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DCS:- Warthog (A-10C)



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    The Beta Versions of the A-10 Warthog and Ka-50 Black Shark modules for DCS:-World are available now.
    A-10C Warthog and Black Shark 2 Beta Modules ( for DCS: World

    Open betas of A-10C Warthog ( and Black Shark 2 ( modules for DCS: World are released. Download links can be found at the bottom of the download pages, right before BitTorrent files.

    Prior to installing the modules, you must first have DCS World installed. You may download from here:

    Please note that the open beta of Black Shark 2 module is only for the standalone version. Serial numbers of the upgrade version will not work. The module of Black Shark 2 upgrade version will be released later after release of the final versions of the modules.


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    DCS:-Combined Arms module for DCS: A-10C Warthog and other DCS flight sim products, and some pics
    DUXFORD, UK, May 31st 2012 – The Fighter Collection and Eagle Dynamics will offer DCS: Combined Arms as a digital download pre-purchase for $29.99 in June 2012. Pre-purchase also provides access to pre-release Beta versions of the title.

    DCS: Combined Arms gives the user control of ground forces during the battle. Use the strategic map to move ground forces, set artillery fire missions, and control the ground battle. Assume the role of a Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) and designate targets for close air support aircraft, or directly control an armor vehicles or air defense weapons and engage enemy forces.

    Play DCS: Combined Arms as a real time strategy game, a first person armor warfare simulation, or direct the ground battle from the cockpit of a DCS aircraft like the A-10C Warthog, Ka-50 Black Shark, or P-51D Mustang.

    DCS: Combined Arms supports both single player and multiplayer gameplay. When in multiplayer, different players can take on different roles such as artillery commanders, tank commanders, pilots, JTACS, etc. DCS: Combined Arms allows you full control of the battle. All roles can be changed dynamically during the battle.

    Features of the DCS: Combined Arms:

    • Move ground forces and direct their fire during a mission.
    • Be the Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) and direct close air support.
    • Jump into the seat of many armor and air defense units to engage enemy air and ground forces.
    • Play in both single player and multiplayer games.
    • Both small and large scale battle missions included.
    • Part of DCS World


    About The Fighter Collection

    The Fighter Collection, as well as developing software for the entertainment and serious game markets, also operates, rebuilds and maintains Europe's largest collection of airworthy WWII fighters and is based at Duxford Airfield, in the UK. For more information visit our websites:















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    More good news, IRIS simulations (of FSX fame) are now developing aircraft modules for DCS

    Spanky wrote: »
    As it stands at the moment, we're one of a handful of 3rd party developers permitted to develop for DCS World. As has been stated to us, both IRIS and ED/TFC are in very early days with regards to 3rd party integration and we're both eager to see how the development process goes on both sides of the fence. We're also very enthusiastic to see developments progress..

    All that being said, ED only has so much resources available to them, and they have to continue developments to DCS, do their own in-house product range and and other high priority things. In amongst that, they now have to develop an SDK (aka DCS development for dummies!) and hand hold a few choice 3rd party devs as we all work on our products.

    Given all the above, it was made quite clear to our team by myself that it's pretty much a dive in the deep end and swim deal.. :) We have to come in and learn how things are done, how systems are coded, how flight models and audio are handled and much more. That's why we're focusing on building up as much knowledge from the community as possible.

    So our thought process was thus.... Initially we thought "Great, let's do a fantastic in depth A-10C level of detail aircraft...." a few days later, we thought "Bugger, how are we going to do that when we're still learning how to put planes into DCS!"

    After discussing with TFC and going over the business side of things, we're all of the opinion that it's far more beneficial to start simple and progressively increase complexity of products as a. our knowledge increases and b. ED's resources become more available.

    Don't get me wrong, we're totally blown away by the support that ED/TFC are providing. We've worked with developers who've shown far less willingness to share information and assistance. We just aren't going to bite off more than we can chew..not at this stage.

    So, the mindset in Team IRIS at the moment is as follows....

    We develop our first aircraft for DCS which will likely be something fun yet simple. From this, we learn where we can improve, and what you as the customers want to see. Some thoughts are towards the Open Beta idea which TFC have encouraged. This allows us to provide a staggered product release over time, allowing us to get product to the customer earlier, and upgrade it as our skills and knowledge improve.

    A prime example of this would be the development of a MFD system... initially, an aircraft might come with a single screen option without the possibility of changing screens, but as knowledge improves, you may see more depth to systems as upgrade patches etc.

    As I said earlier, this is a learning experience for us. We know we're the new kids on the block with DCS, and whilst we're having great fun learning this platform and enjoying finally having a combat platform for our combat planes in, we're relying heavily on what you'd like to see.

    If what you'd like to see fits into what we have the ability to produce, then that makes me a happy man. :)



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    Just ******* awesome!!!
    Spanky wrote: »
    Okay, we've had the green light from TFC to let you all know the products we have planned from the IRIS team over the next 3 year development cycle.
    (I hope they won't take that long to make! lol)

    Contracts have been signed for the following products;

    IRIS F-15E Strike Eagle for DCS World
    IRIS F-22 Raptor for DCS World
    IRIS F-14D Tomcat for DCS World

    I will say that the F-15E is being developed with the intention of being submitted to ED as a DCS branded product (ie. DCS: F-15E Strike Eagle) and of course will be one of the longest to develop.

    The F-22 will be looking at making use of the AFM for thrust vectoring and we'll be discussing this further with ED.

    The F-14D is likely to be the first completed aircraft from the stable if all goes well.

    We will be looking at the best way to develop these products from a business perspective over the coming weekend after a team meeting.

    There MAY be another project being added to the list as a fourth product was dropped from the list at the last moment. We'll let you know when we know.. ;)

    Anyway, have fun... it's nearly 1am here and I need to get away from this PC.. I'll see you all tomorrow..

    Ciao folks..



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    A few more pics from DCS:-Combined arms were released.



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    Another Developer to develop for DCS...
    Ells228 wrote: »
    Virtual European Air Operations is pleased to announce our development strategy for DCS.
    First, a little about VEAO (yes I know, you want me to cut to the chase).

    We have been around since 2005 developing models for FC1.12a and FC2, specifically the BAE Hawk and Eurofighter Typhoon.

    The Hawk has been used by the Virtual Red Arrows aerobatic display team since then and has had a few updated versions through FC1 and Flaming Cliffs 2 into the incarnation that we currently use today and more recently featured on our latest video showing the 3d cockpit.

    The Typhoon was developed specifically for the RAF Recruitment team for use at the Waddington International Airshow back in 2009 and 2010.
    Two pilots from 3 squadron in front of the head-to-head challenge at Waddington

    Since then we have been developing further for FC2, including a 3d cockpit with MFD and HUD integration. Due to a few snags and limited hard coded functionality we decided to continue with development in anticipation of the release of DCS and stop further FC2 development.

    As you can imagine, the Typhoon is going to be a big challenge. Therefore we have decided to develop and release the BAE Hawk first.
    Os others have said before us, we need to take baby steps. Learning how we can fully integrate into the DCS World and give you the experience you want, and deserve.

    We have an excellent team that have a lot of experience making mods for FC1 and FC2 and a lot of this knowledge has already been easily transferred into DCS. But there is still much to learn, much to remodel, much to re-skin, much to get the flight model right, etc etc.

    So our development plan is simple yet robust and will give the fidelity that you want and deserve.

    Our first development is the BAE Hawk T.1A trainer.Why the Hawk? Well first, simply its the jet we have modelled, skinned and fully working in FC2 and has the simplest of features to get working in DCS as the cockpit is mostly analogue. It allows us to get into the inner workings of DCS and allows us to produce a high quality product without having to get too technical with MFCD functionality, advanced radar dynamics, etc.

    Secondly, it's the fast jet trainer that the RAF (and other air forces) use for pilots getting into the Fast Jet Programme. This also fits in with our ACTS concept which I'll talk about a little later.

    We have also discussed producing the Hawk Mk. 128 T2 variant.
    The Mk. 128 includes modern LCD displays instead of conventional instrumentation, and allows preparation for flying modern fighter aircraft, particularly the all "glass" Typhoon.

    And so, on to my favourite jet, the Eurofighter Typhoon. Ever since our first developments back in 2008 for the RAF Recruitment team we have loved working on this aircraft. She is complex as hell, flies like a bat out of hell and quite frankly is a match for any other aircraft in the world, even putting the Raptor to hard work in recent exercises.

    This baby is going to be a beast to build into DCS and one hell of a challenge, but it's going to be great fun!!

    We will start with an early tranche, most likely the Block 1 moving onto Tranche 2 and Tranche 3 with complex Air-to-Ground systems and full DCS integration.

    And onto ACTS as I mentioned earlier. The Air Combat Training School was something we came up with for a proposal to the RAF back in 2010. Due to budget cuts and other factors it never took off (excuse the intended pun). The ACTS fits in line with the current RAF Fast Jet training programme utilising the Hawk and then moving onto the Typhoon. We feel that this is important in the development and learning of the two aircraft systems and capabilities and elements of ACTS will be built into the core VEAO modules.

    As other development teams have mentioned, DCS is a big learning curve for all of us. However, the VEAO ethos is to always share what we have learnt to allow others to create and I have spoken briefly to other teams about knowledge sharing to allow development paths to be aligned rather than going out and all finding the same things by ourselves.

    We will post regular updates and eye candy and we will listen to your comments, suggestions and wishes.

    ]Please also visit our forums at[/COLOR] and keep an eye on Facebook updates.

    I hope you are as excited at these times as we are, with all of the development work going on to give us all great products to fly in awesome simulator.

    Best wishes
    Chris Ellis
    VEAO Founder

    Some early Beta Pics of the BAE:- HAWK







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    IRIS starting also to develop the T-38A Talon (Top Gun Mig-28s :) ) for DCS: World. Good stuff.
    Spanky wrote: »
    So, we've been listening to what you want on the forums and after long discussions within the team and with the publishers, we're happy to confirm development of the IRIS T-38A Talon for DCS: World!

    This decision has been based largely on the feedback we've received from you guys on what you'd like to see, and based of course on the production assets available to us.

    The T-38A Talon will be aimed at release prior to the F-15E, essentially allowing us to step up our skills in project development. Whilst we have yet to firmly set out project content, we are anticipating to include a training syllabus similar in structure and content to that which the US Air Force uses.

    We will of course, be calling on the community to involve themselves where possible, and we will be providing regular updates on development to keep you all in the loop.

    We look forward to the bright future this new platform brings and I hope you all will enjoy and take part in this next step in our development process.



    Also a brand new Deveoper Coretex attempting some thing challenging to say the least, A DCS level F/A-18E Super Hornet.
    Wags wrote: »
    Core Tex Designs does indeed have a license agreement. However, they are very early in their development and have decided to jump into the very deep end. I wish them the very best and also will be curious to see how they resolve some of the technology challenges posed by this aircraft.



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    BIG update..... and DCS:-Combined Arms Open Beta is out.....
    Digital Combat Simulator Combined Arms Pre-Purchase and a Full Range of DCS Product Updates Available

    DUXFORD, UK, July 10th, 2012 – The Fighter Collection and Eagle Dynamics have released the pre-purchase for DCS: Combined Arms and a series of updates to DCS World, DCS: P51D Mustang Beta, DCS: A-10C Warthog and DCS: Black Shark 2.

    DCS: Combined Arms Pre-Purchase / Open Beta Available

    DCS: Combined Arms gives the user control of ground forces during the battle. Use the Command Map to move ground forces, set artillery fire missions and control the ground battle. Assume the role of a Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) and designate targets for close air support aircraft in multiplayer games, or directly control armour vehicles or air defence weapons and engage the enemy.

    Play DCS: Combined Arms as a real time strategy game, a first person armour warfare game, or direct the ground battle from the cockpit of a DCS aircraft like the A-10C Warthog, Ka-50 Black Shark or P-51D Mustang.

    Pre-Purchase also provides access to Beta versions of DCS: Combined Arms.

    Features of the DCS: Combined Arms:
    • Move ground forces and direct their fire during a mission.
    • Be the Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) and direct close air support.
    • Jump into the seat of many armour and air defense units to engage enemy air and ground forces.
    • Play in both single player and multiplayer games.
    • Both small and large scale battle missions included.
    • Part of DCS World


    Download the pre-purchase of Combined Arms for $29.99 from:

    DCS World 1.2.0

    Digital Combat Simulator World (DCS World) is a FREE, unified interface for all DCS products; you can think of DCS World as a simulation operating system. DCS modules that plug into DCS World can include aircraft, maps, ground units, campaigns, etc. Not only can DCS World include modules developed internally by Eagle Dynamics, but it can also include those by certified third party developers.

    DCS World also includes a FREE Su-25T attack aircraft with missions and a campaign.

    DCS World not only includes the Graphical User Interface (GUI) that ties all DCS products together in a single installation, but it also includes the global aspects of the simulation world that pertains to all modules. This includes such items at the Artificial Intelligence (AI), rendering system, mission editor, effects, AI units, semi-dynamic campaign system and audio environment.

    Other items of DCS World include:
    • News feed of DCS products and events
    • Selectable wall paper
    • Free updates to keep DCS World current

    Download DCS World and the free Su-25T from:

    DCS: P-51D Mustang Beta Update

    The next beta version of DCS: P-51D Mustang is now available for download. Access to the beta is provided with a pre-purchase of the Mustang from:

    Important updates to the DCS Mustang include:
    • Added oil and heat management modelling and control
    • Added cockpit and force feedback shaking
    • Improved stability
    • Improved flight dynamics
    • Trimmers adjusted for better accuracy
    • Aircraft damage improved
    • Tail wheel swivelling adjusted
    • New aircraft skins added and existing models updated
    • WWII era flight helmets added
    • Campaign missions tuned
    • Cockpit systems tuned

    DCS: A-10C Warthog, Patch 1.2.0

    This new patch to the A-10C Warthog addresses the following items:
    • Cockpit improvements
    • Avionics corrections
    • AI wingmen and JTAC behaviour corrections
    • Force Feedback improvements
    • Improved stability and performance

    Purchase DCS: A-10C Warthog from:

    DCS: Black Shark 2, Patch 1.2.0

    This patch to Black Shark 2 includes the following:
    • Improved stability
    • Corrected several cockpit functions
    • Corrected faulty textures
    • Resolved audio message problems

    Purchase DCS: Black Shark 2 from:

    Complete changelogs...
    DCS: P-51D
    Exit simulation crash fixed.
    Canopy crank hung on slow machines. Now fixed.
    Removed odd, LOUD sound being emitted from the P-51.
    Installer description for "Simplified flight model" -> "Uses simplified flight dynamic calculations that also results in easier flight control" added.
    Missions updated.
    Added a crashed model for the P-51D.
    Updated P-51D splash screen.
    Added failures due to engine and oil system failures.
    Improvements to aircraft shake effect.
    Added trimmer shake.
    Slip ball frequency increased to account changes in aircraft shake.
    Cockpit gauges descriptions in LUA were made more readable.
    Load of the digital filter parameters from LUA was made more convenient.
    Adjusted Immortal damage Option.
    New damage areas added and existing damage of systems improved.
    Tail wheel swiveling tuned.
    Corrected textures of the Voodoo skin.
    Added adjustments to fuselage shaking by the propeller.
    Adjustment of exhaust animation, advanced timing, and the loss of power with retarded ignition have been added/adjusted.
    Adjusted the friction parameters of a free gear axis.
    Crash at {RCtrl+J} from P-51D cockpit has been fixed.
    Unlimited weapons for HVAR missiles now works.
    Possible cold start crash is fixed.
    Adjusted start-up sequence to be more accurate. See manuals.
    Canopy glass adjusted.
    Flight and Quick Start manuals updated.
    Cockpit model updated.
    Added new P-51D skins.
    Different helmets depending on skin.
    Adjusted trimmers for FFB at low speed, FFB shaking at stall, reworked of physics of free gear.
    Air start controls were in the wrong position. Fixed.
    Fixed animation pointers update for the canopy crank handle.
    Fixed coolant indicator animation.
    Sudden switch on landing light when it start in the air is fixed.
    Added WWII era helmets.
    USAF 485rd FS livery fixed.
    Radio frequencies are now restored after return to the ME.
    K-14 and gauge panel shaking has been tuned.
    New volumes for actuators.
    New textures for engine damage model.
    The taxi light cone collision with wing has been fixed.
    Gauge panel suspension has been tuned.
    Oxygen system did not deplete - no Hypoxia possible. Fixed.
    The hinge moment influencing to roll rate and rudder has been fixed.
    Cockpit shaking at post-stall condition has been added.
    The artificial damper for a taxi has been added.
    The taxi light animation in LODs has been corrected.
    HVAR position on the hard points is fixed.
    "SALVO" lever will not return to its original position when reloading. Fixed.
    Float fuel sensor has been fixed.
    Gunsight range throttle handle was moving erratically when operating from joystick axis. Fixed.
    Fixed tooltip typos.
    Improved propeller disk.
    Engine stops when external tanks are dropped.
    Fixed that when the battery is drained, all electrical systems (except starter), are still functional.
    Removed Bomb racks and hardpoints when the Civil Aircraft box is checked in the ME.
    Landing gear eight wheel rolls too fast compared to left wheel. Fixed.
    From a runway start, Mustang's landing light pointed straight down. Fixed.
    Oxygen system flow rates at altitude implemented.
    Possible client exploding during cold start fixed.

    DCS: Black Shark 2
    Crash when switching between helicopters is fixed.
    Right engine cut-off lever is now mouse clickable.
    Pilot textures were missing. Fixed
    Key command for rotor lights was duplicated with Leave/Enter aircraft. Fixed.
    English voice phrase for "Target Destroyed" from wingman was not played. Fixed.

    DCS: A-10C Warthog
    Fixed ground shadow z-fighting when viewed from within the cockpit.
    JTAC's IR pointer missing the target has been fixed.
    Fixed constantly repeated radio reports from wingmen, particularly after leader landing.
    Fixed A-10C flight A-10C takeoff from runway. Wingmen would suddenly "freeze" between air and ground.
    Some buttons became non-clickable when view is zoomed. Fixed.
    JTACs sorted by range in radio menu.
    IFFCC Weapon Release Data Menus will now work correctly for all kinds of weapons.
    SPI position on TAD will be shown correctly for ripple releases when SPI source is IFFCC.
    Fixed CCRP behavior when the aircraft flies below entered hot elevation, and SPI elevation remains below ownship altitude.
    CCIP CR symbology logic adjusted for ownship altitude is less than entered hot elevation.
    INVALID FUZING HUD message will now account for WCMD height of function parameter.
    Reduced the probability of WCMD weapons overshooting the target when using low altitude deliveries.
    Fixed rocket sight occasionally appearing instead of the bombing reticle when Mk82AIR bomb was selected.
    WINDSHIELD HOT and STALL SYS caution lights have been implemented.
    AoA indexer lights will now work with weight on wheels.
    AoA indicator electrical power source was changed to Right AC bus.
    FFB stick shaker now works only if the AoA indicator is powered.
    FFB stick shaker will now not only work with gear up and flaps set to landing position (20 degrees).
    Aural stall warning (steady and chopped tones) will no longer work with flaps set to landing position (20 degrees).
    Flap position indicator will be frozen in the last known position upon electrical power loss.
    Master Caution light will no longer light when the inverter is initially turned on.
    The Master Caution light and caution lights flashing rate has been adjusted.
    L/R Engine Oil Pressure lights will go light immediately after any electrical power source is available.
    All possible avionics failures are correctly repaired now - no more inoperative air data related instruments after repair.
    Autolase was sometimes not correctly ceasing at impact time + 4 seconds timeout.
    DSMS correctly updates station status (i.e. detected, not detected, and any mismatches) upon weapon loadout change via the rearm radio menu. But you still must initialize DSMS manually via the DTS UPLOAD page.
    TGP laser codes are no longer zeroized when the TGP is loaded on a station via the rearm radio menu.
    Fixed Maverick TIME auto power function.
    TGP laser type can no longer be cycled with HOTAS while TGP is lasing.
    DSMS STAT and DSMS INVT CMBT notes have been implemented on the MFCD.
    Removed re initialization when autopilot on.
    Fixed UHF T-Tone switch causing unrecoverable crash.
    Possible crash on CBU-97/105 container opening in full screen mode is fixed.
    Corrected snap views.
    LSS Detects and tracks targets that are not lased. Fixed.
    When A-10C is repaired, "Repair Finished" message is now given.
    Marker beacon sounds outside main beam has been resolved.
    Cockpit mirrors not visible when selected in options has been fixed.
    SAS yaw mono channel mode restored.

    DCS World
    Fixed radio and trigger audio.
    Rearm menu. If you do not manually clear the payload, the default loadout would be loaded. This is now fixed.
    Training links for English version added.
    Bunkered ZU-23 rotating 180 degrees after exit has been corrected.
    Added sound support for modules via SND_add/del_wave/proto_path() API.
    Fixed sound busy wait on streaming sources.
    Challenger-2 tank bounding box correction.
    Su-25T. Simulator crash after exit from damaged aircraft.
    AI aircraft would taxi to the parking ramp and stop even if one or more player-to-aircraft jumps occur.
    Adjusted digital filter code. Added two new functions to access new internal data.
    R-60 missiles are now aligned correctly on Su-25T weapon pylons.
    P-51D and A-10C. Two pilots ejecting from aircraft has been fixed.
    Better security for IWorldNet::registerSerial.
    Quickstart dialog bug fix.
    Added Su-25T training images.
    Debug input removed.
    Installer pictures were exclusively of the P-51D. Fixed.
    DCS World Uninstall menu said DCS-51D. Fixed.
    The training descriptions for the Su-25Т has been added.
    Removed serial number edit boxes from master dialogs.
    GUI updated.
    Removed A-10C text from "About" text.
    Video player fixed.
    Russian pilot and ATC speech were absent. Fixed.
    Surface impact check by using collision model, double speed of integration after jumping to aircraft is fixed.
    Access to external lights from avionics LUA Device.
    Ejected AI pilot resulting in critical damage is fixed.
    MP player loss was counted 2 times if damaged is fixed.
    SAM's priorities has been tuned for Tunguska missile fix (bug with fast moving targets.
    Trigger "GroupDead" may break if Group name contains a dot ".".
    Adjusted life of hardened objects.
    Molniya search radar type has been changed to MULTYROLE.
    Neustrshimyi gun dependence has been disabled and angle limits have been tuned.
    Tomahawk missile target assignment fixed.
    Tunguska ATGM typed missile launcher gets target priorities as SAM.
    Patriot system failed to engage aircraft at very low altitude. Fixed.
    Chaparral rotation fixed.
    Buk launcher constant invisible rotation fixed.
    AI ATGM accuracy being too low. Fixed.
    AK-100 PIDs is fixed.
    Ground units aiming delay calculation fixed.
    Adjusted roads.
    Fixed gyro power source initialization.
    Options panel redesign.
    No sound when refueling on the ground has been fixed.
    If ammunition amount on the warehouse is zero, only one SPPU-22 pod can be loaded. Fixed.
    C-130 and IL-76MD no longer deploy drag-chute on landing.
    Updated version on splash screen.
    Oliver Perry FFG damage corrected.
    Increased building damage levels by 10x.
    Changed default FOV of Su-25T view from 80 to 90 degrees.
    Improved grass clutter.
    Unlimited resources shown as '0' in resource manager.
    ALT-J for aircraft, enters aircraft and switches engines off and raises gear when on the ground. Fixed.
    RALT+J crash when switching from KA-50 to SU25T. Fixed.
    Fix a bug in Lochini taxiway.
    Su-25T: Min and Max range carets for weapon delivery missing from HUD. Fixed.
    Snapview saving was broken. Fixed.
    Su-25T: Ventilator bracket disappeared when canopy closed.
    AI fire at point broken for waypoint actions and triggered actions has been resolved.
    Wingmen radio message "Rolling" is given on engine start up. Fixed.
    "Airborne" radio does not include aircraft number to Message. It also uses the flight leads VO for all messages. Fixed.
    Su-25T: Keyboard commands for Active pause and ALT-B briefing were missing. Fixed.
    Dynamic weather defaults to high pressure anti-cyclone pressure values, showing the low pressure cyclone option. Fixed.
    Su-25T: Right Cockpit panel texture was from the Su-25 and not Su-25T. Fixed.
    Crash when padlocking terrain from within cockpit, citing edterrain.dll. Fixed.
    Added option for "Allied Flight Reports" in Gameplay options.
    AI helicopters ignored client aircraft in multiplayer. Fixed.
    "Unit Inside Moving Zone" trigger instantly gave true even if the set unit wasn't inside the zone. Fixed.
    Refueling and rearming did not operate consistently. Fixed.
    Activating groups after a client joins and using "Visible Before Start", caused massive warping in Multiplayer. Fixed.
    Town substrate floated above terrain near Sukhumi. Fixed.
    Vazlani airbase hanger LODs were broken. Fixed.
    Su-25T: Damage model was missing some textures. Fixed.
    Mission Planner allowed editing of enemy unit triggered actions - enemy could be set to destroy themselves. Fixed.
    SA-11 BUK group expended missiles very wastefully on the same target. Tweaked.
    If the player RALT-Jed into an Su-25T, the flight model was very exaggerated in performance - flew like time was set to x2. Fixed
    AI would at times fly into the ground to avoid missiles. Fixed.
    New hardened aircraft Shelter model by Luckybob9 added.
    Converted Communications Tower M model for DCS added.
    Burnt out train model fixed.
    Su-25T RWR bug fixed.
    Su-25T gear up/down sound distortion fixed.
    SPPU-22 gunpods made no sound fixed.
    Su-25T HUD missing compass tape fixed.


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    is there any irish servers or irish squad?


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    There are no Irish squads or servers, most of the servers are actually password protected so you cant join them, the protected servers have contact information so you can obtain access, ive contacted a few of the squadrons and have not heard from them as to what the paswords are

    I have this a couple of years now, have most of the systems down and through lack of available servers and lack of participation from other virtual pilots, i have pretty much given up on DCS A-10 and BS

    I do fly Lock-on FC 2 which has a basic A-10A plane, and is a lot more "friendlier" to fly online in.

    FC 2 has a great guns only server too, Both Akado and the Guns and Roses server...I love 1v1 guns only dog fighting on these servers!

    I think i flew against you a few times NateIRL
    Phil (Ex RvE Coolhand)

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    DCS 1.2.1 is out.
    DCS 1.21 Updates

    The move to DCS version 1.2.1 marks numerous changes and improvements to the entire series of DCS products. As with the all DCS products now, DCS World (1.2.1) must now be installed prior to installing any of the DCS module versions 1.2.1.

    DCS World 1.2.1:

    DCS 1.2.1 Modules:

    New 1.2.1 changes include:

    DCS World, 1.2.1

    This new update to DCS World provides a set of new features and fixes. The most important of which is the new auto updater that will now automatically update your DCS World files without having to download entire new versions and manually install.

    • Added new auto updater function. This will automatically update your DCS World files to their latest versions when online.
    • Corrected KMGU-2 loading in the Resource Manger.
    • Improved multiplayer stability and issues with master server.
    • The Su-25T Flight Manual has been updated.
    • We have fixed forests that would be missing on map when zoomed in.
    • The proper S-125 HUD symbol has been added to the Su-25T when in SEAD mode.
    • Corrected unit measurement for Russian AWACS (feet to meters).
    • Added a change to the manual for the role change window in single player.
    • Added some additional Su-25T commands for keyboard and joystick.
    • Optimized the models for the IL-76MD, IL-78M and A-50 aircraft.
    • Added "Escort" and "Follow" advanced tasks for aircraft in the Mission Editor.
    • Fixed Su-25T autopilot.
    • Corrected rocket/missile smoke trails.
    • The Su-25T gun pods are now modeled correctly.
    • Improved water effects.
    • New F/A-18C model.
    • New MiG-31 model.
    • New T-90 main battle tank model.
    • Updated DCS User Manual.

    DCS: P-51D Mustang (Final), 1.2.1
    • War Emergency Power (WEP) has been implemented.
    • Tail wheel dynamics reworked for more realistic performance.
    • Realistic cooling system added and integrated into the full engine thermodynamic model.
    • Landing gear physics have been reworked to have realistic behavior and interaction with the fairing doors and down-lock latches.
    • Fairing doors can now be damaged or ripped off at over-speed conditions.
    • Engine wear or damage due to high manifold pressure at low RPM, overheating, and overuse of WEP has been implemented.
    • Oil pressure is now viscosity dependent. Oil dilution is now possible and has direct impact on engine performance.
    • The front dash gauge panel and the K-14 gunsight are now spring suspended.
    • The K-14 gunsight has been reworked using new data from K-14 documents.
    • The rudder anti-booster tab now works correctly.
    • Control stick and rudder pedals movement are now limited due to hinge moments.
    • Flap drag has been adjusted.
    • Lamps brightness and electro-dynamic gauge readings are now voltage sensitive. You can best see this during engine start.
    • The starter can now be burned out due to overheat if overused or overloaded.
    • Guns jam due to over-G firing has been added.
    • The radiator shutters' thermo-sensors can be damaged now.
    • All aircraft failures are now reported correctly in debriefings.
    • Sounds for the primer, pilot parachute opening and flapping during decent, and pilot landing have been added. The canopy sound has also been improved.
    • Corrected tendency for left roll at takeoff.
    • Adjusted Red Tail pilot art.
    • Improved bailing out animation.
    • Fixed landing light on with air start.
    • Fixed cockpit tooltip for the gun switch.
    • Corrected radio information entry in Mission Editor.
    • Improved AI P-51D.
    • Fixed SCR-522 resetting in some situations.
    • Adjusted G impact on airframe.
    • Improved pilot normal maps.
    • Adjusted landing gear collision model.
    • Corrected trim performance in multiplayer.
    • Adjusted wingmen takeoff behavior.
    • Improved prop RPM model.
    • Sounds for control stick and rudder movement have been added.

    DCS: A-10C Warthog, 1.2.1
    • Flight model updated.
    • New APU sounds.
    • Corrected inverted flight behavior.
    • Fixed course and heading on HSI continuing to change after knob input has ceased.
    • Reworked TGP tracking. TGP would now enter INR track for approximately one second after slew has stopped. It will now enter AREA / POINT track.
    • Fixed sensor axis responsiveness after exit from LSS when TGP is masked.
    • Only POINT track and RATES are now possible in TGP A/A mode.
    • TGP will now revert to RATES when a track is lost in A/A mode.

    DCS: Black Shark 2, 1.2.1
    • Restored the vertical bar on the Ka-50 right window (view inside cockpit).
    • Corrected brightness of lamps and devices in the cockpit.
    • Corrected shadows of IR rockets on the water.
    • Fixed Abkhazia skin for Ka-50.
    • Adjusted clickable zones in the cockpit.
    • Corrected number of saved PVI zones in memory.
    • Fixed NDB indication on ABRIS map.
    • Corrected shadow on the ground from rotor blades.
    • Fixed Ka-50 repair procedure when on the runway.
    • PVR is no longer powered by SUO (Weapon Systems) switch.
    • SUO (Weapon Systems) switch logic has been revised - now it controls the ability to fire weapons and to display weapons status. Additionally, external fuel tanks will not transfer fuel when the switch is OFF.
    • Vikhr ATGM issues fixed.
    • Autopilot control panel and Datalink panel lamps status is now reset when electric power is lost.
    • Hydraulic system related instruments will no longer work when electrical power is lost.
    • Ambient temperature indicator (the one above the pilot on the cockpit ceiling) was implemented.

    DCS: Combined Arms Beta 2, 1.2.1
    • Changed the binocular button on the F10 view.
    • Improved operation of mouse cursor.
    • Altered Instructor mode for bot-units.
    • Added new message for user when start is delayed.
    • Corrected role selector function.
    • Added artillery range rings in F10 view.
    • Fixed sight lock in some situations.
    • Fixed player control process for SAMs.
    • Fixed working compass and turret rotation indicator for ZSU-23-4.
    • Added route refresh function in MP.
    • Corrected users’ names for all CA units in MP.
    • Corrected tank sight for zoomed in mode.
    • Corrected ammunition status field.
    • Fixed Battlefield Commanders ability to target artillery in MP.
    • Corrected Lock - Unlock sequence targeting.
    • Fixed tank sight for HE shells.
    • Added fixed delay time between locks.
    • Fixed the ability to lock units behind terrain.
    • Added tank ability to turn on the spot.

    Uninstall all previous DCS products prior to versions 1.2.1
    Note: Do NOT deactivate your products!
    To be safe, delete \Saved Games\DCS files
    Install DCS World 1.2.1
    Install each new DCS module (1.2.1 or latest Beta version)
    Note: A new activation will not be required unless this is the first time you have installed the product.

    Please note that MP requires you to have all products S/N activated using the same DCS (webshop) account.


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    Official Promo for DCS:-World and modules.


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    Pics to follow....
    Announcing DCS: UH-1H Huey

    DUXFORD, UK, October 7th, 2012 - The Fighter Collection and Belsimtek are proud to announce the upcoming release of DCS: UH-1H Huey - the next aircraft in the Digital Combat Simulator (DCS) series of PC combat simulations. The Huey is one of the most iconic and well-known helicopters in the world. Having seen extensive service as a transport and armed combat support helicopter during the Vietnam War, the Huey continues to serve in both military and civilian roles in many countries around the globe today.

    DCS: UH-1H Huey will feature the same exacting level of modelling detail as the existing Ka-50 Black Shark, A-10C Warthog and P-51D Mustang DCS aircraft and it will be online compatible with them. Working in close partnership with U.S. based UH-1 operators and experts, The Fighter Collection and Belsimtek have leveraged their unique skills and experience to provide the most dynamic and true to life helicopter experience available on the PC.

    The UH-1H will be the first helicopter of conventional design featured in the DCS series and further demonstrates the broad scope of the DCS simulation environment and its ability to introduce a wide variety of aircraft from all eras into a common simulation platform. The UH-1H will also be the first DCS aircraft to offer multiple player positions, including pilot, co-pilot, and door gunner. Like previous DCS products, the UH-1H will include a variety of difficulty options to cater to users with different levels of flight simulation experience, including “Simulation” and “Game” playing modes.

    DCS: UH-1H Huey will be available for pre-purchase later this year for $39.99.

    For more information, please visit:

    Key Features of DCS: UH-1H Huey include:
    Unmatched flight physics providing the most realistic and dynamic helicopter experience on the PC.
    Multiple player positions, including pilot, co-pilot, and door gunner.
    Accurate and highly detailed 3D cockpit featuring six-degrees-of-freedom technology.
    Interactive cockpit controls that allow players to operate systems using the mouse.
    Accurate UH-1H external 3D model, liveries, and weapons.
    Detailed modelling of the UH-1H instruments, weapons, engine, radios, fuel, electrical, and hydraulic systems.
    Developed in close cooperation with real UH-1 operators.
    Missions that include transport and combat support operations.
    Training that includes interactive and video lessons.
    Multiplayer coop mode for crew members of the same helicopter under development for a later update.


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    Black and white printed manual for DCS A-10c available here for 23euro. Got it the other day as I was tired of reading the pdf on a screen. Worth every penny. If you have the bobs there is a full colour hardback version for 123euro !

    From ordering to delivery was about 5-6 working days. Total cost including delivery was 32euro (ground delivery) pay more and get it faster.

    Recommended. Check out ED forums for pics of product. Defo recommended.

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    Have you got a link the thread? That looks like great value.


  • Registered Users Posts: 63 ✭✭ klub44

    Probably you are looking for this

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    Have you got a link the thread? That looks like great value.


    Klub44 has the right links there. It is great value. The odd image loses the arrow indications due to contrast but overall its top notch. For the money involved its a no brainer.

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    DCS Version 1.2.3 is out for all modules -> Go to Start -> Programs -> Eagle Dynamics -> DCS World -> Update DCS World.
    DCS Change Log 1.2.3

    Today we are happy to make available version 1.2.3 of DCS World and updates to several DCS modules.

    New Features:

    DCS World
    Added new Su-27 model. More skins will be added later.
    Added new Mission Editor trigger rule - Bomb in Zone.
    New mission editor skin. Incomplete work in progress.
    Helicopters will better maneuver against AAA maneuvering when in the threat area.
    Added new Mission Editor trigger rule - Expression.
    Scripting Engine: Fixed outText and outSound for Coalition and Group.
    Scripting Engine: Added "Mission" Task for ground groups.
    Scripting Engine: Added Unit.getFuel function.
    Mission Editor UI for group variation placement tool added, not functional yet.
    New skins for F-15C and MiG-31.
    Model LODs have been better optimized.

    Combined Arms
    Life-bar for ground units in the F10 Command Map view. This can be toggled on and off with button on Command Map.
    AI units will resupply ammunition from a warehouse or cargo truck at ranges less than 100 meters, periodicity - once a minute. Player's can do this with the LALT + ' key combination.
    Command Map control of air units. You can now route them, set speed and altitude, and set targets.
    Ground units in group now stay in formation with user when in first person control mode. User can set formation and ROE when in 1st person mode.
    Updated, higher resolution ground unit HUDs.
    Added min and max range rings for all indirect fire systems.
    Added countdown timer for indirect fire missions.
    Mission designer can now determine which ground units can and cannot be controlled by players (1st person and Command Map).
    Platform Shake is better implemented and provides basic "weapon stabilization" option when the vehicle is on the move.
    Added hot keys for hull / turret alignments, turret lock, and gun lock on azimuth.
    Changing round type loading delay added.
    Added military icons for Command Map.
    Provided NVG gain.
    New compass orientation options.
    Signal flare options.
    Added tracer effect to armor piercing rounds.

    Flaming Cliffs 3 (FC3)
    New Su-27 campaign.
    Added new multiplayer missions.
    Dual engagement, Track While Scan (TWS) for the MiG-29S.

    Bug Fixes and Adjustments:

    DCS World
    Network code improved for greater stability.

    Note: Although many improvements and optimizations have been made, we still highly recommend 16 player limit when hosting complex missions. Depending on the exact composition of the mission, the bandwidth and number of players that a host may accommodate will vary. As always though, clients must be aware of their ping times (often influenced by connection distance to host) as this can cause warping and other connection issues.
    Fixed multiplayer data link for Russian aircraft.
    Fixed Force Feedback joystick trim problems.
    Tuned aircraft gun smoke.
    Fixed Set Path to Column formation.
    Fixed Georgian soldier animation.
    Fixed long range radar break-lock for Russian aircraft.
    AIM-120 and R-77 maximum load factor increased to 40g.
    R-77 data adjust. Thrust, lift and drag.
    AIM-120 data adjusted. Lift and drag.
    AIM-9M maximum load factor increased to 35g.
    AIM-9M thrust changed 12000 N.
    Adjusted AIM-9P drag.
    AIM-7M thrust and drag adjustments were made.
    Increased load factor to R-27 family to 24g.
    Increased R-27ER initial delay to 1.5 sec.
    AIM-54 data adjustment. Thrust, drag, lift, initial delay of guidance.
    R-33 data adjusted. Thrust, drag and lift, initial delay of guidance.
    R-60 data adjusted.
    R-73 data adjusted.
    Multi-channel missile guidance is fixed.
    Decreased the damage value of modern AA missiles warheads from directional to enhanced. Earlier AIM-120 and R-77 had a warheads with large multiplier factor termed "directional". These missiles were very lethal, more so than even an S-300. It was not realistic and we decided replace "directional" warhead with the less power "enhanced" warhead.
    Number of simultaneously guided AIM-120s is 4 for F-15, F-16 and F-18.
    Number of simultaneously guided AIM-54 is 4 for F-14.
    Fixed AI planes unable to engage SA-8 with Anti-Radiation Missiles.
    Fixed situation where AI sometimes launch AGM-65 Mavericks from too far away; AGM-65 would self-destructs before reaching target.
    Added S-8TsM and S-8OFP2 rockets to inventory of MiG-29A/G/S and Su-33.
    Renamed S-8KOM to S-8TsM in the one AFAC Su-25 payloads.
    The F-15C and Su-27 will now use their RWR systems when the Mission Editor RADAR USING option is not applied.
    Adjustments to the air combat maneuvering of all aircraft.
    "Transmit Message" command parameters indication is now in the action list
    Fixed infantry not moving when route is changed.
    Fixed client crash in MP.
    Fixed pilot models with K36 ejection seat.
    Debris of a killed soldier has been removed.
    Adjusted AWACS action time.
    Fixed switch waypoint triggered action.
    Changed setting of mission start time (day, month).
    Default damage parameters tuned for old aircraft models.
    Fixed Mission Editor error when trying to change aircraft country.
    Fixed Mission Editor that pressing File\Create in the drop menu did nothing.
    Aircraft will reset landing airdrome each time landing procedures is initiated.
    Changed color of missile flame and smoke from blue to yellow.
    "REACTION ON THREAT" option will now affect active ECM systems.
    Problem with random uncontrollable rotation of the tower in some circumstances has been resolved.
    Night vision staying switch to on after exit from the previous server has been fixed.
    Incoming missiles warning messages has been corrected.
    Helicopters will better maneuver against anti AAA when in the threat area.
    Fixed scrollbar in debriefing.
    Any hidden aircraft, helicopter, static object, and ships no longer break Fog of War.
    Helicopters no longer sink when they takeoff from aircraft carrier.
    Fixed some missions freezing every five seconds.
    Fixed multiple problems in JTAC code.
    Resource Manager message grammar adjusted.
    Payload localization is now displayed.
    A destroyed / burning aircraft burning can no longer auto lock other aircraft.
    Fixed the AI formations after switching waypoints.
    Wingmen will try to maintain absolute position in formation, they will maintain altitude when the leader turns.
    HAWK SAM would not attack Su-25T if kh-25MPU attacks HAWK.
    Fixed view problems for unarmed vehicles, infantry and fortifications.
    Fixed crash changing wallpapers in Options dialog.
    Fixed taking control of an AI aircraft that took off from the ground resulting in crashing into ground.
    Corrected AI rolling during a dogfight.

    DCS Modules
    A-10C. A-10C TGP IR operation is fixed.
    A-10C. Wingman will now engage target at Player's SPI if A.I. is not aware of/in range of the target.
    FC3. SPO not reacting to launch of an I-HAWK or S300 is partially resolved.
    FC3. Fixed F-15C ADI operation reversed.
    FC3. Fixed A-10A ADI operation reversed.
    FC3. F-15C/A-10A. Fixed autopilot not allowing refueling during tanker orbit.
    FC3. Corrected and adjusted Russian A-10 campaign by Dzen.
    FC3. Fixed some errors in F-15C campaign.
    FC3. The MiG-29 HUD diamond on the target will now only appear when it is locked by radar.
    FC3. Updated SEAD payloads and air defense deployments in some missions.
    FC3. Missiles DLZ has been partially corrected.
    FC3. Stations display on Su-27 and MiG-29 HUDs was made more realistic - just an 'underscore' is displayed if a weapon present, and station number is additionally displayed if weapon is ready to launch.
    1) Fixed stations display on Russian HUD - only stations for currently selected weapon are displayed.
    2) Implemented MiG-29S style of stations display on HUD.
    FC3. Fixed the IRRAD mark for the Russian aircraft. This would overlap with range tape.
    FC3 - Wingmen will now turn off radar when commanded to.
    FC3. Fixed data link for clients in multiplayer - MiG-29S and Su-27/33.
    FC3. Simulator hang after ALT J jumping into an Su-27.
    FC3. Fixed Su-33 sinking to the Kuznetsov deck near the superstructure.
    FC3. Fixed simulator hang after ALT J jumping into an Su-33.
    Combined Arms. Instant fire on ammunition switching has been fixed.
    Combined Arms. Switched the reverse gear after the vehicle has stopped.
    Combined Arms: Transition to alarm state GREEN for ground units has been fixed.
    Combined Arms. Unarmed vehicles will use their sensors when acting as a JTAC.
    Combined Arms. Corrected weapon aiming range grid for Russian and NATO tanks.
    Combined Arms. Fixed the properties of the 2A46M-125 AP shell.
    Combined Arms. Edit textures ground unit HUD when in zoomed in view.


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    Spring sale and other news.


    DCS Spring Sale!

    The entire range of DCS products will be on sale between 21 and 27 March.
    DCS: A-10C Warthog – $19.99 USD
    DCS: P-51D Mustang – $9.99 USD
    DCS: Combined Arms – $20.99 USD
    DCS: Black Shark 2 (Full) – $19.99 USD
    DCS: Black Shark 2 (Update) – $9.99 USD


    Release of DCS: Combined Arms

    DCS: Combined Arms gives you control of air and ground forces during the battle. Use the Command Map to move and task air and ground forces, set artillery fire missions, and control the ground battle. Assume the role of a Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) in multiplayer and designate targets for player-controlled close air support aircraft, or directly control armor vehicles or air defense weapons to engage the enemy.

    Play DCS: Combined Arms as a real time strategy game, a first person armor warfare game, or direct the ground battle from the cockpit of a DCS aircraft like the A-10C Warthog, Ka-50 Black Shark, or P-51D Mustang.

    DCS: Combined Arms supports both single player and multiplayer game play. When in multiplayer, different players can take on different roles such as artillery commanders, tank commanders, pilots, JTACS, etc. DCS: Combined Arms allows you full control of the battle. All roles can be changed dynamically during the battle.


    Features of DCS: Combined Arms:
    • Move and task air and ground forces and direct their fire during a mission.
    • Be the Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) and direct close air support in multiplayer.
    • Jump into the seat of many armor and air defence units to engage enemy air and ground forces.
    • Play in both single player and multiplayer games.
    • Both small and large scale battle missions included.
    • Part of DCS World
    Further updates and improvements will be made to DCS: Combined Arms.

    Release of DCS Version 1.2.3

    The new 1.2.3 update to DCS World and DCS Modules is now available as an auto-update, or downloaded directly from This update includes a number of new, free DCS World features including a new DCS World Su-27 model, new triggers, and new scripting tools. It also includes major new features to the Combined Arms and Flaming Cliffs 3 modules. In addition to adding new features, this update includes many bug fixes and adjustments like missile performance, network game stability, force feedback joysticks, and a lot more.

    You can read about all the changes here

    DCS 1.2.4 Development

    With version 1.2.3 now available, work is underway on version 1.2.4. The primary focus of this next version will be:
    1 - Further improvements to network play and stability
    2 - Coincide with the release of DCS: UH-1 Huey
    3 - Improvements to air-to-air missile performance
    4 - Changes and adjustments to beyond visual range combat systems
    5 - Further GUI improvements

    Moving to 64-bit Operating Systems Only

    As we move forward improving the DCS World environment, we are more and more often running into roadblocks that prevent us from doing so due to supporting 32 bit operating systems. This includes larger and more populated worlds with greater terrain mesh details and textures. By moving to 64 bit support only, we will be able solve this and allow larger missions with more units, and it will allow us to improve visual effects.
    This change will be coming in the next few months.

    The Future of DCS

    Currently the team is focused on completing Flaming Cliffs 3 and continued updates and improvements to DCS World. Once Flaming Cliffs 3 is complete, more of our focus will shift to upcoming DCS titles like the F-15C, F/A-18C and Fw-190D9. Looking further out, Eagle Dynamics and our partners plan a large number of new modules that include the Su-27SM, F-86F, MiG-15Bis, MiG-21Bis, Hawk, Mi-8, Mi-24, OH-58 and AH-1G, to just name a few.

    The team is also hard at work on many updates and changes to our world rendering system, which will allow us to make new and much more detailed worlds than we have now, including the Nevada map. We hope to have these changes in place before the end of the year.

    With the combination of a large and varied stable of aircraft, along with upcoming new maps, we will continue moving forward toward our goal of DCS World allowing combat missions over a wide array of time periods and locations. While our products initially started with a focus on modern day jets, this is now expanding to include World War 2, Korea, Vietnam and modern day content.


    The Fighter Collection and Eagle Dynamics Team

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    DCS:- Huey startup vid.


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    Some pics........








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    Some new pics of the cockpit.




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    Huey promo vid

    Ans Stuff that is coming, for those not getting the Huey, in 1.2.4.
    DCS 1.2.4 Preliminary Change Log


    Version 1.2.4 New Features
    AI Fw-190D9 with multiple skins.
    Graphical User Interface. New skin panels.
    Graphical User Interface. New Module Manager.
    Flaming Cliffs 3. New Six Degrees of Freedom (6DOF) cockpits for the Su-25, Su-27 and A-10A.
    Flaming Cliffs 3. Added vertical adjustments to the Su-25 gunsight for bomb, rocket, and missiles delivery. This includes 10 steps down [RALT - H] and 10 steps up [RSHIFT - H].
    Combined Arms. Added radar emission control. Key . This allows players to operate SAM radars in radar-silent mode.
    Combined Arms. Generic automatic transmission.
    Combined Arms. Axis controls for ground units implemented.
    The Radio Menu F10 option now works in network games.
    New trigger actions: "radio item add for coalition", "radio item remove for coalition", "radio item add for group", and "radio item remove for group".
    New Mission Editor features:
    -Initialization Script Added
    -Trigger Action: AI TASK renamed to AI SET TASK
    -Trigger Action: AI PUSH TASK added
    -Trigger Action: Set Flag Value added
    -Trigger Action: Set Internal Cargo added
    -Group LUA condition and % chance of appearance added
    Numerous SSE changes and new features.

    DCS World
    Some issues causing network instability have been fixed.
    Improved air-to-air missile performance.
    The missiles dynamic launch zone of fighters has been adjusted.
    The T-90 tank added the Encyclopedia.
    Fixed some Mission Editor and GUI crashes.
    Il-76 damage model has been corrected.
    Tail numbers stencil shimmering for the Il-76 model is fixed.
    The standard Russian Air Force MiG-31 skin is fixed.
    In ME airfield info page now includes airfield ATC frequency.
    Fixed ME issue regarding statics.
    Mission debrief. Accounting of released weapons has been corrected.
    Rearming & Refueling Window. The chaff and flare fields can increase countermeasures amount.
    Resource Manager (RM) - Smoke generators being duplicated in RM airbase weapons window has been fixed.
    Resource Manager (RM) - Increased the maximum storage fuel limit to 5,000 tons for each airbase.
    AI A-10 will no longer shoot all Mavericks at a single target.
    Axis assignments will print to input .html file
    ME inability to save file into mods folders has been fixed.
    Pilot skins added to the E-3A.
    The S-5 rocket warhead changed from HE to shaped-charge.
    Corrected valid firing azimuth for FSG "Molniya".
    New, more accurate, missile dynamics for the SA-19 Tunguska.
    Airfield marks disappearing after pressing "Cancel" on "Coalitions" window has been fixed.
    Fixed an issue where AI aircraft and vehicles set invisible = true, then set invisible = false, the ground AI vehicles still could not be detected.
    Fixed situation if player sets options to "pilot can control vehicle" and the mission doesn't have an aircraft, player can't control units.
    Fixed ME error when clicking a certain area in the track playback menu.
    F10 Radio item or add for coalition ALL has been removed.
    Fixed coalition helicopters unable to take off from aircraft carrier if "takeoff from ramp" condition is selected.
    Rearm and refuel menus have been removed. "Rearm & Refuel" command will now open Mission Resources Dialog.
    CG-60 Normandy will now attack Anti-Ship Missiles (ASM).
    Waypoint actions "Weapon hold" has been fixed.
    Helicopters sinking when they takeoff from an aircraft carrier has been fixed.
    Fixed S-300 launches not being shown in the de-brief.
    The COMM option status will now save in the mission.
    Fixed AI not always attacking targets during intercept task.
    Corrected ROE behavior issues.
    Fixed Tunguska tracking targets through buildings.
    Fixed server crashes, when one client fires an air-to-air missile and other client joins the game.
    Fixed F-16C Bl52d having old (Flanker) icon style on F10 view.
    Fixed incorrect aspect when recording video in 1280*720.
    ME. Some issues with copying, renaming and removing payloads has been fixed.
    Fixed helicopter AI ROE and threat reaction.
    Corrected air to Air ATGM delivery by AI Ka-50s.
    Fixed the inability to respawn if the aircraft flies into the ground.
    Fixed severe framerate drop when looking at destroyed civilian train.
    Fixed the OK button not working when a campaign is finished.
    Fixed crash when rocket collides with ground (fullscreen only).
    Adjusted framerate impact of smoke from burning aircraft.
    Fixed AWACS not performing stop task.
    Improved Sorbcija ECM pod model.
    Improved the ejection model for the A-10A/C and F-15C.
    Corrected scale of F-15C external fuel tanks.
    New skins for the Su-27 and Su-33.
    Improved sounds for several aircraft including the F-15C and Su-27.

    DCS: A-10C Warthog
    LITENING TGP masking logic has been restored.
    Corrected MFCD start-up screen wrong color.
    Fixed AI wingman failing to engage target at Player SPI if AI is not aware/in range of target.
    Fixed LASTE Wind Edit data entry.
    Fixed Gun Minimum Range Cue Behavior.
    Fixed HUD Air speed indicator will TAS in GS mode.
    HSI course knob will now rotate the course pointer with or without power.
    Turn Rate Indicator has been calibrated.
    Fixed the CDU Wind Indication Direction being reversed.
    Several A-10 callsigns have been corrected.

    DCS: P-51D Mustang
    Escort task added to the P-51D.
    Corrected incorrect fairing door animation.
    Fixed chassis damage after press RAlt+J on the ground.
    Fixed DXrenderer error in dsc.log with serial numbers and pilot textures.
    Fixed demo track 'takeoff-demo.trk'.
    Fixed error when in-game manual is selected.
    Fixed drop tanks of P-51D are not synchronized in Multiplayer.

    Flaming Cliffs 3

    This will be the final release version. Price will change to $49.99.
    Added kneeboard input to flyable aircraft.
    MiG-29S TWS2 mode is now fixed.
    Added intro image to Su-33 "Sea Dragon" campaign.
    A-10A AOA Indexer now works.
    Corrected some minor issues with the new 3D Su-27 model.
    Corrected wingmen maneuvers when turning.
    Fixed wingmen not turning off radar when commanded to do so.
    Fixed Su-27 campaign mission typos.
    Pilot models are now correct.
    Fixed F-15C Fuel Tank Pylon indication on MFD.
    Fixed tanker not filling external F-15C fuel tanks.
    Fixed Su-33 getting stuck near island on the Kuznetsov deck.
    Corrected MiG-29 HUD indications.

    DCS: Combined Arms
    Replaced the old generic gun sight with a new one.
    Adjusted some generic HUD symbology.
    Fixed player controlled MLRS reloading troubles.
    Fixed units not resuming previous movement after player takes control.
    Fixed air defense units with HOLD FIRE ROE not going from ALARM STATE RED to ALARM STATE GREEN when commanded.
    Added option for Automatic Transmission in CA Special Options.
    Adjusted the drag factor of Russian AP tank shells.
    Fixed ability to set the Ready state of AI flights.
    Fixed ground unit control HUD compass missing from the wide displays.
    Fixed Alarm State Green for radars revealing radar targets.
    Adjusted M1A2 side armor.
    "F10" view. AI aircraft can now land based on ground force commander commands.
    Fixed night vision only being available off/on outside of binocular view.
    Fixed the Go To command.
    Fixed Chaparral target lock issue.
    Axis controls for ground units implemented.

    DCS: Black Shark 2
    Corrected missing Ka-50 textures in some missions.
    Fixed Ka-50 wingman calls "engaging enemy air defenses" while evading incoming missile.
    Fixed Ka-50 training missions showing in training section, as they are only available through the download link.


  • Registered Users Posts: 5,199 ✭✭✭ muppetkiller

    AI Fw-190D9 with multiple skins. whhhhoohoooo :D

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,202 ✭✭✭ Nate--IRL--

    Not sure if you know already, but there is an AI Bf-109 available already. Still Beta but actively being worked upon.


  • Registered Users Posts: 5,199 ✭✭✭ muppetkiller

    Not sure if you know already, but there is an AI Bf-109 available already. Still Beta but actively being worked upon.


    Thanks :D I hadn't heard about this at all !!!

  • Registered Users Posts: 5,199 ✭✭✭ muppetkiller

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  • Registered Users Posts: 2,202 ✭✭✭ Nate--IRL--

    A bit more info MK
    There has been quite the clamoring for some more images of the new AI-only Fw-190-D9 aircraft that will be free as part of the upcoming ver. 1.2.4. For now this is AI-only, but work is already on-going making it human flyable at the same level as our P-51D.

    We understand why the inclusion of P-51D into DCS raised a lot of eyebrows, but in the coming months and years, we intend to gradually flesh the WW2 combat environment out with units and maps. In fact, we have a partner with quite a lot of experience in this area! However, this is a big undertaking, so as much as some folks may wish, we cannot do it all at once as a single package. Rather, we will gradually add new components as they are ready from Eagle and our partners.