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  • 11-01-2008 12:07pm
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    Prevent Bans! Read the rules!

    a) In your post, include the website, the link, the date and the price quoted on the page - certain websites, particularly Dabs, change their prices regularly. If it a retail store, quote both the store and branch location, date and price. Also think about combining the item description and its link and putting prices in bold to keep things easy to read.

    b) This is not a discussion thread - do not post anything other than bargain alerts here or face the consequences listed in g). If you have a key issue/pointer for a very recent Alert you should really try to post it (along with a quote containing the Alert!) in the sister thread, and bear in mind that the important bits will usually be merged with the target Alert by passing Moderators.

    c) Posting an Alert or a response is not a license to chat either, any discussion in the posts outside of the items in question will be deleted and in bad instances may result in g).

    d) If you can find an item that has already been posted even cheaper, do not challenge that post. Simply post the offer again, with whatever you have found.

    e) Make sure that if you are linking to a better price than has already been posted, take shipping into account. Hardwareversand, for example, offers card slightly cheaper then Dabs in some cases, but their shipping is more expensive so the difference isn't very significant overall.

    f) This thread is primarily for components and items related to Building & Upgrading including modding supplies and upgrade kits - do not post listings for complete machines from Dell, Ankermann etc. unless they are both very cheap and have the ability to be modified to accept graphics cards etc. as they are sometimes the cheapest way to pick up a case, monitor, peripherals and OS in these recessionary times. Do not link to personal items for sale! This will result in h).

    g) This thread is for real bargains, not rumors, fake bargains with a catch, or scams. Especially Wish scams. Any posts containing the aforementioned will be construed as spamming at best and conspiracy to commit fraud at worst - in which case a permaban would be the least of your worries. And yes, anything from Wish is considered as the above. The app is way too unreliable and exploitable, to the point where any tech bargain coming from it is likely some form of attempt to defraud buyers. Mods and admins will not be allowing content like that here - this thread is meant to protect forumgoers after all.

    h) Anyone breaching these rules will be banned for 3 days - no exceptions. Needless to say, any form of malicious content such as scams will likely incur much harsher penalties.

    You can now post in this thread. :)


    Please check delivery rates to Ireland for any BA before you post it - an item costing €100 is less impressive when you have to drop €50+ on shipping to boot!

    This is a particularly serious issue with Amazon, as they routinely obfuscate their international shipping rates for non-Super Saver Delivery items. Be VERY careful as if you fail to check the rates manually for every seller (including Amazon!) the only place you'll see them is at the final checkout stage hiding under the Commit button!

    For Amazon BAs, check the Delivery Details of each seller individually and take notes of their Europe Zone 1 prices, as that's what an Irish buyer will have to pay for shipping! Some Marketplace sellers charge ridiculous amounts and funnily enough Amazon usually puts such traders "ahead" of others who won't try to mess you about.

    - Sol