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Does my bum look big in this squat rack?



  • Hanley wrote: »
    THe 6 minute mile should be easy enough right?

    ...relatively speaking like.

    I dunno. I might put down a decent enough time, like sub 7 minutes, but it's hard enough to knock time off such a short distance.

    I think I'll get there this summer though all the same. All my best times so far have come in longer runs so aiming to be spent after a mile instead of 3 or 4 should help.

    Guarantee I end up completely gassing 3/4 of the way through the first time out though, I have no idea of how to pace it.

  • kevpants wrote: »
    Guarantee I end up completely gassing 3/4 of the way through the first time out though, I have no idea of how to pace it.

    A good way is to know a point that's a quarter mile from where you'd start and run it pretty quick - not all out but faster than usual and time it. That'll give you a good feel for the pace you'd need to be doing. Quarter mile intervals with 45s rests between for 6-8 rounds and build on the time/distance you run at 6 minute pace.

  • Your 250 looked sh1t by the way. Sumos are bad for running. Stop doing em.

  • Tri-annual update time chief...

  • COH wrote: »
    Tri-annual update time chief...

    This tomorrow.


    Will type an update with my chin wand afterwards.

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  • Did you finish?

  • kevpants wrote: »
    Right, the title.

    Well I wanted something different and one of the biggest issues to do with this routine I'm going to start logging is the ever increasing size of my moneymaker. And the subsequent arguments with Mrs Pants about why I have to replace my entire lower body wardrobe.

    I've been doing Westside since the start of May as much as I could in Crunch Westmanstown with limited facilities and spotters etc. After joining Total fitness in Castleknock in mid July I've been able to really get down to it.

    I've been keeping a log since the start however I have been so happy with things the last few weeks I've decided to share. No one I show my logbook to is very interested, they're more concerned with the smell of sweat eminating from the pages.

    There's a whole back catalog but here are my stats (1 rep maxes) as of 16/09/08 where I'll start the log.

    Age: 28
    Height: 5' 11''
    Weight: 100kg
    Bench: 132.5kg
    Squat: 160kg
    Deadlift: 190kg
    Turn ons: Long walks on the beach, open log fires....:pac: