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What Are You Reading?



  • Seeing as I won't be going to the Gaeltacht this summer I've decided to re-read the various texts I was supposed to read for my Irish degree.

    So far I've finished all the stories in Gearrscéalta An Chéid (the favourite 20 short stories of Aisling Ní Dhonnchadha and Gearóid Denver from the 20th Century) and the essays in Léachtaí Cholm Cille XXXVI about modern Irish prose, and Cúirt an Mheán-Oíche by Brian Merriman (as well as essays by Seán Ó Tuama, Declan Kiberd and Liam P. Ó Murchú about the text).

    I'll be focusing on 20th Century poetry for the rest of the week, between Duanaire An Chéid (again selected by Gearóid Denver) and Anois Tacht an Eala and Léachtaí Cholm Cille XLI (both of which examine the works and influence of the Filí Innti, a group of poets who emerged together in UCC in the 1960s and 70s).