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What's your nerdiest feature?

  • 10-12-2009 10:58pm
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    Is there something about your personality that is a bit nerdy? An obsession that maybe you keep to yourself or a collection you've built up over time? I think everyone is a bit of an anorak about something eg music, football, collecting callcards!

    For me, it's trains. I don't know why but I've always loved them. When I was younger I'd even get a bit excited at the sight of a railway track, never mind actually taking a train (sad.... probably). Had a few hornby sets as well. Now I'm not a train spotter or anything (would be a pretty pointless pursuit in Ireland) but I always take a train if it's an option. I'll take the Trans-Siberian someday hopefully, seven days on a train? Deadly!

    What brings out your inner nerd?



  • Boards.

  • I guess my right leg

  • I'm a massive dr who nerd,and not ashamed to admit it!

  • Spending pretty much all day every day online

  • You seem malnourished. Are you suffering from internal parasites?

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  • i can speak backwards

  • The 17 asian people i have chained up in my basement to do my accounts.

  • Every morning, on the train on my way into work, I take out my laptop, listen to Lyric FM, and categorise my all of my emails from the previous day into the seventeen million and one different subcategories I have within my inbox.

    It's very calming ... :o

  • Glasses and my Smarts.

  • I'm circumcised.

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  • I get far too excited about brains. Not in a zombie way, in a far-less-cool "what does this bit do!?" way :cool:

  • Leftyflip wrote: »
    That, my knowledge of computers, my thirst for scientific knowledge, and my love of space exploration...

  • I spend about 15 hours at day at my computer, this is divided up pretty equally between work, browsing, and watching television programs online.

    I collect National Geographics.

    I also think I talk in a nerdy sort of way, although others don't think the same.

  • Retro Gaming. 'Tis where I'm mostly found on Boards.

  • Something nerdy about me? Everything is nerdy about me. I am happy in Nerddom.

  • I'm circumcised.
    You know the drill, pics or.....

  • Beating 16 year old annoying American kids on Xbox live

  • boards i suppose

    thats about it

  • jokettle wrote: »
    I get far too excited about brains. Not in a zombie way, in a far-less-cool "what does this bit do!?" way :cool:
    So you get a stick and have a poke around so to speak?

  • I`d say the fact i`m studying physics in college, I wear glasses and I have an almost encyclopedic knowledge of stargate.

    I also love trains :D

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  • So you get a stick and have a poke around so to speak?

    Replace "stick" with "scanning equipment" and you've got it ;)

    We waits till they falls asleep before we gets out the poking shtcik.

  • I analyse the **** out of everything in my own little mind

    And although I can remember no ones name I meet in real life I can remember something that happened on TV 15 years ago and random actors names

  • Kiera wrote: »
    You know the drill, pics or.....

    You want to see that? o.O

  • snyper wrote: »
    boards i suppose

    thats about it

    Me too.

    That's about it.

  • Obsession with fighter jets.

  • cruiser178 wrote: »
    Even for AH thats not even kind of funny.

    The question was "what is your nerdiest feature"..not "tell us a joke and we'll judge you on it".

  • I'd say it's my personality, I used to give grinds to people in my own class during my undergrad, and I used to give grinds to a few people doing their postgrads while I was still an undergrad. Also, I remember random pieces of information and I love environmental economics. Also I've red hair so that might be something.

  • everything about me is nerd.

  • You want to see that? o.O
    You dont? O_o

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  • When I have free time Ill drive to the airport and happily sit for hours watching and taking photos of planes.