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What Do You Think About Social Networking Sites?

  • 25-01-2009 10:53pm
    Registered Users Posts: 7,058 eVeNtInE

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  • Well I've actually only been on bebo for about 4 months and I have to admit that while at first it was all new and shiny and amazing, now I'm kind of less than enamoured with it and it's seldom that I'm on it more than once a week.
    Lots of my friends feel the same way and while we still use it to catch up, etc. I've got the impression that it's nowhere near as popular as it was...
    I guess people are just gradually realising that talking to people in real life is better! :D
    Also, I think that msn's on the much more convenient...replies are instant and there's more privacy.

  • I find them very handy for keeping in tough with people from home. And for stalking people! I probably spend as much time on bebo as here. I have a facebook as well but I rarely use it

  • I used love Bebo but I grew a bit tired of it after a while. Nobody ever leaves me comments - it's kind of sad. :( Apart from the spammers of course - I've plenty of messages from Haylie. Lizbeth, Tena and various other fake people. :rolleyes:

    The best thing about Bebo is that it's so simple to use. Facebook on the other hand I find very very clunky and hard to navigate. My favourite thing about Facebook is the applications - I love playing the word games like PathWords, Word Twist, Text Twirl etc.

    I have a MySpace that I go to about once a year. I only signed up to add bands and singers I like as friends.

  • I used to use bebo a good bit because I felt that I would be "missing out" otherwise. Used to be slightly addicted to it actually! That was from, say, mid 2006 to late 2007, since then I havnt used it that much although I check my page anytime I get an email saying I got a comment. Was going to join myspace but I decided not to as I'd probably end up getting addicted to it!

    Overall, I dont think they are a bad thing, so long as you dont get too sucked into them!

  • And for stalking people!


    Ha...yeah I think everyone checks up who their friends have been commenting :P

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  • I'm a bit over bebo now, rarely use it, check it every few days. In its glory days I used it a lot though and liked it a lot.

  • I use bebo and facebook. Only got into facebook lately cos I found me cousins in Canada are on it, so its handy to be able to chat to them.
    Bebo is grand. I dont know why people hate it, if ya dont like it just dont go onto it. Dont know how people love it either but sure, each to their own.

  • rarely really got into it at all. had my own profile iwth no pictures of me, or information about me, just a vid that i liked, and a pretty background. then i joined a band, and put some band details up there, and now i only use it to keep in touch iwth my mates back in ireland who i dont keep up with via boards/msn.

    for that purpose, it's quite handy actually, and i can give out news on it as to what im up to (eg, long rambly drunken speech about how i love you guys so much, and amnt great at keeping in touch,but i really do miss ye and think about ye heaps), or making sure everyone knew that i was moving from nz to oz, just little things like that.

  • I'm using Bebo pretty regularly at the moment for three reasons:
    1) I keep all my poems on my "author's page"
    2) I keep all my photographs on a new "Group" page
    3) The manager of my soccer team sends us news about fixtures/ match reports via Bebo

    I sometimes reply to comments, but rarely make the effort.

    Using Facebook a little bit too, but never felt any real attachment to it. I don't think I've uploaded a profile picture yet, even after 18 months on the site.

    The idea behind social networking sites is admirable, but Bebo has turned into a complete shambles since the applications and Bebo mobile came on board. Spammers are the devil.

  • Got tired of the old bebo.So deleted it.Too much stalking being done on me.Bye bye 20'000 odd views.I was a bebo whore.I am on facebook now and I like it.

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  • Its getting a bit old now

  • I have 800 friends with 4640 love and over 1 million views. Im better then you all.


    Thats how stupid they are.

  • Never understood the hate for them.

    They're good for a few things like sharing pictures and letting people know about events etc.

    Not everyone would be bothered with them, but I don't see any reason to hate, or even dislike.

  • One advantage of Bebo:
    they don't allow double-posts! :P

  • I have used Bebo, Facebook and myspace at one point or another, but I'm a bit meh about them all now. Never liked myspace, and facebook is too hard to use - it's just so awkward.

    Still check my Bebo every couple of days or so, but I can't really be arsed with it anymore... It tries too hard to be facebook - much preferred the odd bebo, before all the gadgets and shiney things came along... I was also like 14 and everybody used it loads, so it was more useful then, I suppose.

  • This post has been deleted.

  • Ah i like bebo...and would check it most days. its good for keeping in contact and seeign what people are getting up to.

    Not so much into Facebook though, everything takes to much effort...

    And whats wrong with flashboxs? Once autoplay is off you wouldnt even notice they were there...

  • This post has been deleted.

  • i have an account on both bebo and facebook but have found bebo to be more for the younger generation! love facebook. its a great way to catch up with people! have a lot of friends on it that i have seen for years! love the applications too....lots of games on it like tetris and packman and that!

    we actually organised a reunion through facebook too....a get together for a lot of very old friends who haven't seen each other for 10 years or so! on saturday night! don't think it would have happened without it.

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  • have to agree...but the young lads pages can be just as bad!!

    but it really has turned into a site for teenagers....well thats what i think anyway! facebook just seems to be more grown up or something!

  • It was so much better before they fuelled the social competition, introducing loves and making public how many friends everyone has, and before they just made it annoying and painful to look at with all the apps.

    Still use it regularly though. Yay for hypocrisy.

  • I don't like Myspace, bebo or facebook.

    Webtexts + Photobucket FTW

  • To me a social networking site is a place where I can write down a bunch of meaningless bollox. Some people seem to take it seriously. Good luck to them I suppose.

    I was never the kind of person who appreciates the social aspect of things.

    What's this? This attractive 22 year old woman is moving into my unspecified location!? She wants to be my friend? Send her an e-mail? [email]omghotnak3dpr0nndbigtitz1212x @yahoo/hotmail/[/email]!? Of course, maybe I'll say hello in her comments section! I have no reason to be suspicious at all!

  • I only gots bebo and I use it to talk to people who dont have MSN,
    But all the new stuff is rubbish, widgets and the like, so when im on the pc i use the mobile version of bebo, very minimalistic!

  • EmoMatt15 wrote: »
    But all the new stuff is rubbish, widgets and the like, so when im on the pc i use the mobile version of bebo, very minimalistic!

    That's clever, I should try that in future.

  • Sorry, I am way past the clearasil phrase in life and one of the older people on facebook .I find the whole messaging format on there very messy , like people leaving very mundane comments about ......nothing in particular all over your page .And I have dozens of people ,strangers wanting to be my friend which is nice I suppose but ,ah to time consuming

    Just as well I know some real people from my life on there :)

  • That is one of the really strange things about FaceBook, people from all over the world are liable to request your friendship at random.

  • An File wrote: »
    That is one of the really strange things about FaceBook, people from all over the world are liable to request your friendship at random.
    I suppose there is the option of privacy were you only make friends with who wish but you find that out after 50 people ask you to be your friends .:)

    People you might know is intresting because it puts real people you know in direct contact with you ,should you wish

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  • aine-maire wrote: »

    Ha...yeah I think everyone checks up who their friends have been commenting :P

    Everybody bebo-stalks ,some just wont admit it.