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Import fees



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    apintpls wrote: »
    Just two points. Why Chinese suppliers want to use C&F/CIF terms? Because by this way they feel they have better control of the goods. It is a method to reduce risk of being cheated by the buyer at the other side of the planet.

    Secondly, they get around $50 to 100 per container at the end of the year from the forwarder as commission. This money is not paid to the company or factory, but to the person who is dealing with the buyer actually.

    The Control of the costs, I would think is the big issue here. The Irish importer is the one being cheated/fleeced by his China supplier. If the China supplier is prepared to show all the costs of shipping, including the genuine freight and commissions when declaring CIF value on the invoice, the costs become more transparent. By offering a low freight rate to the irish customer, this practice will attract the initial business, but will leave the customer very unhappy when the goods arrive into Dublin plus the additional CISF costs. If the customer is advised about what is happening, it should encourage him to switch to an "FOB" ordering process, and thus prevent any surprises on arrival into Dublin Port.
    The decision and power is in the hands of the irish buyer, and he should be educated to use it. After all, it is the irish buyer/purchaser/my customer I am soley interested in, and they can save approximately £250 to €600 per
    LCL shipment depending on weight. That's a lot more than $50 to $100 per container! Is the person the buyer is dealing with genuinely informing the irish buyer of the additional charges for commission? Is the commission being charged/declared on any documentation, and specifically the invoice? Going on all the evidence and discussions I have had with the irish buyers, and getting sight of the invoices, it is fairly obvious that these charges are hidden, and are not declared on the invoices and are not negotiated with the buyer at the time of purchase. The imposition of the CISF is a serious shipping cost and should be outlawed by all concerned. Also, irish importers are losing out big-time by not being given the true facts by their irish freight agents. As I have been emphasizing, the practice of the CISF charges is a serious cost to irish industry, amounting to €millions per annum. My aim is to highlight the injustice of these charges.

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    I have imported a full kitchen from China that is approx 8CBM and paid just over 1800 euros including shipping(CFR).The chinese built it/transported it to the port/loaded it and sent it across the world to this little rip off island for less that what they are charging me here for simply processing what the chinese have toiled to build and now I have been presented with a bill for over 1800 euros simply to get my goods when they arrive!

    Is the shipping industry etc ran by some kind of mafia or exthortion racket here:eek:?

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