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Introduce yourself - your setup, what you do, etc.



  • Yo guys!! so to introduce myself..
    in June 2009 i was introduced to the Bloody Beetroots.I was thrown into the deep end of the mysterious swimming pool of Electronic Music... i then turned onto Mstrkrft, Kraftwerk, Deadmau5, Calvin Harris, Boys noize to name but a few.. I then became really interested in how all of this music is made.. it helps that both of my parents a music parents! so i got a Hercules DJ Control MP3 Controller.. i started mixing around with that , which led me to my first "gig" djing for 14/15 year olds Christmas 09.. and i have recently purchased the M-Audio Oxygen 25 MIDI Controller...

    please visit my Myspace(s) :p at the Links below. thanks

  • S'craic.

    I'm new to the forum but I've been messing around with ableton for a year now.
    Sometimes something good comes out of it, sometime it doesnt.

    I'm into all kindsa stuff: House, IDM, Acid, D&B and a little rock to(but that doesnt come through much).

    My link should be in my sig if you want to check it out.

    At the moment Ive got Ableton and my Axiom 25. I hope to be getting a novation launchpad in the next few months.


    EDIT: I dont have enough posts to add a sig so: Soundcloud

  • Wayne

    I've been on the forum since I was in college. Lived in Dublin for the first 22 or so years and then moved to Scotland, before moving to North East England, have worked in radio and Music Production...and been fortunate enough to have been involved in some great projects...from a younger age then most

    At the moment I'm still in the process of finding my feet when it comes to the Production end, we're all learning I guess, and I'm also doing a bit of Music Journalism as well

    I'm also hoping to do an MA in September in Newcastle, England

  • Alyssa. I am no one special. Just a common girl with common thoughts. I'm leading a common life. There are no monuments dedicated to me and my name will soon be forgotten overtime.
    Sometimes I don’t want anything, nothing. Other times I’m unsure, questioning. There are times like these when I don’t care, careless. I’m going to float on fate’s waves. This is life. What’s life without having to rely on fate every once in a while? Or dreams, hopes & wishes? Life is almost nothing without them. Your life is nothing without you.
    I really do adore photography. I own a Canon XSi Rebel. I'm not just a girl with a camera, I think I have a good thing going for me. I hope.

  • I'm Chris. My music will be uploaded here.

    I'm a 16 year old student in Taranaki, New Zealand. Up until about December 2009, I was a big fan of bands such as Deep Purple, Metallica and Red Hot Chili Peppers. However, after going to England and listening to BBC Radio 1, and being introduced to the Gareth Emery podcast in January - present, my musical tastes have taken a complete overhaul. I still enjoy my rock, but at present I am in love with electronic music of all kinds.

    I've had indirect experience with music production for about 10 years. I played piano for 5 years when I was younger, and took music at school as a compulsory subject. Just before quitting piano, I was told I was the most talented student my teacher had ever come across, but never had the passion. Well, that was until I came across electronic music. Electronic music seems to have unlocked many doors in my life, and I avidly enjoy making music now.

    I use Acid Pro 6.0, and am hoping to eventually upgrade to Acid Pro 7.0 when my dad is willing to deal out some more cash.

    I don't believe I have any style, as such. I really listen to music for its beauty and the quality of the music making. If it sounds good, it is good. No matter what genre.

    Please check out my songs. I haven't been at it long, but I like honest criticism as it gives me something to strive for.

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  • what's up, im living in limerick, been trying my hands at production for around 3 years but not as consistantly as i would wish for (work, life in general)
    but have been into djing and all since i was around 14

    very open minded to most genres of music (emo, c'mon like), but my heart'll always be more into the electronic side of things, since i was basically reared on it....mainly progressive house and trance (sasha/digweed) in the early days...but yeah i listen to all sorts

    i tend to make a lot of mellow stuff, trip hop with my own tracks...but i hope to get a lot more experimental, which i think i lack in my structure of creating most of my tracks

    i hope some of ye get a chance to check some stuff out, as i think criticism from a stranger is a lot more reliable than criticism from a friend :)

    so yeah, ill be checkin a lot ye're stuff out on here too of course


  • Hey Guys,
    I'm french and i leave near Limerick since 2006. I left France where i use to DJ an awfull lot, in club and in Rave party. I use to play guitar in an Hardcore band called DTF(, after being in bands from punk rock to Electro Dub.
    I don't play much as much guitar theses days, but i still play bass from time to time, some blues on guitar and I own an indian sitar as well - not really good at it, but amazing sound.
    From the moment i came in ireland, i start DJing less and less, but played once in the Trinity rooms in Limerick - i mostly play in house partys...
    I have started producing by myself a year and a half ago, and experimented with a lot of different gear.
    I have settled on a Roland SH-101, a tenori on, a launchpad, an ipad with LiveKontrol, and a TR-606 - and a mac with ableton
    My DJ gears are a Xone62, a technic SL1200, a Numark TTX and a Traktor Kontrol X1.
    I've tryed to DJ CD's but it's not for me. I like Vynil a lot, but don't buy any anymore ;)
    started posted tracks on soundcloud something like yesterday !

  • Hello,

    My name is Bar. I'm 24 and I come from Dublin.

    I'm just all about music, playing it, collecting it, making it, I just love music. I've been trying the past year or so to make some tunes in different genres
    (House, Hardcore, Jungle, Trance) I dont have any professional musical or production training as of yet, but maybe next september i'll be out in ballyfermot college doing a music production course. I have a few tracks to share i've made and arranged.

    I have a PC I paid 1K for and its got FL 9 and Ableton 8 on it, plus some other sound editing programs. This place looks great with my kinda people I look forward to meeting you all!


  • History
    Originally 12 years in various bands (original rock, rock covers, wedding covers good, wedding covers bad, jazz, big band) on bass and drums. A lot of the time in more than one band at a time. Burnt out at 30 and took a break. Took up acoustic and electric guitar seriously for a change.

    Discovered computer based recording 6 years ago and off I went. 100+ tracks later and still going strong aside from a 5 month old baby enforcing a hiatus. Composing any kind of music that comes out of the ether. Fan of rock, electronic and acoustic. There are no rules only passion.

    Current setup.
    iMac 21" running Logic Pro 8 for production and Tracktion 3 for sketching and FourTrack on the iPhone for doodling.
    Line 6 UX2 sound card, gtr and mic input
    M-Audio Keyboard thingy
    Alesis nearfield monitors
    Mexican strat
    Korean strat
    Brand X bass
    Ugo semi acoustic nylon
    Washburn acoustic
    a wonderfully patient and encouraging wife
    mics and stand etc

    Don't need anything else except inspiration, time and space.

  • sham2 wrote: »
    Originally 12 years in various bands (original rock, rock covers, wedding covers good, wedding covers bad, jazz, big band) on bass and drums. A lot of the time in more than one band at a time. Burnt out at 30 and took a break. Took up acoustic and electric guitar seriously for a change.

    Discovered computer based recording 6 years ago and off I went. 100+ tracks later and still going strong aside from a 5 month old baby enforcing a hiatus. Composing any kind of music that comes out of the ether. Fan of rock, electronic and acoustic. There are no rules only passion.

    Current setup.
    iMac 21" running Logic Pro 8 for production and Tracktion 3 for sketching and FourTrack on the iPhone for doodling.
    Line 6 UX2 sound card, gtr and mic input
    M-Audio Keyboard thingy
    Alesis nearfield monitors
    Mexican strat
    Korean strat
    Brand X bass
    Ugo semi acoustic nylon
    Washburn acoustic
    a wonderfully patient and encouraging wife
    mics and stand etc

    Don't need anything else except inspiration, time and space.

    The wonderfully patient and encouraging wife is the best part of your set up ;) Welcome aboard.


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  • Hi guys currently using

    13" macbook pro
    Logic express with a rake of vsts but mainly use sylenth, albino and lowender and effectrix for that added punch.
    Korg control 49 midi controller
    Rokit G8 monitors

    Would mainly use nightmaker studio if im going for something and only use home equiptment to get a basis of a track down

  • Alright Lads?!

    Been recording for a year. Bought Logic 9 in January 09 and fumbled my way through it up until now. I started a new band back then and there is only two of us so i needed to record backing tracks for our gigs and then ended up recording all our tracks for release 'cause we're broke. Still not great at it. Have taken a bit of a break over the last 2 months as mixing has completely wrecked my head but i'm goin to have to get back into it now :/. Setup is as follows:

    Macbook 2.4ghz Core 2 Duo
    4gb Ram
    Logic Pro Studio 9
    Line 6 Studio KB37 for interface and Midi Controller
    Tannoy Reveal 6 monitors
    Phillips FA950 Amp
    Reason (Line 6 Version)
    Ableton Live (Line 6 Version)

    Some stuff can be heard at:

  • Hey all,

    Just want to drop in an introduce myself. My name is Ronan and i work at hoop studios in maynooth. Ive been recording since 2003 since them ive become truly hooked!!!Ive devolped an addiction to buying gear(musical kind:D)Here is a quick list of the gear i have...

    Custom Pc
    Digi 002
    Mackie Onyx
    Shure 57's and 58's
    Akg perception 200
    Audix D2x3 and D6
    etc etc

    I also teach guitar so, If you need any help with guitar playing, feel free to contact me:)

    Heres some links!/pages/Hoop-Studios/129737740431418?sk=wall


  • Hey guys,

    I'm James, 21, 3rd Yr Electronic and Computer Engineering student.
    I run a small home studio and live engineering company @
    Recently broke from a band, Bojangled.

    In the studio, I use:
    Dell V1700 running xp3 on a Intel dualcore 2.6GHz, 4 GB RAM
    Line6 TonePort ux8 & Adobe Audition
    StudioMaster v712 mixing desk
    Ev, Shure, Seinheisser dynamic mics
    StudioProjects & T.bone condensers
    AKG, Audio Technica Headphones
    Behringer MultiCom & Truth Monitors

    3 Rooms: Control, Drums & Vocals/instruments

    Currently looking into taking bands/artists/djs from the studio into an irish tour over the summer break.

    Barbeque/firepit outside(features a lot!).
    I do this semi-pro on the side of my college course and other jobs.

    Check out

  • Hey everyone... I'm Alwyn.

    In mid dec 2010 I took over Westland Studios here in Dublin 2.

    pic 1

    pic 2

    pic 3

    As you can see, it's an old school (and new school - protools HD) recording studio with a great desk (SSL), great mics (incl 8 neumanns), great gear (urei, ams, dbx etc...), great piano (see pics), great backline (mapex orion, amps - see pics), great history (U2, Bob Dylan, The Cure, PLacebo...) and most of all a great & inspiring vibe.

    I'm not too shabby at recording either I guess :-)
    hear my own work and decide for yourselves:

    The studio is available for hire WITH or WITHOUT me producing. If another producer/engineer hires the studio, I become the manager/assistant/teaboy, which I'm happy to do.

    Any questions, just email me [email protected]
    or call me 0879 668 333

    :-) Alwyn

  • Welcome Alwyn !

  • Hey all, I'm Mike!

    I'm 22, from Limerick! I've been playing in bands for years, with Supermodel Twins & Windings these days. I've had an interest in engineering and production since I started playing in bands, and I just taught myself along the way. I've done some live sound and basic home recording down through the years. Currently, I'm a student at LIT, just finished 1st year of Music Technology & Production, and over the last year, I've gathered a nice little collection of gear, basic enough, but it does the trick :) Doing a bit of work experience this summer in a studio at home too!

    Here's what I'm wreckin:

    Macbook Pro 2.4 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo/8GB Ram
    Presonus Firestudio Project
    Tascam US122L (Use this live with Mainstage 2)
    KRK RP5 Rokit G2's
    Korg nanoKontrol
    M-Audio Oxygen 61 (2nd gen)
    Akai LPK 25
    19" External Monitor (An awful heap of junk, but it works!)

    Pro Tools 9
    Logic Studio 9
    Cubase LE4
    Ableton Live 8
    A Mad Amount Of Plugins

    A few cheapy Condensers, Ribbons & Dynamics (they do the trick!)
    BLUE Bluebird - (Pride and Joy!)
    2 x SM57

    ....and all the bits that go with all the above!

    A few various guitar & bass amps, various stomp boxes, and a few nice guitars!

    Looking forward to learning some stuff here! Cheers lads!

  • I’ve just twigged I haven’t introduced myself here, so,
    this is my little set-up, where I like to let loose on, loose myself when I have the time to sit down after jumping off the mouse wheel of an evening. I’d done a city&guilds in audio engineering in the early 90’s. Got the bug then for sequencing and the idea of using a computer to record music, it was Atari ST’s and Cubase back then, how things have moved on since then. Anyways I’m plugging away on my own stuff (for the want of better words). Hopefully someday soon it will be fit for people to hear it.

    MacBook Pro 2.4ghz Intel Core 2 Duo with 8gb of ram
    Cubase 5
    MOTU 828 Mk2 Usb for Audio and Micro Lite for MIDI
    Yamaha CP300 Stage Piano
    Yamaha Motif XS Rack
    East West Complete Composers Collection containing: Symphonic Orchestra Gold, Pianos Gold, Symphonic Choirs, Ra, Goliath, Stormdrum2 & Voices of Passion
    DT100 Headphones
    Cheap amp and speakers – (to be updated as soon as I can raise the money)
    Instruments that don’t need electricity or computer
    - Selmer Tenor Saxophone
    - Yanagisawa Soprano Saxophone


  • Figured I'd introduce myself to all ye lovely fellows.

    I'm Stephen, I'm 16 from Dublin. I've been into music from the age of 10, with guitar being my main instrument, but I've strayed off to bass, ukulele, synths, and anything I could get my hands on really! I've basically picked up most of the stuff I know from either experimentation, being out at gigs or practice, and the internet. I've been building up a bit of a home studio too. Here's most of my gear:

    Packard Bell TM99 Laptop, 4gb RAM, 320gb hdd, I3 processor.
    Line 6 ux1 interface.
    SE X1 condensor.
    Sennheiser hd 201's.
    Korg NanoKey
    Schecter Diamond Series Guitar with Seymour Duncans
    Squier Standard Strat with Irongear Pickups and a few other mods.
    Some cheap SX bass.
    Blackstar HT-1
    Line 6 4x12
    Bunch of effects pedals.

    I need to pick up a set of monitors, a phantom power supply, shockmount, new cables, dynamic mic that's better for amps, and a few other bits and pieces.

  • Hi Graham here, havent been to for a while and just happened to stumble upon this music section ive never even noticed -Its Fab!

    Ive been fiddling with music for about 20 years now-started on an old Atari sequencer and drum machine then bought a Roland XP50 workstation and an Akai S2000 Sampler. since then ive exapnded a little. Main interests have alway been Dance and lately Dubstep but ive spent most of my time just recording family and friends (Rock and Solo stuff)

    I read Sound on Sound - and have done for about 10 years (Computer music before that )

    Im still only touching the surface when it comes to Reason so anyone who knows of some sort of masterclass courses between Wexford and Dublin i would be interested (Other than the €1000 part time ones available!) Ive done all the tuts online (James Bernard, Boy in a band etc)

    my current set-up

    • Echo Layla 3G
    • Behringer ADA8000
    • Behringer Ultra DI
    • Roland XP50
    • Roland Dr Rythm drum machine
    • Shure SM58, SM57
    • Rode M3
    • Samson Drum Mic Set
    • Korg Padcontrol
    • Behringer BCF2000
    • Behringer UMX25 keyboard
    • Reaper
    • Record 1.5
    • Reason 5
    • Phenom II x6core
    • 12GB ram
    • Win 7 64bit

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  • Hello,
    we are learning how to make software for use on iPad, iPhone.
    That is all.
    Cheers :)

  • Hey everyone, the names Hiska. I make electronica in my basement, my set-up is as follows:

    Dell Studio laptop 2.3 Ghz
    4GB RAM
    400 GB Memory

    Ableton Suite 8
    Native Instruments Komplete 5
    Too many different VST's to mention

    AKAI APC40 controller
    AKAI MPK 49 MIDI keyboard
    NI Audio DJ 2 Interface
    M-Audio FastTrack Pro Audio Interface
    Sterling Audio Condenser Studio Microphone
    2 KRK VXT 8 Studio Monitors
    Sennheiser HD 380 Pro Studio Headphones


  • Oh cringe. I just realised I was the first poster in this thread, 5 years ago!

    It's funny how I had such a simple setup back then. A couple of years later I had a ton of stuff in the studio including all manner of mic, synth and midi controller. (as you can see from my seller history)... and anyway now I've come full circle and pared it all back down.

    My setup now consists of:
    Apple iMac running Ableton Live 8 and a small handful of plugins.
    Focusrite Saffire interface
    Swissonic keyboard
    Novation Laundhpad
    Event monitors
    M-Audio microphone
    Vestax turntable

    That's all I need.

  • Hi, My name is Sean i live in west Mayo,

    My setup, Hardware: PC with AMD Athlon 64 x2 6000. 2 Gigs of Ram (can get tight sometimes). 500 Gig Sata HDD 7200 RPM. Seagate 500 Gig USB HDD.

    Soundcard: E-MU 0404 USB

    Midi Keyboard: M-Audio Oxygen 49 (Gen 2 i think)

    Speakers: Logitech X-530 Consumer speakers

    Mic: Studio Projects B1 Condenser Microphone

    Electric Guitar

    Dynamic Microphone

    Software: FL Studio 10 Sig Ed

    Amp & Stomp Sims: TSE Plugin's

    Current favorite drum samples: bulldawgsound Big Daddy Drums.

  • Hi all, Dave here. Trying to set up a little business in the ol' music industry. Our studio name is Licks Home Recording Studio and we are based in Dublin. We do recording, mastering and producing for all types of music.

    Me and my partners have been playing music since we were very young, from guitar, bass, keyboard, piano, to drums. And we have been recording and producing music for quite some time now. Only recently have we decided to do it professionally - as in, make a business of it! We'll see how it goes eh?!

    Sample music HERE


  • Eli Music Productions Ireland (EMPI)'s Summary

    EMPI is run by Eli Kelly of the band E-Li. With over 20 years experience in music, Eli brings to the mix a vast amount of insite on different appoaches to take. Vocals being Eli's thing you are sure to have that vital vocal sparkle you desire without taking away the essence of the voice itself. While certain engineers prefer the compression approach to the vocal mix. Eli has found that this can take away the real purity of the persons vocals. With the "simply is effective" appoach Eli delivers what is intended by the artist.

    All work is performed on quality equipment with quality results. We have the best mics and for that special sound we have four 1950's vintage mics. One Being the 1950's world famous Shure 55s (the original type Elvis amoungst others used). We also have a custom built isolation booth that boasts extreme comfort.

    If you need your music recorded or edited to a professional standard contact us today. We can create the right radio advert (jingle) for your business. We work at a fast pace with one day notice deadlines met for previous clients. We make sure your product is delivered fast with great results.

    We have created many Radio Adverts for businesses which have their Adverts played regularly on Irish National Radio stations.

    If you have a song that you would like to record for a demo or if you have a demo and need it edited to a high standard well we can do it.

    We also convert tape and vinyl to CD/mp3 with correction for any audio issues that result from damaged tapes or scratched vinyl.

    If you have old recordings on tape or vinyl that you would love to have on CD or on your MP3 player. No problem, we can transfer these old gems to CD/MP3

    Equipment by
    Avid (ProTools HD) / Avalon / Universal Audio / Focusrite / Avantone / Adam / AKG / Sennheiser / Beyerdynamic / Presonus / Waves / IK Multimedia / NI / Neumann / Shure Astatic / Reslo / Knight / Vox / Fender / Taylor / Boss

    Song writing
    Radio advert Creation
    Business key signatures
    Cassette tape transfer to CD/MP3/MD
    Vinyl transfer to CD/MP3/MD

  • We are a team of producers who came together with a new website for Beats ( Instrumentals ).

    Our setup consist of:

    - Mpc 2500,

    - Yamaha Motif XS8

    - Slim Phatty Moog

    - Korg D2300 Multitrack Recorder

    - Krk's Rockit 8''

    - MicroKorg XL

    - Se Reflexion Filter Pro

    - Se 2200a Microphone with Se pop filter & Shock mount ( We love Se Electronics products {recommanded} )

    - Focursite Scarlett 2i2 ... and some other few stuffs.

    We tend to stay away from computers, but back in the days FL Studio was our thing, we still use it sometimes though.

    We need your support, Please Join our mailing list for the latest news & a free Beat. Thanks

  • Hi, I'm Matthew AKA "Matthew laming", "Mymla" and "Three of Nine"

    I produce a variety of styles from Psy-trance to Chillout/Ambient. Been producing for around 5 years now. ;)

    Mymla -

    Three of Nine

    Matthew Laming -

    I live in the Sligo area. Hit me up on Facebook if you want to chat/share ideas ect ect [email protected] :)

  • HI my name is Duncan. I have recently moved to Ireland to pursue new adventures. I have a past which involves the mastering of CD's and Vinyl Cutting using a neumann cutting lathe linked to a pro tools HD1 system and valve analog eq's and compressors with genelec 1038 monitors mainly mastering for sony bmg music as well as many small independent record labels.

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  • Hi , Im Paul current set up

    Macbook Pro with 16gb ram , 2.3Ghz quad core i7
    Akai MPK 49
    Samson Resolv 65a monitors
    Cubase 7 and Ableton Live 9 standard
    Ipad 4 running Lemur