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dont stop believing



  • just under 4 miles in 35 minutes.back on the road.

  • did the same route as last night,around 4 miles in the lashing rain and wind.flew off at the start and nearly died at the end.did it a couple of minutes faster though.

  • did three miles tonight.really enjoying getting back into it.

  • did over four miles was hard to get out the door but it was worth it.went very slow tonight.i am feeling tired.i wont go again til sunday

  • 4 miles.lovely evening.very slow run but i was tired.played 18 holes of golf and went for a walk so im wrecked now.

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  • Did just under 4 miles tonight.I've been measuring my runs on mapmyrun.I had a great run tonight.Really enjoyed it.Plan is to lose a few pounds and start hal higdons intermediate half marathon next week.

  • Did 7km in the gym in 38.36.My winter membership in the gym is up next week.I have ordered a Garmin 305 today from Amazon and should have it next week at some stage.Looking forward to more accurate distance and time measuring.Starting a 12 week half marathon training schedual next week for the Ballybunion half marathon on April 23rd

  • Did just over five miles this morning.It was foggy but most of the run was on the beach.It was a nice change from the roads.

  • First day of the hh intermediate half marathon plan.the garmin arrived in the post today.3.57 miles in 35 minutes.avg pace 9.49.delighted to be started but it was an awful run.felt tired and was looking at the new gadget.

  • did the 5*400m and another mile.felt better than last night.

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  • I felt stiff after last nights run.Went out for three miles tonight.3 miles in 27.18.the garmin is keeping me honest.need to keep the pace below 9 minutes for all my runs.

  • 5.54 miles in 54.45 mins. It was the first long run in my half marathon training.It was a lovely run.Did two miles of it on the beach.My planned half marathon pace is 8.45 to 9 minute miles.I did this at between 9.38 and 10.13.It was a lovely run .I really enjoyed it.Having the watch is a real's nice to keep track of my pace and distance.

  • 3 miles in 26:29. 56 miles for the month.delighted

  • Tempo run tonight.Tried to do a 10 minute mile followed by a 9 minute mile followed by an 8 minute mile. So I did the first mile in exactly 10 mins,the second in 9.09 and the third in 7.39 followed by a half a mile home at a gentle pace.After a few more weeks I'm hoping to go a lot faster but for now I'm happy with the third mile because it was tough going.The watch was a great help.I did some stretching afterwards and went for a brisk walk.

  • 3 miles in 28.26.nice easy run.legs sore now.the front of my thighs are aching.

  • 6 miles in 1 hour and 40 seconds. Did all the miles between 9.43 and and 10.37. I felt crap during most of the run.My legs are tired.I had to do the this weeks long run because i'm away for the weekend.Fairly pissed off with running at the moment so i'm glad for the break.The wind and rain tonight was mental.

  • .3.35 miles in 28.32. Did the miles in 9.06, 8.25, 8.25. I enjoyed it.I went faster than i normally do and it went fine.

  • was supposed to do 6*400m last night but went playing astroturf instead.i was fitness has really improved in the last i went out tonight and said i'd go as fast as i can.did three miles in 7.41, 7.34 and 7.47.delighted with it.i think it could be my best run ever.3 miles in 23.09:D:D

  • 3 runs of 3.5 miles in the last week.ive been keeping all my miles a bit faster than usual which i'm delighted with.fastest mile was 7.38 and slowest was 9.21.was sick last week so im getting back into it.2 months to the ballybunion half marathon.

  • 5.9 miles in 48.40.pace 8.20.delighted with that.

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  • 4.63 miles in 39.03. average pace is 8.25.really enjoyed the run.just under 37 miles fro february.i need to up the mileage for the month of march and april.still im happy with my getting faster all the time.average pace for all my runs is 8.30.if i can do the half on the 23rd of april in ynder 2 hours i'll be over the moon and ready for a few more races and hopefully a crack the dublin marathon.i've been here before though.usually i start getting lazy and distracted from running when the summer kicks in.i'm fairly confused to what pace i should be running at but seems all good at the moment.

  • Played astroturf for an hour last night. I went for a fast 3 miles tonight.It's not on any plan but basically i go out the front door and run hard for 3 miles.I will try to beat the time every week.this is my weekly speed run.I felt a bit of a fool doing sprints on the side of the road so this is from now on.miles went 7.27, 7.33, 7.40.felt okay after it so i know that there is room for improvement next week.did a half mile home warm down.running three miles fast like that in a row can only bring me on.

  • 7 and a half miles long slow run. over 1 hour 20 mins. it was a bit slow but i felt really comfortable.I could have easily done a few more. plan to do a few more runs before the weekend and 8 mile long run saturday

  • 3.26 miles.first two in under 8 mins and the third in 9.45.very windy and i died on the third mile.crappy aul run.wrecked after it.

  • 4.31 miles in 39.22. average pace was 9.11. it was not a great run.felt very sluggish.hopefully the long run tomorrow will be better than the last couple of runs.

  • `did 8.43 miles on saturday.went running with two fast lads.kept with them for a while but it was two hard. 1hr 1o mins.greattime for me.tough going

  • 4.37 in 37.17.avg pace 8.32. lovely evening for a run.nice and crisp.went up a staeady hill about a mile long.enjoyed the run

  • 7.82 in 86 mins.not great.very slow run but enjoyed and felt fresh as a daisy after it.saturday morning run.jeez it was lovely.

  • 4.55 miles in 36.58.average pace 8.08.felt good during the run.can i do 13.1 miles in under 2 hours? i hope so.

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  • Took a week off but got back into it last week.4.15 miles on thursday and 11. 5 miles on for both was 15.66 miles in 2.18.(forgot to clear the data on the watch on thursday)nice long run.