well so far. However where i was easily running 7:10 - 7:20 m/m in November 2010, im now struggling to maintain 7:40m/m pace. Think this is down to the complete lack of training over the month of december with the snow and ice etc.

    Tuesday 4th : Ran Raheny 8 mile loop, finished in 61 mins. A struggle to get the last 2 mile in. Wanted to just end it at 6 miles. Avg 7:44m/m

    Thursday 6th : Ran Pheonix park for 6.2 miles. Bit faster as it was a bright and sunny day (rather than the freezing nights). Avg 7:33m/m

    Total miles YTD : 33.2

  • MisterDrak wrote: »
    Training going well so far. However where i was easily running 7:10 - 7:20 m/m in November 2010, im now struggling to maintain 7:40m/m pace. Think this is down to the complete lack of training over the month of december with the snow and ice etc.

    Tuesday 4th : Ran Raheny 8 mile loop, finished in 61 mins. A struggle to get the last 2 mile in. Wanted to just end it at 6 miles. Avg 7:44m/m

    Thursday 6th : Ran Pheonix park for 6.2 miles. Bit faster as it was a bright and sunny day (rather than the freezing nights). Avg 7:33m/m

    Total miles YTD : 33.2

    I wouldn't worry about the slow down in speed to be honest i am amazed that you maintain such a fast speed for all your runs. Your 10 mile PB is 68:xx (6:50/mile?) yet your 'normal pace' seems to be 7:10-7:20. My Pb's and 2011 goals are pretty similar to yours, but I would never be able to run so close to 10 mile pace on a daily basis. Most of my runs would be in the 8-9 min range, with recoveries even slower.

    Anyway I see you are targetting 33 minutes for the Raheny 5? Exactly the same as me!! See you there

  • Saturday 8th : Ran the park in Swords for 5.4 miles. Decided this was going to be a "bit of a tempo session", as my average pace has dropped off a bit, since re-starting running after the big freeze. I have been struggling to get below 7:40m/m in any session, so that was my target. Finished the session in 40:32 and average pace was 7:28m/m.

    Sunday 9th : Ran the sea front for 10 miles. The usual loop out Sutton and back. The paths were frozen on the way out with temperatures around 1-2c range. This slowed things up a bit on outward leg. Finished the session of 10.2 miles in 1:18:18, a bit slower that last year (1:12 last year). I have targeted to get this 10 mile loop down to sub 70 mins on a regular basis by later March. Nothing on the Monday as felt tired and a niggle in the right leg...

  • Tuesday 11th : Ran the 10 mile loop (actually 10.2m to skip a couple more on the 1000) from Raheny out to Sutton, coast road and back. With the dark evenings and the lack of street light on the causeway road the confidence in putting in few fast miles is not there. Still completed the session in 1:18 with an average pace of 7:42min/mi.

    Really need to get some track work in, as the Raheny 5 is only 17 Days away, and its one of my A races for the year. Im going to give the actual course a blast on Saturday morning early, and see what sort of time I can log.

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  • Thursday 13 January : Thats more like it... The speed is beginning to return. Treated this session like a Tempo as I wanted it to be resonabley rapid. My usual run around the Pheonix park. 7.3 miles in 53:09. Got in 1 mile at 6:59. Also think Im slightly over tired, with stuff in work and the big increase in run volume. Probably not helping Avg pace, and faster splits. Avg Pace 7:16

    YTD Miles : 66.3

  • Saturday 15th Jan : 4.2 miles around Malahide park as Himself was play a match. The wind was pretty bad, so i stayed in the paths around the trees for shelter. Still finished in 30:00 for the 4.2.

    Sunday 16th Jan : 10 mile loop on the coast road out to sutton and back. Couple of miles in under 7:00m/m which im happy about. Said hello to Christeb. Hit the 5mile mark at about 36min. Finished full 10miles in about 1:13, pace @ 7:19m/m, strong wind on the way back which lost me a few mins.

    Monday, Tuesday - Rest days as the increased milage is causing some niggles in the right leg, which I dont need this close the the Raheny 5. So backing off off the bigger milage for a couple of days.

    Also have not had any real track work to speak of, so my pace on the day may suffer...

  • Thursday 20th Jan : Back running after 3 days (rest) NOT, was Teds big 40th on Tuesday, so between the big night out, and the big recovery (not recovery run), iv Had a few days to sit around and do not nothing.

    Was nice to get back out running again. The "niggle" is still in the right leg for the first mile. However ran it out over about 10 minutes in the park. Got in 1 mile at sub 7m/m. Want to get most miles in the pace range from March.

    Targeting a track session for Saturday morning. This will be my last opportunity to get some fast mile before the Raheny 5 Next sunday week.

  • Friday 21 Jan : No running today, as im in recovery (from a big drinking session last night). 5 pints in 2 hours !!!

    Have to admit that I probably went out fast, however maintained the lead through the mid part of the session (3 pint an hour), but Cathal cought me on the finish line, where he downed the last pint of

    Anyway was looking around old treads and found this one about weight loss.

    Weighed myself yesterday morning and now down to 71Kg... Was 76kg last July. So down 5 kg in 6 months, with no major change in diet. Hopefully that will give me something extra next Sunday week for the 5...

  • Saturday 22 Jan : With the lads football early on Sat morning, I didn't have the option to drive down to Raheny and give the 5 mile course a fast blast before next week (I did this last year, 1 week before, and it worked out well).
    Instead I ran up to ALSAA and did 4*400 for a bit of speed, then back down. Enjoyed the different route, and the track sessions. The 400's were coming in at 82,83,83,81. Could have pushed harder and done more, but given this was the first track this year and the 5 next week, i didnt want to risk an injury.
    As the saturday mornings get brighter and warmer Im going to up the session to 6*400 and 8*400.... Hopefully...
    6.7 miles in about 45 mins.

    Sunday 23 Jan : Planned to do 10miles early, but only woke up at 8:00. Got down to Clontarf and started from Bay. Ran in with some of the Raheny lads, including Christeb. Nice to have a bit of company on the run for a change.
    Worringly the lads easily dropped me on cork screw hill. I just had nothing, however they plowed on will no decrease in pace. Note to self "Lots of Hill repeats..."
    10.7 miles in 1:20 @ 7:37m/m

    Monday 24 : Got Jack Daniels Running Formula book delivered from Amazon this morning..:).. My training is way to unstructured at present, with virtually no planning or proper sessions included. Anyway hopefully Jack can help me out.

    Miles this year 105.2

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  • Tuesday 25th Jan: First run with the Raheny Guys. Really enjoyed it. Big thanks to Christeb for dragging me around the 5mile course, then a couple of slower laps to finish off.

    Different feeling running at a sustained faster pace than normal. Most of my miles are usually in the 7:20 - 7:30 zone. Last night we hit 7:00ish for most of the 5 mile course.

    The legs are a bit sort today, which is not where i want to be, 5 days out from the race. Hopefully a slow 6 mile tomorrow and rest Friday and Sat will cure all ills.

    8 Miles Last night. 113.2 miles YTD.

  • All the best for the Raheny 5. might see you around the start!

  • Raheny 5 - Sunday 30 January.

    Probably my A race of the year. This was my first ever race when I started running way back in 2006. Also the route around here is my normal running area on (Raheny / Clontarf etc).

    The pre race prep was not exactly perfect, with the guys next door having a massive party on the Saturday night. I gave up trying to sleep at 1:40am Sunday morning, and drove down to my Mothers house. Finally got to sleep there at 3:30ish, but was up again at 7ish.. Anyway suffice it to say i was pretty groggy on sunday morning. Had the porridge and Bagel at 11:00am, making sure I didn't make same mistake of eating too early as last year.

    Arrived down to Raheny and collected the race number in plenty of time. Said hello to some of the lads in the club. The day was perfect for running, clear blue sky, no wind and sunny but about 2c. Watched both of the kids races. Winner of the second "kids race" 5:25 for the mile !!!!

    Warmed up and was still feeling really groggy, for about 10 seconds I seriously thought about skipping the race completely... Anyway got it together and jogged up to the start line. Was about 10 rows back from the start, set the Gamin and off we went bang on 3:00pm.

    First mile was the usual barging to get into a decent running position. I quickly got into a reasonable pace at 6:14m/m for the first mile. The Howth road was closed off on the race side, which was nice, as you have plenty of space to move up on the outside. The temp must have been close to Zero around here in the shade. I found breathing difficult.
    Second Mile at 6:27, was slower that I wanted, possibly down to the slight hill up to start of Sybil hill rd.

    Next mile on Mt Prospect Ave @ 6:20 was relatively easy. I started to think was I pushing hard enough? Decided to stay at this effort level in case i blew up. Was picking off a few of the slower lads around here. Had a good battle with a F Club runner here from MSB. Passed her at the 3 mile mark (st Annes Park). Down the hill to the sea front, I eased off tried to remember the Boards advice for running down hills easy... Again the Coast road was more relatively easy running, pace @ 6:21. MSB girl passing me here. Damb need to pick up the pace...

    Up Watermill you could hear the speakers clearly now, passed MSB girl again. Mile in 6:28, Just wanted to maintain my position now and not let anyone pass, especially MSB girl. In sight of the last 600m around the park now. Up on the toes, and into fast interval pace. Caught a few more slower paced guys, rounded the last corner (150m to go) and really giving it 100% effort. Glanced to see the race timer @ 31:53. Damb going to miss 31:xx. Finished with 32:05 on the garmin.

    Said hello to Mac and Christeb after the race. Walked around to see and support some of the other finishers, but had to head back to the car after 5mins as it was freezing, and was getting I was getting cold.

    Very happy with time, was expecting 32:5X, but 32:05 Yep, a good days work. Avg @6:21.

    Now is 29:59 possible for 2012?

    Total miles 2011 : 124.7

  • Tuesday 01 Feb : My first official run with the club. Got there around 6:25pm and waited for a small group to arrive. Introduced myself to a few of the lads. We were off promptly at 6:30. Did a decent 9.7miles run. Just "miles in the tank type stuff"...
    A relitively slow 7:43m/m, however felt much faster, probably down to the race 2 days previous.

    Wednesday 02 Feb : I have been seriously neglecting the gym of late, and with the weight dropping away (5kg in 6 months), I'm Beginning to look distinctly impoverished. Going to try for 3 session per week. Mainly light upper body workouts and abdominal and core work outs also. Dont want to build and mass obviously, but do want to tone back to where i was a last year...

    Thursday 03 Feb : My usual Thursday lunch time session in the park, however decided to go with a soft Fartleck session for a bit of extra effort. After the race, the legs are still pretty tight. Total distance 6.5m Couple of miles down in the 6:50's m/m pace also. Average pace 7:11m/m

    Total miles 2011 : 140.9

  • Given that i have hit the first of my Targets for 2011, I might as well celebrate:-

    Distance Time Actual Race
    1 mile 5:40
    5K 19:50
    5 mile 33:00 32:02 Raheny 5 (30/01/2011)
    10K 39:50
    10 mile 67:00
    Half 1:27:30
    Marathon 3:04:00

  • Looks like I'v done my left foot in, so going to be out for a while...

    Probably the combination of the Raheny 5 race on Sunday, followed by a tempo 10mile Tuesday, followed by a Fartleck session in the Park Thursday. To much for the legs / feet to take this early in the year...

    Bye Bye decent position on the 1000 mile challange...

    Total miles 2011 : 140.9

  • Yep, going to be out for a bit...

    Suspected stress fracture on the left foot. Hurt like hell on Friday, and Saturday, not to bad day today Monday... But going to give the running a miss for a bit. :mad:

    Went to the gym instead yeaterday, amazing how weak you get when the run volume has increased and the gym volume decreased...

    Anyway Gutted...

  • Sorry to hear that. I bet you'll still pass me out before the end of the year anyway...

  • Decided that I couldn't sit around anymore so went for a very slow 3.5 miles last night.

    The foot was in OK shape, at the start, but got progressivly worse toward the end.

    3.5 miles in 30 mins.

    Total miles 2011 : 144.4

    Also went to the gym.. Beginning to bulk up again...

  • Look up peroneal tendonitis. Feels like a stress fracture but is just an overuse injury. Way more likey. A good physio should sort you out

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  • kennyb3 wrote: »
    Look up peroneal tendonitis. Feels like a stress fracture but is just an overuse injury. Way more likey. A good physio should sort you out

    Cheers Kenny,

    Had 2 sessions with the physio and it actually feels much better, (not 100% yet) though.

    Im going to go for another short and slow run today and see how it goes.

  • Thursday 10 Feb : Decided to go for a spin in the park at lunch. The pain in the foot had mostly subsided so decided to give it a go (slowly). Most of the way around felt nice and easy, several times I wanted to go for it but managed to hold back.

    Finished the session in 50 minutes for 6.5 miles. Garmin didnt start for first .9 miles.

    Total miles 2011 : 150.9

  • this thread has been reported to the mods for being the subject of medical advice....:cool:

    Joking aside, get better MD - you were running nicely.

  • christeb wrote: »
    this thread has been reported to the mods for being the subject of medical advice....:cool:

    Joking aside, get better MD - you were running nicely.

    Prob running to well, think i forced it bit last week and paid the price...

    Anyway on the mend now. Nice easy Sunday ahead for me, cant say the same for you.:)

  • Pretty much back into regular training. Although a absolute pile of pints on Friday kind of missed up the weekend.

    Saturday 12 Feb : Ran a couple of laps of the north county farmers course an hour before the start, given its kind of home territory. Felt good and no niggles in the foot. Mind you it was a XC and the going was very soft...

    Sunday 13 Feb : First proper Sunday LSR session with the club. Had no real target in terms of distance, rather just fit into a group and try to keep up. Settled in with a few lads, and cracked off at probably 7:20, 7:30m/m (left the garmin in work so not sure). The group kind of broke up after about mile 5, and I found myself on my own. Was not to sure about slowing down and waiting for them to catch up, or crack on... I cracked on... (will have to enquire next week). Anyway about 13.5m in 1:40. Much harder that i would normally run, and really felt it after the session. Love it...

    Miles Year to date: 168.4

  • Tuesday 15 Feb : Evening run with the club, started off easy with some of the lads down the Howth road. Met up with a guy I know from the IFSC, and all hell broke loose. Lets just say his natural pace is a bit faster than mine. Finished with 1 mile slow. However most of the miles were 7 min range.

    Thursday 17 Feb : Lunch time run in the Pheonix park. Just a handy 6 miles. Was pretty tired, and had no real pace. Put the tirdness down to the 2 faster session on sunday and tuesday, and the lack of food yesterday.

    Miles Year to Date : 182.9

  • Saturday 19 Feb : Decided to give the BHAA cross country in ALSAA a go, as it was just 5 mins drive from the house and there was no kids football. The going was wet and heavy to say the least, more like a total mudfest. Have to say i was really not prepared for the condition under foot. Ran in a pair of old Kianos from a couple of years ago, and there were obviously totally unsuitable. I didnt take the race to seriously, actually cracked a few jokes which did get a laugh on the first lap. Finished the 5 miles (5.3 on the garmin) in 40:30. Also go lapped on the last lap by one of the Raheny lads who won, he made it look effortless...

    Sunday 20 Feb : Did the Sunday LSR (not to much S this morning), with a few of the lads with the club. Started out nice and easy (7:40m/m) talking about the BHAA XC from the previous day, with one of the other lads. Unfortunately I have to stop for a wee, at mile 1. Wasted about a minute, and then paid the price trying to catch them up for the next 2 miles (couple of 6:50 - 7:00m/m). Eventually did catch them, but was totally blown. Just hung on the back of the group for the next 3-4 miles. Weather was poor with a strong wind and rain off the sea. Finished the run with 13:25 miles in 1:38 for 7:28 avg.

    Total mile YTD : 202.1

  • Tuesday 22 Feb: Got out from work early so decided to run on my own rather that waiting for the lads. Got in 8 miles OK, however the second half was slow despite me thinking I was flying. Finished 8 miles in 1:00 exactly for 7:30m/m avg. No miles under 7:00. Really need to start getting volume miles under the 7:00m/m…

    Thursday 24 Feb : Another early release from that thing that used to be called work. Again no point in waiting an hour to run with the lads, so I headed out on my own for a bit. Lovely to see that the evening was bright to start with. Got in 8.7 miles in 1:07min. Felt a bit tired and fatigued during the run, possibly iv been pushing to hard in my runs over the last few weeks, with not enough easy pace stuff.

    Ytd : 218.8

  • Sunday 27 Feb : Decided not to run on the Saturday, as I have had a bit of pain in both knees. Possibly down to pushing pretty hard over the last few weeks. The Sunday session was a good one. Got in 13 miles in 1:36 7:27m/m. Strong wind in the face on the way back slowed the second half.

    Good luck to Christeb in Barca next week...

    YTD : 231.8

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  • Tuesday 1 Mar: New month same old training... Finished work a bit to early to hang around and wait for the lads, so headed off at 5:45pm for a 10 miler. The large soup at lunch time was still swirling around the belly, and made for a uncomfortable first 5-6 miles. Also the weather was way colder than i expected leaving the car, with the result that i was probably under dressed for the session. Bugged out of the coast road, as it was getting dark and there is no path around past the boat club. Anyway finished the run with a slow mile around the wade Ave 1 mile.

    YTD Miles: 241