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MudSkippers Scary Viewing Log



  • Supernatural (Season 1)
    Recommended by Spooky and Niallon and I finally got round to watching the final two episodes of season 1 and thoroughly enjoyed it. Some of the earlier episodes are bit of mixed bag, but now that the underlying storyline is appearing it is far more engrossing.

    Reminded me in parts of the X-files, but with spirits and demons instead of aliens and crooked governments :D and of course no Scully :sad:

    Look forward to starting season 2 next week and can only see it getting better :-)

  • Gin Gwai (The Eye)
    Finally managed to get a copy of the original of 'the eye', the very first movie in this thread. And I must say it is a lot better than the remake :) The portrayal of the donors visions are 10x creepier and the characters have a whole range of emotions..... the ending is also much more unsettling than the 'feel good' one hollywood tacked on.

    Although the box cover looks frightening with the sown shut eyes, this movie is more thriller than horror. It's the story of a young girl (and gifted pianist) and her over-protective mother... their relationship descends into madness when the girl gets a secret admirer..... the pacing is slow but brooding, the performances are spot on and there is a nice twist in the end.

  • The Invisible Ray
    The 3rd universal classic with Lugosi and Karloff. Two scientists and their entourage go on an expedition to africa to find the site of an ancient meteor impact. Once there the brilliant, but obsessed Karloff creates a powerfull ray that can destroy anything. One of the side-effects is that he himself becomes toxic and anyone he touches instantly dies...............

    The next universal monster one Night Key is only called 'monster' as it stars Boris Karloff. It's a crime caper really and a very enjoyable one at that (7/10)

  • Sorority Row
    Caught this on satelite the other night and completely agree with Darko's review. After a prank gone wrong four sorority 'sisters' keep the death of their sister quiet............ until at their graduation party they start getting killed. Cliched, yes; but also good fun as it's pretty well done with decent pacing and nice kills. Also agree with Darko, it;s miles ahead of that stonker 'prom night'. I actually have the DVD of house on sorority row in my to watch pile :D

  • Tales from the Crypt (Season 3)
    14 more ghoulish tales from the crypt keeper, and apart from two so-so episodes it is a great little collection with again plenty big names. The stand-outs for me were Carrion Death about an escaped convict (kyle mclachlan from twin peaks fame), who handcuffed to a dead state trooper tries to escape to mexico. And Dead Wait, directed by Tobe Hooper.

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  • Hemoglobin
    A man and his wife travel to a remote island in search of his relatives to try and find a cure for him. What they find is unspeakable terror :) Story is based on lovecraft's 'the Lurking Fear' and it is a pretty faithful adaptation at that. The scenery is stunning, decent cast (cant go wrong with rutger hauer :pac:), plenty of atmosphere and no cgi monsters in sight ;). Not sure why this movie gets such a terrible slating on imdb, as far as lovecraft adaptations go it is one of the better ones :p

    Ils (them)
    At just over an hour this is a fairly short french horror flick. Dont expect any gore (there is none) or even a plot (there is little) A couple in their big french country house get terrorised by faceless strangers... this movie is all about the atmosphere and the has both from opening till finish... Creep out factor 10 :eek:

  • dellamorte delamore
    aka cemetary man, picked this up from a recommendation of this forum, and must confess I loved it..... the cemetary's caretaker and his helper spend their nights taking 'care' of the living dead........... until he meets a beautiful widow. It's a return to the old classic italian horrors, a must see

    released same year as dellamorte is this short and slightly disturbing spanish tale about a mortician having his way with his 'patients' after everyone else has gone home. Very much a 'marmite movie'* and wont be easy for everyone to stomach :eek:

    * thanks to ned for coining that phrase

  • Supernatural (Season 2)
    More adventures of Sam and Dean as they hunt and kill all sorts of ghosts, ghouls and demons in their quest to find the yellow eyed demon. Very entertaining and as good as the first season. No cliffhanger finale this time, so will need to see what season 3 will bring. :pac:

    Also nice to see little nods to other ones, especially the bar scene out of the Shining :-D


  • ;)Son of Frankenstein
    Frankensteins son and his wife and son, go to claim his inheritance but find a hostile local village and Ygor (Lugosi) who convinces Wolf to revive his fathers creation (Karlov) Excellent performances and oodles of atmosphere

    Very enjoyable little romp about a yachting trip gone wrong and a haunted cruise liner that saves them. Cant give away to much of the plot or this would be all spoiler tags. Although the plot twists and turns and tries to confuse the viewer.. the premise in the end is very simple :pac: Nice to see several nods to the shining :-)

    Henry 2: Mask of Sanity
    Now here's a sequal I was dreading as Michael Rooker as the original Henry (portrait of a serial killer) is impossible to follow :p This movie turned out better than I expected, although it does recycle a lot of the plot of the original. The performances are decent and some ok kills. Just watch it on its own and forget the connection to Henry.

  • The Bird with the Crystal Plumage
    An american in rome helplessly witnesses the attempted murder of an art gallery owners wife. When the police dont make any progress in the suspected serial killer case, he starts to investigate on his own.... good acting, vivid colors (esp the blood red!) and a haunting soundtrack by Moricone this first movie by Dario Argento definitely lives up to its reputation.

    La Horde
    A group of vigilante cops are out for revenge on a group of hard-nosed drug dealing gangsters. They end up joining forces in an effort to escape a half-finished tower-flat as the building is under attack from the undead. Lots of gore and plenty of guns and violence packed into claustrophobic corridors. The only let down is that none of the characters are likable and felt no connection to any of them.

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  • City of the Living Dead
    A blood and gore feast from the old italian master Lucio Fulci with some excellent kills
    (drill through brain anyone)
    A priest hangs himself in Dunwich and opens the gate to hell and brings the dead back from the grave... Not to be missed

    Four 'wreckers' cause a shipwreck, plunder the loot and rape the two surviving blonde girls.... the girls make a deal with he devil and come back to haunt the pirates. Stylishly shot, but not much gore and soso acting (other than the female pirate being lusciously naked) make this one of Jean Rollin's lesser movies. Definately wont be for everyone.

  • The Dunwich Horror (TV 2009)
    Another interpretation of one of lovecrafts best known stories, and although made for TV for the syfy channel it is a decent enough interpretation.

  • Tales from the Crypt (Season 4)
    A very mixed bag this season 4 with mostly decent episodes but only a couple stand-out ones... 'what's cooking' about a dwindling restaurant that turns into a successful steak house, thanks to their 'secret' recipe. And werewolf concerto with a werewolf, a werewolf hunter and a vampire :)

  • Rabid
    A young woman (Marilyn Chambers) is in a motorcycle accident and after some experimental surgery she develops a taste for blood and spreads a rabies like thirst to her victims. One of Cronenbergs earliest feature films and his genius and imagination already show :) Only let down is some of the acting, the 'boyfriend' is just useless.

    The Fly
    On a double Cronenberg header and the Fly is probably his most successful one, Jeff Goldblum shines as the scientist who is researching teleportating and in a final experiment transports himself..... only for a fly to enter the telepod with him....

    "Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid"

  • Dread
    Another Clive Barker book of blood tale gone to waste :( A student (with fears of his own) has an idea for his thesis to explore peoples fears, he gets help from a lady friend with body issues
    (worst skin special effects ever)
    and a psychopathic drifter............ the only moment of dread was
    the locked up girl eating the maggot infested old meat

    A ballsy movie, set in a coffin only. American trucker gets kidnapped in Iraq and finds himself in a coffin with a flask, a lighter and a mobile phone... this is not McGuyver folks...:D Hats off to Ryan Reynolds for making this one work, the inital sense of panic, the realisation of abandonment..... he carries it all.. The action scene (inside the coffin) is a bonus:)

    Dead Moon Rising
    mysterious disease, zombie-esque carry on........... sounds good right? This one is just so cheaply made, it's a challenge to sit through to the end

    *You've been warned!*


  • Black Candles
    More soft porn than horror, this story about a young woman and a errr 'satanic' village has more skin than scares and atmosphere combined

    Supernatural (season 3)
    Continuing adventures of Sam and Dean as they try to find a fix for Dean's pact with the devil. Still very enjoyable, almost as good as the first two seasons

  • Men Behind the Sun
    Camp 731 is a japanese prisoner camp where the prisoners are subjected to horrendous experiments by japanese scientists researching biological warfare... a live autopsy, frozen limbs until they break and a decompression chamber are just some of the cruel experiments carried out. Movie has a notorious reputation and rightly so, definately not for the faint of heart

    The Grapes of Death
    A young woman jumps of a train in the middle of french wine country after seeing her friend killed by an infected man. The killer and every other character she encounters after are infected by a pesticide used in one of the wineries. Lots of zombie-esque characters, great atmosphere and plenty of tension make this an excellent example of 70's french horror.

    Tales from the crypt (season 5) (season 6)
    Of similar standards to season 4, altough the crypt keeper sequences are at their best, the episodes are of varying standard. Lots of double crossers being doublecrossed, murderers getting their come-uppance, each episode is still a well wasted 25 minutes of entertainment.

  • Tales from the crypt (season 7)

    Well I thought the last two episodes of season 6 were going down hill...... in season 7 the setting for the episodes moves to England and although its jumped the atlantic, it also jumps the shark... too much tongue in cheek, even daniel craig or ewan mcgregor cant save it. Who thought eddie izzard or steve 'partridge' coogan could pull off horror :confused::confused: (in fairness izzard almost does :eek:)


    * have one episode left to watch, but doubt it will rescue the season

    Dexter (season 4)
    Not strictly horror, but Dexter Morgan, the serial killer blood splatter specialist returns with a bang and finds a formidable adversary in John Lithgow........ anyone not seen this show yet, I'd recommend starting with season 1 and enjoy Dexters progression .... Michael C Hall is intense and excellent as Dexter

  • The Crazies
    One of romero's underrated horrors, the crazies tells the story about a manmade virus that causes insanity and death for anyone infected... it gets released in a small town and the army comes in to 'clean' up under martial law.

    Survival of the dead
    Latest instalment in Romero's 'dead' series..... the plot can be summed up as two Oirish families fueding on some remote island with lots of zombies and a few soldiers thrown in. Little tension or dread and obvious cgi make this a 'meh' movie for me.
    4.5 / 10

    Black Friday

    Lugosi and Karloff are back in a tale about a surgeon who helps save his dying friends life by transplanting part of a gangsters brain into him. Unfortunately the gangsters brain sometimes takes over, resulting in a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde situation.

  • Supernatural (season 4)
    Finally got round to watching these over the holidays and although there are some weaker episodes that are a bit too tongue in cheek for, the continuing adventures of Sam and Dean Winchester still make for compelling viewing and sets it up nicely for an apocalyptic 5th season.

    Supernatural (season 5)
    Sam and Deans quest to prevent the apocalypse is coming to an end
    (they meet the four horsemen along the way)
    Excellent and very strong finish.

    The Mummy's Hand
    Two bumbling archeologists discover evidence of an egyptian princess' tomb and set out to find it, the tomb however is guarded by a fanatic high priest who keeps the mummy Kharis alive......... not as menacing as the first and original Mummy tale with Boris Karloff

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  • Haven't had much time to post lately, hope to to catch up on the movies I've watched over last month or two in the next couple of days, first up is a batch of universal studios monster movies.

    Invisible Woman
    The female version of the classic HG Wells story....... unfortunately more comedy than 'monster' movie. Entertaining, but the beginning of the end as its the start of the milking of franchises

    Invisible Agent
    Grandson of the original invisible man inherits the formula and after pearl harbour decides to use it to spy on the germans. Rated a bit higher than the invisble woman as the plot is a little bit more interesting

    Ghost of Frankenstein
    Lon Chaney takes over from Karloff as the monster in the 4th installment of the Frankenstein series. Although he's not as menacing it is still very enjoyable, just unfortunate that it does nothing new or add anything to the first 3 movies.

    Mummys Tomb
    Sequalitis seems to be setting in, although I have plenty of tiime for Lon Chaney the cheap re-use of footage from the earlier mummy's hand takes away from this effort

    The Wolf Man
    Speaking of Lon Chaney....... he is the original wolf man and this movie is rightly called a classic, not to be missed if you enjoy a good werewolf movie.

  • Deadly Friend
    A wizz-kid and his robot BB move in next door to the pretty Samantha and her abusive father... throw in an evil looking woman across the street and very soon BB gets destroyed and Samantha is thrown down the stairs and killed........ cue the whizzkid rebuilding BB with the brain of Samantha..... you can guess the rest :p Not Wes Cravens best effort, but miles ahead of Chiller

    Blood and Doughnuts
    A vampire is after 25 years awakened from his slumber by a stray golf ball (dont ask!) Takes a cab to the cemetary to collect his belongings, moves into a cheap hotel across the road from a 24 hour doughniut shop and falls in love with the counter girl. Throw in some gangsters chasing the cabbie (cameo from Cronenberg) and an old flame who waited 25 years for her vampire and you have a rather different kind of vampire movie.

  • Dead and Buried
    A small seaside town with a sinister secret... tourists get killed, a fairly hapless sherriff and an enterprising undertaker. Solid movie with plenty of atmosphere from the early 80s..

  • More Universal 'Monster' movies... just going to list them as they all suffer terribly from sequalitis, but at just over an hour each they are easy viewing ;)

    frankenstein meets wolfman
    house of frankenstein 5/10
    son of dracula 4.5/10
    revenge of invisible man 5/10
    house of dracula 4.5/10

    Only a couple more to go and there are two that I look forward to: 'It came from outer space' (penned by Ray Bradbury) and 'the creature from the black lagoon'

    Eden Lake
    A young couple take a trip to a lake for a romantic weekend, their peaceful weekend is ruined by a gang of youths...... not your usual chav terror movie, this one has oodles of atmosphere and a satisfying twist at the end

  • The Evil Dead
    This one doesn't need any introduction or spoilers... the book of the dead, Bruce Campbell and zombies...... a classic and looks even better in HD


    This one doesn't need any introduction either... Clive Barker directs his own story 'the hellbound heart' and introduces Pinhead and the cenobites... another classic given the HD treatment with great effect

  • Night of the Living Dead
    Borrowed the Bluray of this classic and compared to the DVD there is definite improvement :) The movie itself ofcourse needs no introduction, Romero's classic tale still packs a punch, especially considering the racial tension in America at the time.

    The Return of the Living Dead
    Two warehouse employees accidentally release gas from a US army corpse storage cannister and every dead thing around them comes back to live (including a split dog) Panicking they capture all living bits and take them to the nearby undertaker where they use his incinerator to burn the living remains...... the released fumes get absorbed in the atmosphere and when a thunderstorm hits the nearby graveyard where some punk kids are partying.......... well one can guess the rest.

    This is not part of Romero's living dead series, more a hommage/parody in the vain of Braindead and re-animator and great gory fun at that.

  • Martyrs
    Not sure how to sum this one up without spoilers, so am borrowing imdb's description: A young woman's quest for revenge against the people who kidnapped and tormented her as a child leads her and a friend, who is also a victim of child abuse, on a terrifying journey into a living hell of depravity.
    Although there's plenty of gore this movie works its disturbing best at the psychological level.

    I Spit on Your Grave
    A young female writer rents a riverside cabiin to work on her book and attracts the unwanted attention of some local rednecks, they catch her alone and she is gang raped several times. Once recovered the young writer sets out for revenge and kills her tormentors one by one. Other than being banned at its release, it is a relatively average revenge movie

  • The Shining
    "All work and no play make Jack a dull boy".... Jack Nicholson stars as Jack Torrence in Stephen Kings tale of the Overlook hotel. A classic that needs little introduction and as a long time favourite this one has so many instantlly recognisable imagery... from 'R3dRum' to the scene at the bar to the iconic "Here's Johnny!!"

    On an SK double header and stuck on Cujo, the tale of a lovable St Bernards that gets bit by a rabid bat while chasing a rabbit ;) and is slowly transformed into..... well Cujo...... the movie has loads of atmosphere, especially the slow transformation of lovable big lug to lethal killer is well done. There are other actors, but this one is all about Cujo for me.... The only let down is the tacked on hollywood ending.

  • Creature from the Black Lagoon
    A scientific expedition wanders into an unexplored lagoon and encounter a 'gil-man'... The last of the Universal monsters (after Frankenstein, Dracula and Wolfman) the Creature is an old fashioned monster... although the rubber suit of the monster takes away from the menace, the movie still has plenty of atmosphere

    Avoid the two sequals: Revenge of the Creature (3.5/10) and Creature walks among us (4/10)

    A classic old fashioned haunted house movie about a young family moving into their new house, only to find it to be a gateway to spirit-land............
    it would be with the developer moving the graveyard but not the bodies... thankfully it wasnt an indian grave yard :D
    Oodles of atmosphere and superb acting; "They're Here!"

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  • Fritt Vilt
    Picked this up as a recommendation for the top 100, and although solid enough the tale of 5 friends on a snowboarding holiday abruptly cut short when one pal breaks his leg and they take cover in an abandoned hotel is all too predictable with shots of claustrophobic empty deserted corridors and friends slowly realising they're in trouble. Decent acting, but too predictable and not nearly enough bad guy.

    Fritt Vilt II

    The sole survivor of the original Fritt Vilt wakes up in hospital, only to find that along with her friends bodies the body of the killer has also been recovered from the crevase near the hotel.......... when the killer shows signs of hypothermia and is re-animated all hell breaks loose.... again. As with the original there are plenty of claustrophobic hospital corridors and solidly acted, this one too is too predictable and not enough bad guy. Solid enough as a sequal tho. Not sure if 2010's no 3 can add anything to this series.