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MudSkippers Scary Viewing Log

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    Registered Users Posts: 556 MudSkipper

    As per this thread I'm going to start my viewing log thread of with a review of 3 recently viewed horrors.

    Got a satelite installed last weekend and the first movie I stumbled across was the eye, about a blind violinist who receives an eye transplant and starts seeing dead people with her new eyes and the journey to uncover and meet her donor to explain it. Unfortunately Jessica Alba is no scream queen and her 'scared' look is much like her not scared look. Wish I could have seen this one with someone elses eyes. 3/10.

    Will be checking out the original asian version as they excel in this kind of creep out horror.

    Another one I found was on the unexplained channel; although it's mostly programs on psychics and assorted rubbish, every night at 9 they show old or obscure movies. The one I happened upon was The Corpse Grinders so bad it is actually great fun (admittedly alcohol was consumed before I watched this :-P) The plot is simple, the local cat food company is in trouble and decides to use a cheap source of meat.... the graveyard. As a result cats start attacking their owners (always knew cats were evil!) and an inquisitive doctor and his secretary start to investigate. The acting isn't great, the special effects are laughable, but yet I thoroughly enjoyed this for the cheese fest that it is. 6/10

    Finally last night I came across Rob Zombie's debut House of 1000 Corpses and struggled to get through it, very much in the vein of Texas Chainsaw Massacre and his much better follow up The Devils Rejects. The pace at the start was too slow, the grainy shots / tv screens distracted more than that they added. Admittedly the final 20-30minutes are much better when we finally get to meet Dr. Satan himself. 5/10



  • Completely forgot I caught this last week: seed Guess it needs no explaining why I forgot it.... the opening titles said it was directed by uwe bollbile, that should have made me switch...... but no I didn't, always the sucker looking for the good in any horror..... well it had little..... was slightly better than the eye tho (not by much) 4/10

    Having only seen saw 1 and part of saw 2, I had no expectations (other than crap/cheese fest) when I happened across Saw IV. Which once I got past the series story 'arc' of who is JigSaw (or the next, or next) actually turned out to be reasonably enjoyable (if predictable) fare. Still not a patch on the first in the series that probably made torture porn mainstream horror 5/10

    Finally one that rates high in MudSkippers horror list: caught the defining movie of the zombie genre on (yet again) the unexplained channel: Night of Living Dead No plot spoilers as I presume everyone has seen it or heard about it by now! A deserved classic and recommended viewing for anyone who loves a scare, very atmospheric and believable characters. 8/10

    Wait here's another high rating one........ except it's a book!!!! Clive Barker has been a long time favourite author of mine, He first wrote the Books of Blood, which included the hellbound heart which in turn got made into Hellraiser (which in turn gave us the iconic PinHead!) I've probably read all his books since and although they're mostly fantasy now, his latest book Mr B Gone is a return to his roots; it's the story of a minor demon from the 9th circle of hell that gets pulled up to 'earth' by an evil irish priest. A riveting read, finished it in a day 8/10

  • The Howling Picked this up as it was recommended for our top 100 list and I'm glad I did, it's a class werewolf flick with excellent excellent effects and latter half just oozes atmosphere. Took me a while to get used to seeing 'Mr Steed' as am evil villain ;) 7.5/10

    Maniac Cop Another classic low budget one from the 80's, starring mr evil dead himself; Bruce Campbell ;) Can't go wrong there :D Robert Z'Dar as the title character burns up the screen as a very believable and menacing baddy 6.5/10

    The Ghost Galleon Absolutely love Amando de Ossorio's Blind Dead series, but unfortunately this third installment is by far the weakest of the four. An old Galleon with ancient blood thirsty knights templars on board crosses paths with a yacht full of aspiring models... sounds good no? Very atmospheric (as one'd expect from Amando) but too slowly paced and very little gore. Watch the original instead 5/10

  • Have started going through my back log of Argento films and first up was the short made for TV episode: Il Tram how was a girl murdered on a busy tram without anybody noticing? Maybe not strictly horror, it still is an atmospheric master piece and features some tense scenes 6/10

    Havent yet tracked down the other 3 episodes, but look forward to them once I do :D

    The Chaser Also not strictly a horror, this very enjoyable south korean movie about an ex-cop who runs a call-girl operation is losing his girls and suspects they're running away.... except there is a crazed serial killer on the loose. Most memorable scene is the
    claw-hammer murder
    towards the end. 7.5/10

    Stephen Kings Nightshift Collection Vol I & II, two shorts based on two SK short stories, the first The Woman in the Room is about a man watching his mother die slowly and painfully and his decision to help her. Not strictly horror, but great atmosphere and as some interesting trivia: it was Frank Darabont's directional debut.

    The second story is the Boogeyman, looks cheap but it is creepy to say the least. The lead character looks very disturbed indeed. Had to check my closet last night before going to bed :p overall: 6/10

  • Back to Argento: Four Flies on Grey Velvet Although this movie hasn't aged very well, Argento's style and direction give this film plenty of atmosphere and a plot that keeps the viewer guessing :) The atmospheric scenes are alternated with some comedy elements
    the postmans reactions, each time he sees Roberto after his attack are comedy gold

    The Old Dark House is one of the old universal horrors, made just after Frankenstein. Although his part as a drunken, lecherous servant is relatively small, Boris Karloff is still a menacing presence that adds to the dark atmosphere of the movie. 6.5/10

  • The Invisible man Another universal classic from days gone by, based on the HG wells story of the same name it follows the story pretty closely and the ever increasing madness of the invisible man as he tries to find a cure is well portrayed 7/10

    Two Evil Eyes Originally meant to be a four part hommage to Edgar Allan Poe, but Wes Crave and John Carpenter had to pull out, so whats left is a two parter by George A Romero and Dario Argento. The first part 'the strange facts in case of mr Valdemar' directed by Romero is one of Poe's lesser known stories about a dying rich old man, his greedy wife and her hypnotist lover.. well done with a very romero like ending :) The second story is the well known story of 'the black cat', it stars Harvey Keitel as a slowly driven to madness photographer. 7.5/10

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  • Continuing with my collection of Universal 'monster' horrors: The Black Cat

    One of the few movies to star both Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi :) And it's a masterclass, Karloff oozes menace whenever he enters the screen. And Lugosi gets to show his character actor skills as the tragic hero. The scene
    Where Boris and Bela are playing chess over the life of the young woman
    Is a classic moment.

    Although the movie title claims the film was inspired by the story of the same name by Edgar Allen Poe, I couldn't see any reference to it at all.

    8/10 a must see :D

  • One Missed Call Some girls start receiving voice-mails from their future selves, including the the date and time of their deaths. Special effects are ok, but the acting is poor, especially the male lead. Only at the end did I found out it is another remake of a japanese film, which I will be tracking down :) One to avoid 3.5/10

    Maniac Cop 2 The film opens with the final chase of the first one. Robert Z'dar once again is the bad guy, but this time he gets a lot more screen time and gets to do a lot more killing. Has more gore than the first and is one of the few times when a sequel is on par or even better than the original 7/10

    Drag me to Hell Thoroughly enjoyable movie with a wink and a nod to the directors evil dead movies. Very glad this made it onto our final 100 list. :) 7.5/10

  • The Thing
    Absolutely love this movie, and seeing it in hi-def only makes it better. From the sweeping scenes of the stunning antarctic to the claustrophobia of the camp, from the larger than life characters to the special effects (best chest burst scene bar alien!) add in the gore, tension and music this movie is one of the best. 10/10

    Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer
    Was on a double header of favourite movies tonight and watched Henry, the uncut version after the thing.... no surprise it was banned in many countries, not so much for the violence but the sheer cold bloodedness of the main lead. Michael Rooker as the main character is the name of an actor I'll never forget, his portrayal of Henry the calculated killer without the madness or pattern of your regular serial killer / stalker is top notch. Recommended viewing and am kicking myself for not suggesting it for our list 9.5/10

  • Agree on both of the above but re Henry not being on the 100 list.I dont consider it to be a horror.The vast majority of slasher movies are gratuitous for the sake of it,Henry isnt.I would put it into the same category as something like Silence of the Lambs.It is also my favourite serial killer movie of all time,Rooker chills the blood every time.

    Its sequel though I would consider to be a horror.

  • Frankenstein
    Another of the universal classic monster movies, and one of their best. When thinking of classic monster movie... Boris Karloff as the monster created by the mad scientist Frankenstein is the first image that comes to mind.
    "It's Alive, it's alive!!" 7.5/10

    Bride of Frankenstein
    Watched this as a double header with Frankenstein and its one of the few examples of sequel being on a par with the original. Karloff's monster gets to speak and really show the monsters 'human' side. The mad scientist this time is dr Pretorius who with Frankensteins help, sets of to create a mate for the monster. 7.5/10

    Although the universal classic monster movies are no longer scary by any means, if you can imagine being in the 1930's when cinema was new and seeing your first monster movie... these films must have been terrifying :-) I love them because when you watch a modern horror.. you can see the influence of these old ones.

    Maniac Cop 3: Badge of Silence
    The third (and thankfully last) installment in the Maniac Cop series, with the first two being great fun and decent gore. This one is very poor, Robert Z'dar is once again the bad guy, but gets too little screen time to be his menacing best. 4.5/10

    In the Mouth of Madness
    A writer goes missing and Sam Neill as an insurance investigator goes to investigate. Only to find himself in Hobbs End, a fictional town created by the missing author and strange things start to happen..... like a book come to life!! This film is both Lovecraft and Stephen King.... directed by John Carpenter, I'm glad I picked this up for our top 100. 7.5/10

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  • The Rage
    Crazy Scientists,
    Mutated Vultures,
    Dumb Teenagers,
    Crap CGI
    Cheesy Goodness

    yup, yup, yup, yup, yup and yup. This movie's got it all! The plot is simple, a crazy scientist creates a 'rage' virus, his subjects escape and their remains are devoured by Vultures... the mutated vultures get a thirst for human flesh and attack anything with two legs.. including a campervan full of dumb teenagers.

    It is so bad it's almost good. Well not good, but still an enjoyable gorefest.

    The Raven
    Another universal oldie with both Karloff and Lugosi, but it lacked the tenseness of their other outing together, 'The Black Cat'. Only in the last 20 minutes does the tension build and we get to see some of Poe inspired contraptions (most notably the Pendulum) in action.

  • Outpost
    A team of ex-soldiers is assembled to protect a man on an expedition to war-torn eastern europe and find an old abandoned bunker. When they get there, they discover that the bunker was used for horrific experiments and they find a survivor....... after which all hell breaks loose, with supernatural forces and undead nazis!!

    Resident Evil: Extinction
    Having not seen the first two resident evil movies, I wasnt sure what to expect, or even expecting much, with it being a franchise. Set in some post-apocalyptic world, the movie has a high zombie count, the plot is a bit all over and most of the characters are bit too stereotypical. The best thing about this movie (and probably the franchise) is the main character Alice, she gets some nice kills too :-)

  • Dog Soldiers
    Watching outpost the other night, somehow reminded me of this movie. Love this werewolf movie and simply had to watch it again last night.

    The plot is simple, a group of soldiers on a training mission are in for a struggle to survive when they find the sole survivor of a special ops team. They swap their blanks for live ammo and meet the werewolf family. Plenty of gore, large amount of tension, superb acting and great special effects, it deservedly has a place on our top 100.

    Indeed, lots of nods to other movies, including corporal Bruce Campbell :p


  • The Devills Chair

    Watched this a couple days ago and still not sure what to make of it, partly want to give it a decent score as the ending is nicely messed up and leaves you scratching your head for a bit. But the movie is let down badly by the acting and the editing, especially the freeze frame with voice over, it works in a guy ritchie movie.... here it just destroys whatever tension was building up :mad:


  • Dracula III: Legacy
    Wes Craven presents.... not sure what the association is with Craven other than that it's a sequel to Dracula 2000 that he produced, but his name sells;)
    An instantly forgettable vampire movie set in a war-torn romania where rebels and vampires wreak havoc.

    The Killing Room
    To earn some extra cash, four people sign up for a psychological research project, which turns out to be a brutal government 'recruitment' program. Interesting movie, which in some parts reminded me of cube. Excellent low-budget psychological horror.

  • Saw V
    Would not rent or buy any of the Saw movies other than the first, thought the fourth installment was very meh when I caught it on satellite few months ago. The fifth one has convinced me that when the next one is shown, I'll keep on changing channels. Movie is not entirely bad, but predictable fare, no scares and a plot that gets more and more ludicrous with each installment.

  • Piranha
    From the director of the excellent the Howling comes this cult classic, a secret breeding program to create fast breeding man-eating piranhas that can be used as weapons against the NVA in vietnam. The piranha's get accidentally released into a river in Texas and results in pools and pools of blood as they (and the bumbling heroes that try to stop them) make their way through holiday camps and summer resorts. Low budget and hasn't aged as well as the howling, still a very enjoyable romp.

    The Island of Dr. Moreau
    Based on the excellent story of the same name by HG wells, it's the tale of a shipwrecked sailor who lands on an island where Dr Moreau is performing experiments combining humans and animals. Of the various movies of the story this version is the best. The 1996 remake with Brando and Kilmer is by far the worst and does not do justice to HG Wells' excellent book.

  • Werewolf of London
    Credit where it's due, this movie is as far as I'm aware the very first werewolf movie ever. Problem is it just plods along slowly and felt no sympathy for the main character who happens to keep exposing himself to the 'moon lamps' he invented and then turns into a werewolf. Not one of Universals best monster movies, keep an eye out for Lon Chaney in 1941's Wolfman instead.

    Dracula's Daughter
    A much better Universal monster movies is this follow up to Dracula. Two cops capture von helsing after he's driven a stake through Dracula's heart. As they take him into custody on the other side of town, a beautiful countess steals dracula's corpse and performs an exorcism on it to free herself. Except..... she still has the bloodlust and needs to feed......... Very well done and Gloria Holden is excellent as the title character.

  • Last house on the left (remake)
    First have to put my hand up and admit that I'm not a big fan of remakes and having seen the original which put Wes Craven firmly on the horror map, this movie does not change my mind. Although the film is fairly well done, something felt missing for me all throughout. The 'hollywood' feel good ending drops my score from a 6 to

    My Bloody Valentine (remake)
    Another remake and this one is executed better than the last house on the left one. Did not get to see it in 3D, but for scenes like the one with the pick-axe it is clear how the 3D would add to it :D

  • Tales From the Crypt (Season 1)
    Hello Boys n Ghouls.... *evil laugh* Anyone else remember the cryptkeeper from the late eighties? Just re-watched the first season of this, and each episode certainly has something about it... from the man with the cat's glandulars implanted to give him nine lives to the evil santa haunting the woman who killed her husband on christmas eve to the executioner who after taking the law in own hands ends up on the electric chair himself. All in all a great collection of shorts (ala the twilight zone)

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  • Dark Remains
    A technical writer and his photographer wife move to an isolated cabin after their daughter is found dead in their locked apartment. The photographer wife starts taking pictures of their cabin and the nearby old prison, their daughters ghost shows up in them.....the rest would give away the plot :-P All in all a decent low budget indie horror with a some 'jump' moments. The only thing letting the movie down is the male lead who shows little emotion and doesnt even raise his voice one decibel when angry:confused:

  • Someone's knocking at the door
    Sounded good on the back cover, but crap acting and a 'twist' you see a mile coming just leaves this as another drug fueled craziness meh film...... pity as it had potential

    The Ruins
    Some young tourist couples go of the beaten track to some uncharted mayan ruins ........ sounds predictable, but it is surprisingly well done.
    the ivy type plants do all the killing and the superstitious locals kill anyone who manages to come down from the ruins

  • 28 Days Later
    A deserved entry on our top 100 and caught it at the weekend on Film 4's Frightfest. one survivor awakens from his coma to find himself all alone, the entire population of the UK has been wiped out by a 'rage' virus in the 28 days since the virus was released from a laboratory. A chilling tale of survival, this is not you're standard zombie movie. A must watch :)

  • Suspiria
    Another one from our top 100 and another one that deserves it's spot, it's a d'Argento classic. A young ballet dancer joins an exclusive dance school in Germany and slowly discovers that the school is actually home to
    a coven of witches
    . Superb acting, oodles and oodles of atmosphere and d'Argento's imagination
    (modelled on Disneys snow white?!?)
    make for a roller coaster of a movie.

    Awaiting the 2012 remake with trepidation :p

    The Brood
    Speaking of remakes, apparently Cronenberg's the brood is also scheduled for one with the director of the crazies remake at the helm :(. Although visuallly the brood shows its age, the plot, kills by little people and one of cronenbergs most twisted endings (if that's possible) make this film a gripping film and recommended viewing.


  • couple of quick ones to bring my log up to date:

    Predictable as an alien invasion of earth can be, lotsa nods to older b-movie, still an enjoyable romp

    The Raven
    Roger Corman directing and starring Vincent Price, boris Karloff, Peter Lorre and a baby faced Jack Nicholson this movie should be a treat.... but it feels more like a misplaced parody :-( somehow it is very very loosely based on Edgar Alan Poes story. As much as I love the old horrors of this era (like the hammer horror ones), this one gets

    Wes Craven made for TV horror about an exec who is revived from cryogenic suspension is definately just made for TV, the sound on the DVD is dire (maybe it was recorded in a freezer). Has an interesting premise, but the production quality is well 80's TV.......

    Just finished watching this, and its one of those 'meh' ones.... deserted hospital, demented doctor and inquisitive young female....... too bad its devoid of atmosphere and the acting is well 'meh'

    Am finally up to date with the movies I've watched over last couple weeks... stay tuned as am almost finished with Supernatural season one and Tales from the Crypt 2 :-)

    Jeepers Creepers that felt like a long post;)

  • Been catching a few on late nite satellite:

    Prom Night (2008)
    hmmm, a remake in name only, usage of lotsa slasher cliches, little gore and the most unconvincingly 'scary' stalker ever make this one to avoid (or at least use the fast forward on your DVD) Only the Wire's Stringer Bell's presence kept this movie interesting for me.

    Vacancy II: The first cut
    Slightly better with a lot more gore and at least a half decent bad guy is this story about 3 young people checking into a motel only to be recorded by the owners who are making and distributing snuff movies. Although very predictable it is still enjoyable and as this is a 'prequal' I might track down the original sometime.

  • Vacancy is the one with Luke Wilson right?If so do not watch it,its fuggin horrendously bad.
    It has one of the most preposterous endings of all time and both lead actors survive.:mad:

  • Tales from the Crypt (Season 2)
    After the thoroughly enjoyable season 1 (short at 6 episodes) comes season two which runs for 18 episodes and has some familiar names: demi moore, arnold schwartzenegger and michael ironside to name a few. Unfortunately extending it to 18 episodes leaves this season bit of a mixed bag.... some excellent ones such as the one about the siamese twins or the old man who buys himself a new body and face to get a young woman and a ratings obsessed tv reporter entering a haunted house on live tv are some of the stand outs. Some of the episodes come across as filler, but still very enjoyable.

  • Seeing as its been recommended a few times and I was in need of watching something better than some of the mediocre stuff I've suffered through recently I decided to put on:

    House of the Devil
    The cinematography, solid acting and atmospheric settings they've definitely successfully created that look and feel of horrors from days gone by... but for me the pacing is off, as atmospheric as it is the first part drags on too long, and the second part just feels too rushed. They could have taken 15 mins from the first part
    (how many shots of her arse do we need to see as she wanders through the house)
    and fleshed out the second part. Still overall very enjoyable and nice to see a throwback to the old ones.

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  • MudSkipper wrote: »
    Saw V
    Would not rent or buy any of the Saw movies other than the first, thought the fourth installment was very meh when I caught it on satellite few months ago. The fifth one has convinced me that when the next one is shown, I'll keep on changing channels. Movie is not entirely bad, but predictable fare, no scares and a plot that gets more and more ludicrous with each installment.

    As a fan of the Saw movies, even I would admit that V was just completely bonkers plot-wise. However VI was an improvement and dragged things back on the rails (well, within reason!)