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[Project] SFF



  • you forgot to list the AKASA cooler :D

    That is blue My friend!

    Blue and Orange?!

  • Its blue until i break the LEDs off it :D

    Just ordered \o/

    The Sapphire 4870 was out of stock so I settled for the Club3D version, The Thermalright Ultra Extreme was out of stock too so I got the IFX-14, its a great cooler and beats the TRUE in a lot of cases but it was almost 10 euro more expensive.. There is a 38mm gap between both towers so I got a 1200rpm 120X38mm Scythe S-Flex to go in there :)

    Here it is mounted on the IP35 Pro


    I have very little room to play with in that corner of the board so if it doesn't fit I will mount it this way:


    Got a 122 million and one in one card reader also and i will try integrate that into the build somewhere, I want to try and leave the front panel untouched so I will have to mount it on the back or in the roof maybe :)

    Also Im not using an Optical drive, I rarely use an optical drive so I will just run a SATA and a SATA power to the rear of the case so I can use a burner when needed, I might even be able to use eSATA?

    I bought a 4gig OCZ atv USB stick (38MB/s read) also

    A. Because I need a new USB stick and
    B. to Install Vista very quickly and without the need for an Optical drive

    I am delighted with how little it cost! The HWV order came to 490 euro, I got the Q6600 off ebay for 120 euro, the ram was on offer for around 70 euro and I got the board for "free" off Komplett as a replacement for my discontinued AB9 Pro....

    /me waits impatiently for boxes to arrive :)

  • Looking good man really like the design. Will the cover be fabbed from one piece bent around? You mind me asking how much fab + materials is.

  • It will be made from one piece :)

    I have a feeling the polished stainless steel will be crazy money but the standard stuff should be reasonable enough, anywhere between 30-80 euro i'm guessing because there isn't much work to be done, a handful of easy cuts and 4 easy folds. When I get a quotation I will let you know ;)

    The case looks really big in the drawings buts its actually going to be tiny! Definitely qualifies as Small Form Factor! Here it is beside the stock PC7 PLus which is a pretty small case anyway


  • Just dropped the plans and the skeleton into the fabricator, He said it will be finished by this evening, He had no mirror finish stainless steel so I went with a textured / brushed finish that looks very like anodized aluminium

    Will post pics tonight ;)

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  • Didn't get back to him before closing time, collecting it in the morning... He said €15 :o Pretty amazing price tbh

  • Collected the shell this morning and I just lined it up with the skeleton, fits perfectly :)

    Small preview:


    I have to get aluminium angle bar to strengthen the skeleton and build PSU / HDD mounts and a fan mount, and I need to get perforated sheeting for the front and get it folded..

    I bought some awesome Bulgin Stainless Steel push buttons for Power on and Reset


    Only 7.50 each delivered from ebay which is great as these can cost as much as 20 euro from electronics shops like Radionics because they are "vandal proof"

    Anywhoo time to start riveting the motherboard tray back in but I can't so much more until I get some angle bar

  • conzymaher wrote: »
    because they are "vandal proof"

    ima haveto prove that ¨D

  • papu wrote: »
    ima haveto prove that ¨D

    Damn country folk! Always breakin ma technology :D

  • New front panel design


    I might put a card reader between the two bulgin switches and move the switches for led / fan control to the rear

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  • Nooo. Dont ruin the front with a fugly card reader. If you have to stick on in make it stealth, the way the usb and audio connectors are on the tj-09 small little flappy thing.

    Have to say its looking good tho !

  • What if I put the card reader at the very top? That way it will be hidden by the hood unless you're looking directly at or up at the front panel

    Or maybe I should hide it altogether....

    I could make an external box that houses an Optical drive and a card reader that connects with a single multicore cable, That would be pretty cool :)

    Or make guides for the perforated sheet slide so that it can slide down 3 inches to reveal the card reader? So many ideas so little time :P

    *edit* Front panel with sliding front


  • i like that idea !

  • Thanks! But I decided to flip it upside down :) So that gravity closes the door... Saves me having to use some sort of spring mechanism to keep it closed, Went on a bit of a shopping spree today, Will post pics soon

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    I don't know what this crap is but it was cheap and i'm making the sliding rails for the perforated sheet from it



  • I was going to use an original panel from the PC7 Plus as the front panel and I foolishly assumed it would "just fit" seen as i have not changed the width of the original case... But, The panel is the same size as the shell so it will not fit inside it :/ So i just wasted an hour or so cutting and folding it...





    And after all that it doesn't fit and I cut my finger!


    So I have two options now, Get an original side panel from the PC7 Plus professionally folded, Or just get the fabricator to fold a new piece of Aluminium or Stainless steel, I suppose it doesn't really matter as the front panel will be painted black...

  • Ok I decided to go back to the fabricator and get him to make me a piece for the front panel, Its going to be made from thick aluminium plate i think, It will be mounted to an internal frame i'm making from aluminium angle bar


    Should look something like this when its done


    If the finish isn't great or if it just doesn't look cool I might still paint it black

    And here is the layout incase anyone was confused



    The 120mm fan on the HX620 will face forwards and exhaust / intake air through the perforated sheet

  • looken well.

  • So the psu will suck cold air for the outside, let it war up then blow it into the case ? Or are you going ot make some form of duct to allow the hot air to leave via the top of the case ?

  • T3pztw6pFRuo9-DZvT_A7EkUXy-pNEVWh9Shgu6_qzg#1

    Thats the current plan, if i have any temp problems I will make an aluminium duct to redirect the heat out through the perforated sheet.

    Going to collect the front panel / frame from the fabricator this evening

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  • That looks like alot of air comming in, but very little going out. But if you use low rpm/cfm fans on the intake and something like a 1200/1600rpm scythe on the exhaust there shouldnt be a problem.

    Id almost add a second fan to blow up to the gfx, and if yoru using onboard sound use another 120mm fan in place of the pci brackets to blow some more air out. Or you could seperate the top and bottom completly. Each have their own intake and exhaust. Cause that fan on the front is only going to be blowing warm air at the cpu/ram.

  • Yeah I might make that vent to redirect the PSU exhaust back out the front so the 120 in the front will be bringing cool air to the CPU

    I have a 120mm Noctua and a 120mm Scythe s-flex and a 120*38mm Scythe Ultra Kaze for the IFX-14. Hoping to get away with just those 3 as i want it to be pretty quiet too.. I dont think airflow will be a big problem, in such a tiny case even with 50CFM fans all the air in the case will be replaced every second or so

  • Ok My parts arrived today \o/ Inspiration to get cracking again :)






    Case with side rails


    IT FITS :D



    Back to work....

  • Looking good ! MOAR PICS! ! !one

  • Hi Everyone so its been almost 3 years since I updated this.. wow :D The project just got abandoned but after seeing the guts of the project in the shed a few weeks ago I decided get stuck in again.

    So, I wanted to build a Small Form Factor Machine, that could take a Full ATX case, a couple of HDDs and a decent GPU and I wanted it to be light and portable. Its made out of aluminium and stainless steel.

    I think back in 08 the specs were Q6600 / 4870, its now a Core i5 2500k / GTX 560

    Its almost finished now, still have to decide on a few things but Im posting from it as we speak :)

    I think its quite neat and tidy considering its size, it currently has a 80GB Intel X25-M SSD and a 1.5TB WD HDD and there is room for another HDD and I could fit more if I made additional brackets etc..

    The GTX 560 is a smallish card (9") but has rear power ports, I could fit an 11" card if it had side mount power ports. And I could fit any size card or even two cards if I moved the PSU up higher which isnt a major job but would make cable management a nightmare!

    I had a limited budget and the GTX 560 is the best card I could afford but its a great card for the money.

    Some other things that still need to be done:

    Proper power switch,
    Front USB

    Anyway here are the pictures:

    Heres the lower portion of the case, you can see my Velcro mounted SSD!


    The budget-tastic CoolerMaster TX3


    Here is the Stainless Steel shell


    And with the Stainless Steel Grill


    And here is the rear, I think this really shows how small it is, My engineering is a little rough around the edges, I tend to rush things :D That lead is a temporary power switch.


    And with the front plate that i may or may not use, opinions?


    Seen as the PSU's "kettle lead" is not accesible, I put a femal socket on the back of the case and this feeds the PSU, the connections are soldered, its sleeved and earthed to the case.


    Incase you were wondering how the HDD is mounted... Its mounted using 4 long screws, you can see a rubber O-ring on the outside and there are rubber "pillars" inside the case to absorb vibrations and give it some room to breath


    more pics:




    And here is a link to a Picasa Album, there are some additional images there.

    I know I could have done more extravagant things but I was on a limited budget and wanted it up and running finally!

    Im quite happy with the size, its 29.4 litres and the average mid-tower case is about 44 litres so its only 2/3 the size. You could make a much smaller case but I think this is a small as you can make it while keeping things relatively simple!

    Thanks for looking!

  • Gonna polish it up , spray it or leave it as is? Tis Lookin well! Glad you finally got round to finishin it!

  • Hey long time no see! i dunno what to do with it, It got a few scratches and bumps from being left around so I might spray it. Would be nice to get someone that sprays cars to do it as a nixer. get it done in ferrari red or something :D

  • You can spray it yourself, it's really easy to do. Lots of guides on youtube.