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Upcoming Police State: New laws with e100 on the spot fines for being drunk in public



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    Boggle wrote: »
    None thats made the news you mean.
    Personally, having seen the gardai here and knowing how bent they are from personal experience, I do not accept that there has been any great reform of the gardai.
    Neither would a judge when faced with a non-scumbag so thats why this bill was introduced so that you could remove the discretion of a judge.

    I do however, belive that there are some very good gardai out there who genuinely believe in what they are doing. Unfortunately, I belive that the only way to help these guys is to cull the bad apples out of the force so that wanting to do your job does not make you a leper.

    all good arguments against summary justice, abandonment of jury trials and changing double jeopardy rules

    seems very copycat british justice system to me