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Keep Improving



  • Thursday 25/11/10

    Treadmill = 8K (Tempo). = 45.56

    2K = Easy (9.0 speed on treadmill)
    4K = (12.5 speed on treadmill)
    2K = Easy (9.0 speed on treadmill).

    Done some weights after.

  • Sunday 28/11/10

    Treadmill = 20K :eek:

    Yeah - you read it correctly.
    Due to the rubbish weather/roads Saturday & Sunday down my way, i got no long run done outside the weekend. On Sunday morning, when i saw the roads still covered in ice/snow, decided to go into Watershed Track in Kilkenny. Track was covered in snow, so went in to the gym to use treadmill. Since Waterford Half Marathon is only 2 weeks away and as ive never ran a half marathon before, i felt i needed to have a long run.

    I'm doing jingle bells 5k next saturday so this was my last week to get some long distance in. Ran 20K on treadmill - took me approx 2 hours - boredom - No ipod or nothing. i hope this weather improves - this was torture.

    Very hot inside and needed more water with me. Thanks god that's over with.

  • Tuesday 30/11/10

    Treadmill = 8K (Intervals).

    2K = Easy (9.0 speed on treadmill)
    10 X 400m = (13.0 speed on treadmill)
    2K = Easy (9.0 speed on treadmill)

    Done a few weights afterwards.

  • Thursday 02/12/10

    Treadmill = 8K (Tempo). = 45.57

    2K = Easy (9.0 speed on treadmill)
    4K = (12.5 speed on treadmill)
    2K = Easy (9.0 speed on treadmill).

    Done some weights after.

  • Saturday 04/12/10

    Treadmill = 10k = 1.00.03

    Due to continuing sh**te weather conditions, no outdoor run the weekend. With Jingle Bell's 5k being called off, just went into Watershed gym in Kilkenny and done a easy 10k to keep ticking over.

    Leg shin sore on Thursday and Saturday in gym. Also sore to touch. Need to watch this.

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  • Sunday 05/12/10

    Hillwalking - Blackstairs Mountains - Wexford.

    This was very tough, as tough a day in the hills ive had in a long time.
    Started walking approx 11am - finished approx 5pm. Up to 3 foot of snow in places and regularly fell or went to my hips in snow. Climbed Stooleen (593 meters) & then onto Mount Leinster (795 meters).

    Freezing cold and dark when we finished at 5pm and only got home at 7pm last night. Slept well. Noticed left shin again sore during the day at times.
    Have decided to rest it this week and wont do anything until Waterford Half Marathon on Saturday.

    Two run's coming up in the next two weeks.

    Waterford Half Marathon - Goal sub 1.50.00
    Jingle Bell's 5K - Goal sub 22.00

    I'm calling them Mission 1 and Mission 2 - two important run's i have been building towards for last couple of months. Not sure if i'll succeed, but am really looking forward to giving both a right go.

  • Thursday 09/12/10

    Treadmill = 8K (Tempo). = 45.57

    2K = Easy (9.0 speed on treadmill)
    4K = (12.5 speed on treadmill)
    2K = Easy (9.0 speed on treadmill).

    Disappointed that Waterford Half Marathon is called off but correct decision. Wasn't going to run last night when the half was due to take place on Saturday, but once it was called off, i decided to do a bit.
    Left shin still sore, think i need to rest for a few week or two in order to get rid of it. However, am due to run Jingle Bells 5k next Saturday and also want to get a longer run in this weekend.
    So plan is to run approx 10 mile on Saturday of this week, then rest up for 1 week before Jingle Bells. Hope this helps get rid of the soreness.

  • Saturday 11/12/10

    Treadmill = 16K

    Another long session on the treadmill. Roads still icy up my way.
    Not much to say really. Left leg was little bit sore. Will probably rest up all this week and hope that Jingle Bells 5k takes place.

    At stag session - Saturday & all day Sunday. Too much beer and fags.
    More beer scheduled for this Saturday night aswell. Can't wait for christmas to be over so i can get back on the straight and narrow.

  • Jingle Bells 5k = 21.27 PB

    Just going to give an update on how this went for me. Never wrote any a report before so excuse if it's cack.

    Pre Race

    Had'nt ran in seven days before this race due to sore left shin. Took some Nurfen during the week, in case it helped.
    Had only started running last January and had completed two 5K's before with my previous best of 22.44 in July. Started doing Tempo's & Intervals' last couple of months on treadmill to increase speed, since i read on this website, that's the best thing to do.
    Wasn't sure how i'd do but the goal was to beat 22 minutes.

    Drove up from Kilkenny with the wife the morning of the race and went straight to Donmore Harriers grounds and collected my pin, chip,mug, etc...
    Ran a lap of some route in phoenix park that others seemed to be jogging around. Immediately noticed the left leg was sore, wasn't slowly me up but still in the back of my mind the whole time.


    Lined up about quarter/half way from the front the main men.
    First Km, took it somewhat handy as i remembered in Lecheile run in July i ran first k in 4.06 and died a death. So i decided to run as i felt for the first km and take it from there. However, was a bit shocked to see that i reached 1km mark at 4.43, much slower than i expected. Don't have a garmin so didn't really know at what pace i was running. Second Km, decided to up the pace very slightly, wanted to make sure i was somewhat strong for the last couple of km's. Ran second k in 4.28 (9.11 overall). Was about 30 sec's slower than i had planned at this stage and was panicking slightly. Didn't feel too bad but was thinking that the tempos' & interval's were not doing what they were supposed to do. Slipped slightly at the start of the third km. Nevertheless decided to start pushing myself a bit. Don't know whether it was the fact that it was a little downhill, or i was trying to keep up with various runners in front of me or what but ran third KM in 4.00 (13.11 overall). This left me about 11 seconds behind my target time at 3KM mark. Slowed up in the 4th km as i was feeling it a bit after the previous burst. Ran 4th km at about 4.34 (17.43 overall). Constantly doing the maths in my head, realised i had to run the last KM at 4.17 to beat 22minutes. Got involved in a bit of a battle with some lady i was passing. Made a little sprint to leave her and then after succeeding in this, nearly died. Some dude cruised up behind me and said 'cold aul morning for it'. All i could reply was i'm absolutely f**ked. He gave me some encouagement and dropped me like a hot spud. i kept pushing as hard as i could, more encouragement from some steward near the last turn, telling me how far i had to run. Completed last Km in 3.51 and crossed the finished line in 21.35.
    Chip time was down as 21.27 so i'll take that.

    Wife knocked 5+ minutes off her previous 5k time and finished in 27.09. She was happy with that.
    Downside is that my left leg is very sore again after this run. Even the week's rest before this run didn't help. Doesn't look like i'll be doing the half marathon in Waterford January 15th now, as i'm going to miss too much training.
    Will rest the leg this week, until Xmas eve. Might give it a go then. If leg still acting up, half marathon is gone and it's off to physio.

    Anyway most enjoyable morning. Congrats to Donmore on organising this race to such a high quality under trying circumstances.

  • Well haven't ran since jingle bells last saturday. My Left ankle/shin has continued to be sore all week and isn't getting any better. I have only ran once in the last 12 days (jingle bells) and can't honestly say that my leg is feeling any better.
    Ran physio today and have an appointment for Tuesday. Looks like Waterford Half Marathon is a no no as i'd need 2/3 weeks running with couple of 10/12 miles LSR's to get in shape for this.

    Very disappointed, after being delighted with sub 22 last week.

    Lets hope the physio has good news.

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  • Due to injury to left leg, haven't been able to do much since Jingle Bells 5k on December 18th.

    26/12/10 - St Stephen's Day Charity Walk

    Every year do this charity walk. Distance approx 6/7 miles, took about 2 hours with couple of hilly areas. My left leg was sore during this walk.


    First visit to physio. Spent about 1 hour with her. She thinks the injury is most likely a muscle injury to this leg. She spent good amount of time massaging various area's of both legs and showed me number of stretches to do. Asked me to leave it a couple of days and do a short run to see how the leg was.


    3.68 Miles = 31.29

    Finally !!!! got to run. First run in two weeks. Was afraid that most of my fitness would be gone but surprisingly felt ok during this short run.
    Noticked discomfort in the lower left ankle/shin area during the whole run. Wasn't painful or sore, just a small niggle like something pressing against my leg.
    Will do this run again on Monday of next week and another appointment with the physio on Tuesday Evening. Felt great to be back out on the road. Really enjoyed this run.

  • Went to the physio Tuesday evening. She done more stretches of the muscles and gave me more exercises to do. Trying my best to do them but have severe time constraints to do as many as i would like at the moment.
    Asked me to do a short run in the next couple of evenings to see how the leg was. She says the problem is muscle related.

    Wednesday 05/01/11

    Treadmill = 8K = 48.06

    Done some weights afterwards.

    First run of the new year and ran this fairly slowly as i'm just trying to get back into it as haven't ran much in last three weeks due to injury.
    The moment i started running i noticed a discomfort/niggle in the left ankle/shin area. Wasn't painful or sore but was like something pressing in against my leg. Doesn't seem any better or worse than a week ago.Felt the same discomfort from start to finish. If it was muscle related, i thought it would disappear as i warmed up.
    Nevertheless, ran the 8k, happy to be back running.
    Seeing the physio Friday evening and i plan to run 5.2 miles outdoors on Saturday morning.

    Not sure the physio is helping my ankle as much as i'd like. May switch to another physio if no real improvement in the next week.

  • Goals

    5k = sub 21.00 (PB = 21.27)
    4M = sub 28.00 (PB = 29.59)
    5M = sub 36.00 (No PB)
    10K = sub 45.00 (PB = 47.58)
    10M = sub 1.20.00 (No PB)
    Half = sub 1.50.00 (No PB)
    Full = sub 4.00.00 (No PB)
    Carrauntwohill - Climb

    Above are the goals for this year. These are all based on recovering from present injury and keeping injury free. From 5k to 10k - these are based on recent 5k run and would be tough to do unless i improve a bit.
    10m - half marathon - speed wise, mcmillan calculator says i can do a bit quicker, but since i have never ran these distances, am going to give myself an easier target. Marathon - really just to complete one would be an achievement.
    Climb Carrauntoohill was on last year's to do list and never done it, so will try again this year.
    Here's hoping.....

  • Went to physio again last Friday evening. Told her, that i didn't think her initial diagnosis was correct and that injury wasn't muscle related. i pointed out exactly where the pain was coming from and now i supposedly have shin splints.

    Anyway she strapped up with ankle, gave me some temporary pads to put in my runners for the next week or so to see if it makes a difference. If no improvement seen, she is going to refer me to the physio who owns the clinic as she has lots more experience.

    Saturday 08/01/11

    5.2 Miles - 45.34 - (Pace = 8.46)

    So off i went early saturday morning with me strapped ankle and the pads in me runners. Discomfort in left shin/ankle area was present the whole way through but nevertheless, wasn't too painful and i enjoyed the run.
    Soreness in shin that evening and next day.
    Plan is to run same distance Tuesday morning and am expecting phone call from physio regarding progress (or lack of) with the leg.

  • Tuesday 11/01/11

    5.2 Miles - 45.08 - (Pace = 8.41)

    Didn't enjoy this half as much as saturday's run. Left leg painful for the first 2.5 miles then, was ok for the second half.
    I was really feeling this run over the last mile and a half which is uphill. Didn't feel half as bad doing this run last saturday. Could be the fact that i only got home from work at 3.30am last night and up this morning at 11am and straight out the door. Maybe the body was a bit messed up.

    Anyway another run on Thursday, then am going to make up my mind about switching physio's or not.

  • Haven't ran since last Tuesday and have ran only sporadicaly since xmas. Changed physio's as wasnt happy with the original physio. Thought she was poor. Changed to Anthony Geoghegan, Carlow. Visited him early on Saturday morning. Must say, initial impressions are that he is excellent.

    Spotted within 20 seconds that i had previously broken my ankle, diagnosed the problem using a scanning machine within 5 minutes. I have media tibbia stress injury (not sure of spelling).

    Gave me exercises to perform 6 times per day. Used some machine ESWP i think was the name of it on my shin area (electric shock therapy).

    Said that the way i run, flatness of my feet was causing extra stress on my shin area and that runners i wear (kayano's) were not suitable for me.
    Recommended that i get a pair of Spirra running shoes (neutral). I have these ordered.
    Also, i can use the cross trainer in the gym to keep fit, but not to do any running until i see him next saturday.

    All in all, i feel more positive about the situation as i have a diagnosis and plan to recover. (and i can go to the gym).
    Here's hoping that i can be back running soon.
    Went to watch Waterford Half marathon on saturday was envious of all those taking part. Who would have thought a year ago that i would be envious of anyone running 13.11 miles in the pisses of rain on their day off work.

  • Tuesday 18/01/11

    Cross Trainer = 7.45K = 40 Minutes (Level 14)

    As i'm not allowed run for the timebeing, i used cross trainer for 40 minutes yesterday evening. Not my favourite piece of equipment (quiet boring). However as i hadn't got any exercise in a week, enjoyed this and good to be back doing something at least.
    No reaction from the leg - was fine during and after this exercise.
    Done some core stretching as well before and after this workout.
    More Cross training on Thursday.

  • Thursday 20/01/11

    Cross Trainer = 7.91K = 40 Minutes (Level 14)

    No reaction from the leg. Physio appointment Saturday morning.
    Exercises feel a lot easier now. Doing them 6 times per day. Will go to gym after physio on Saturday for more cross training.

  • Saturday 22/01/11

    Went to Physio. Collected my new runners Spirra Running shoes. Physio says these are best for my feet as will take some of the pressure from my shins. Used the Electric machine again to help stimulate recovery of affected area and gave me more exercises to do. Went into gym to use cross trainer.

    Cross Trainer = 7.30K = 40 Minutes (Level 15)

    Physio said to use Cross Trainer for this week and try running again next week. Have another appointment with him in two weeks time.

  • Tuesday 25/01/11

    Cross Trainer = 8.32K = 40 Minutes (Level 14).

    Done some stretches before, during and after Cross Trainer. Hope to be back on the road this day next week. Can't wait.

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  • Thursday 27/01/11

    Cross Trainer = 7.92K = 40 Minutes (Level 15).

    Done some stretches after this. Feeling a little stronger as i get used to this piece of equipment.

  • Saturday 29/01/11

    Cross Trainer = 8.25K = 40 Minutes (Level 15).

    Back running Tuesday evening. Still feeling a little niggle the odd time in the left shin. Not sore, but hoping it won't flare up on Tuesday.

  • Thursday 01/02/11

    Cross Trainer = 8.34K = 40 Minutes (Level 15).

    Done a few weights after this.

    Physio had asked me to start running again this week. Decided against it last night as i can still feel a sensation in the left leg where the injury is. Was afraid to try it last night, so stuck to the cross trainer. Decided to give it couple more days and plan is to run either Thursday or Friday (4 miles). Will be seeing physio on Saturday morning to give him feedback on how the run goes. Hope to do another run on Saturday morning after physio session.

  • Friday 04/02/11

    Treadmill = 8K = 48.06

    First time running since the 11th January. Found this fairly easy and was delighted at the time with how the leg felt. Little sensation alright where the soreness used to be.

    Saturday 05/02/11

    Visit to the physio. Told him of the sensation that i was feeling in the leg and he said it may be a weakness in the area which would require strenghening. He told me to keep running on it and come back in the next couple of weeks to him, sooner if it gets worse.


    Treadmill = 8K = 48.00.

    Found this a little tougher as i had ran 8k less then 24 hours earlier and gym was hot. No real issues with the leg after this.


    Brought dog for a 4 mile really slow walk. Noticed when i got home that my left shin area was sore. Felt depressed after this and feel like if i run on this, i will go back to square on.

    However, plan for this week is to run Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday 4/5 miles each, keep doing stretching the physio requires me to do and apply ice after each run. If the leg is getting sore again, i will be straight back to the physio to see what i need to do to recover. Getting a bit depressed about this now.

  • Tuesday 08/02/11

    Treadmill = 8K = 48.05

    Easy run on treadmill. Could feel slight pressure on left shin area.
    No real discomfort/pain with it. However, will need to monitor over next 24 hours.

  • Thursday 10/02/11

    3.67 Miles = 32.21 - (Pace = 8.49)

    First time in one month running outside. Done a loop i'm very familiar with. Has quiet a big hill in it which would really test you. Found this run fairly difficult and a little slower than normal. Know, i haven't ran much in a while but have kept myself fairly fit. Putting it down to tiredness as i've been getting to bed at 3am all this week and was only out of bed half an hour before the run so felt a bit sluggish and hamstrings felt tight. Could feel sensation still there in the leg. Put ice pack on shin for 40 minutes when finished and done some strenghening exercises both before and after run.

  • Saturday 12/02/11

    5.20 Miles = 44.39 - (Pace = 8.35)

    Again, first time in a month to do this loop. Found it a little tough at times and again it is very hilly in parts. Find that i'm constantly thinking about the leg whilst i'm running at the moment, trying to see if it's any better.
    Can still feel pressure on the shin area when i'm running but no pain.
    Applied ice to the leg for half an hour after the run and continuing with the strenghening exercises. Feeling a lot more positive about the leg at the moment.

  • Tuesday 15/02/11

    Treadmill = 8K = 48.08

    Easy run on Treadmill. Felt pressure in the leg for the first 3/4k, then didnt notice it. Bit painful for about 10 minutes after run, then has been fine since. Will keep an eye on this. Done some Strenghening exercises before and after run.

  • Thursday 17/02/11

    Treadmill = 8K = 48.00

    Felt good running this yesterday evening. Leg sore for first 1k, then never noticed it. Outdoor run on Sunday.

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  • Sunday 20/02/11

    5.20 Miles = 44.46 - (Pace = 8.37)

    Got out early enough before the rain started. Nice run, finding this run a little more difficult since i started back after injury. Think, it's more a mental thing as i was so used to running it easily before, i am expecting to go out and cruise it without difficulty. Not the case as it's fairly hilly.
    No real problem with the leg, felt it once or twice for a short period. Really seems to be getting better, please god.