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Come talk to us! C&H IRC

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    Hey guys! I've just set up an IRC channel to use for random chats. IRC is a like a chat room. Here's how to use it.

    1. Go to >>>
    2. Type in a nickname for yourself (no spaces, use _)
    3. In channel, type #C&H PASSWORD*** e.g. #C&H student
    4. and that's it!
    ***Please PM me or our three resident OPs (Pygmalion, Davidius or Konata) for the password. Preferably, one of them :p

    If you like IRC and want to use a program instead (which has more options, and an ability to turn on sound so you know when there's new messages)

    To start simply download mIRC here and install as you would any other program

    Run IRC and select Tools > Options. This screen should be the first thing you see upon running the program

    Fill in the basic details; i.e. Your alias, an alternative (just in case great minds think alike) and e-mail

    Click the "Servers" tab. Open the "QuakeNet" folder and select a server

    Go back to the "Connect" tab and click connect

    Finally click Commands > Join channel

    Insert "#C&H" into the field and there you go!

    Anyone else with @ before their name is an admin in the room. Be nice!



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