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Introduce yourself - your setup, what you do, etc.

  • 24-11-2006 6:01am
    Registered Users Posts: 3,852 ✭✭✭ condra


    Hate going first, but some1 gotta do it.

    Im womoma, from Dublin.
    I use Ableton Live 6 and various plugins and samples to make electronic/house/chillout tunes.
    Favourite VSTs:
    Albino and Battery
    One of these days Ill make the effort to put Reason 3 to good use.

    My setup consists of an apple macbook, a midi controller keyboard, some monitors, and a soundcard.
    Ive been messin with tunes for about 2 years, and have recently started taking an interest in the DJ and performance side of things. Im a moderator on

    The plan for my setup in the next 12 months is to ad another [more portable] midi control surface, a decent mic, and perhaps some rack gear or keyboard synths.

    Tunes available soon from

    I think monthly tutorial/discussion is a great idea. Some sample-tennis, competitions or online colab could be fun too.




  • I'm Doctor J, former mod here, gave it up because I started working in GS Recs studio in town and didn't have time to contribute anymore between the studio work and a "real" job 9-5.

    Did the whole C&G thing in Pulse over three years, part-time, did the ProTools 101 and 201 exams, I plan on doing the 210m exam in the near future.

    Home rig is a Dell latutude laptop, Digi 002 and ProTools7. I use Reason 3 a bit but I'm more into rock and roll so it's all about micing stuff up for me. Studio rig is a Soundcraft spirit 32 channel split desk, Digi 002 linked to a Behringer ADA8000. Despite the digital setup, I'm very into the sound of imperfection, recording charater rather than the relentless persuit of crystal clarity. I love the sound of old Motown, early 70's rock, real musicians playing real instruments and as little studio trickery as possible. I like a bit of soul, music is meant to move people, not make them sit down and admire the impressive fidelity... IMO, of course ;)

  • This is going to read like a behringer ad :)

    I'm using a dell p4 2.4Ghz machine with 512Mb (upgrading this month)

    My sound card is an Egosys Wami Rack (external converters, 4 in, 8 out, 4 midi IO, sp-dif, phantom power). It's about 5 years old now, but still gives very low latencey and I love being abe to see hardware volume meters.

    I run Sonar 2 Studio (upgrading to 6 for xmas) and FL Studio professional. I use rayzoon jamstix for drums and a wealth of freebie VSTs and VSTis.
    This week I have mostly been playing Oatmeal.

    I have Tannoy reveal passive monitors, and behringer eurodesk (mx2004 or somesuch), behringer patchbay, roland jv1010 synth, zoom 1204 (for singers headphone mix) on one of the auxs of the desk. My main keyboard is a yamaha DJX and I also use a behringer umx25.

    I have a jap strat, an epiphone SG and a Vintage Les Paul Copy, an encore base, a spanish guitar an acoustic and a banjo (which I can't even tune). I use a boss GT6 via spdif and occasionally a behringer V AMP. I've got a Fender pro chorus amp and a 10 watt Marshall.

    I've been involved in computer audio since 1996, and playing guitar since 1991 - I am still grossly incompetent at both disciplines. When recording, I flit from trance to oldies rock and have dreadful taste in music. I used to play in an original indie type band and then a rock band that played rock classics at biker gigs. I am now too old for all that malarky and throw shapes only in the comfort of my studio.

  • Here goes...

    I'm an audio geek (a.k.a. programmer of music software) by trade and a bedroom musician by night. I've also (very occasionally) created my own plugins but don't get much time for it these days! :)

    I mostly use software instruments and rarely record acoustic instruments, but my style of music suits that. I mostly create electronic music, in IDM, experimental and occasionally dance styles. My hardware setup is as follows:

    Dell Inspiron laptop, 1GB RAM, 2.33GHz
    EMU1616 cardbus external interface with onboard DSP, 16 in/out, S/PDIF, ADAT, phantom power, MIDI I/O etc
    Tapco S5 active monitors
    Sennheiser HD280Pro headphones
    M-audio Axiom 25 MIDI controller
    M-audio Keystation 49e MIDI controller
    T.bone matched stereo set of SDC mics + accessories
    MIDI CC knob box controller made for me by a friend
    Fender Strat + several electroharmonix pedals
    Crappy old bass
    Crappy dynamic mic + associated stuff
    Cheesy old Casio synth from 1981
    A djembe that I intend to rig up with MIDI transponders someday...

    Software used:
    Cubase SX 3
    Ableton Live 5 (for creating loops)
    Max/MSP 4.3 (for algorithmic rhythm patterns and melodies)
    Pure Data
    Csound (for sound design)
    Soundforge (for editing)
    SPEAR (for spectral sound design)
    NI Kontakt 2.2 + samples
    NI Absynth 3
    NI Spektral Delay VST
    GRMTools VSTs
    Waves Diamond bundle VSTs (mastering & post production)

    I use tons of free VSTs, these are some of my favorites:
    Dr. Fusion drum machine + samples
    Smartelelectronix Fitchsplifter, Sloper and Ambience

  • I guess I might as well lay myself out too.
    I trained in sound and music production in Scandinavia, were I worked as musician and sound engineer. I sing, write songs, play guitar, program a bit and stumble through whatever I need to in the studio like bass, keys etc. I've been working in various aspects of the live music/concert business a good few years and used to have a small commercial studio in town a few years ago with Logic on a mac synced up with a 16 track reel to reel. Nothing fancy but I learnt alot. I've also written a few articles for music magazines and used to review new musical equipment and write on basic studio techniques.

    At the moment I'm getting back into music after a long break and am putting my studio back together. My present set up is:

    2.8 ghz P4, 1 gig RAM, 180 gig system HD, 320 gig 7200rpm firewire audio HD.
    Reaper & VST's
    Reason 2
    LynxOne converter for input
    Benchmark DAC1 converters for output

    Nuemann KM-147
    AKG C3000b
    2xSM58 betas

    External hardware:
    Emes Black monitors
    Harrison power amp
    Groove Tubes The Brick
    FMR Really Nice Compressor
    Alesis Monitor 1s
    Sony headphones
    61 key Axiom midi keyboard
    Korg padKontrol
    POD XT
    Bass POD XT
    Yamaha mono-synth CS-10 circa 1981 (tiny but a beast of a thing)
    Rocktron intellifex (great hardware reverb!)
    2 x Yamaha PM-1000 channel strips taken from the PM desks from the late 60's early 70's. These need to mounted (anyone good with a soldering iron want a nixer?!)
    Behringer powerplay headphone amplifier
    Allen & Heath Saber 24:16 desk. High quality big old analouge console from the late 80's.

    Instruments etc:
    Lowden O22 acoustic guitar (Mon cherie amour)
    Yamaha acoustic guitar usually kept in Nashvill tuning
    Caraqavuihno (guitar like small 4 string thing I picked up in Brazil)
    Hohner active bass
    Violin body Ibanez bass a la Sir Paul (rear pick missing!!)
    Fender Telecaster
    Vester stratocaster
    70's LANEY session 120 guitar amp
    loads of percussion toys
    technics turntable-just in case.

  • Hey good idea frobisher, nice to see that this board is comin back to life :)

    My setup is,

    a few guitars, electric and acoustic,
    an m-audio audiophile usb
    A desktop and a laptop which may be used live someday
    Sonar 6, Reason 3 and Live 6
    Loads of soft synths and fx, native instruments stuff, fxpansion BFD etc....

    I'd like to see a bit of collaboration goin on on this board, say if a few heads have Reason, we could go back and forth on a tune , would be fun

    Maybe get a gig together for people who compose electronic music on boards??

    Who knows, cant wait to see what happens

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  • Sweet idea frobisher, nice to be able to find out a little more about the people who post here regularly. I don't post much but I do lurk and check this place every day. :D

    I'm currently doing the full time course at Pulse (I know I know..), my home setup is pretty basic; Apple Macbook running Cubase (hopefully Pro Tools M-Powered before the year is out), an M-Audio Firewire 1814 and a Behringer ADA8000. A Rode NT2 is as good as my mic "collection" gets. I offer to record bands for free at the moment to get some experience, my site is

    I don't do much electronic music but I do have a strange interest in doing orchestral pieces with Edirol Orchestral... :o

    Congrats on becoming admin frobisher! :)

  • im pete, ive been making tracks for about 6 years. i make a bit of everything, but predominantly eletroey housey stuff, but not the typical stuff thats flooding the market at the moment, i think meself anyway, that ive developed a sound that is pretty recognisable as my own over the years. ive had remixes out on media records and UMM italy for joy kitikonti

    my setup is as follows:

    Studio PC
    64 Bit AMD 3300+ studio pc with 2gigs of RAM
    ESI ESP 1010 Soundcard
    ESI M8U 8 In/8 Out MIDI Hub
    Cubase SX2
    Reason 3
    Soundforge 7
    Tonnes of VSTS

    Roland SH32
    Akai SG01v
    Yamaha AN1x
    Korg M1
    Novation KSR
    Waldorf Pulse
    Clavia Nord Lead 2
    Kawai K1m
    Control Synthesis Deep Bass Nine
    Korg M3R

    Other Hardware
    Tannoy Reveal Aktiv Monitors
    Akai MPC 4000
    Yamaha 01V
    Edirol PCR 50
    Evolution UC33e
    48 Channel Unbalanced Behringer Patch Bay
    16:2 Behringer Line Mixer
    Zoom RFX 2200 Multi Effects Unit
    Yamaha Dual Channel Compessor
    Behringer Effects Thingy

    Harley Benton Bass Guitar
    Epiphone Les Paul Special Electric Guitar
    Various Guitar Pedals

    DJing Stuff
    Laptop with Ableton Live & M Audio Quattro soundcard
    DJM 600
    2 x Technics 1210 MK2's
    Rane Serato Scratch Live

    my myspace is at:

  • I'm FutureMusicCorp with my music hat on. Its ambient/space stuff with a sideline in atmospheres for visuals.

    Very low level and cheap set-up based around a somewhat creaking AMD 950 chip and 450 mb SDram with the original Soundblaster Live card! :eek:

    Hardware is confined to a Korg X5DR half-rack module which I hav'nt used in an age.

    Soundforge 4.5
    Samplitude Basic 5.02
    Cubase VST 32
    Atmosphere VSTi
    Absynth 1
    Soundfonts (hundreds)
    Synth 1
    Energy XT
    About a million other free plug-ins (lots of MDA stuff)

    Music posted at and


  • Howdy People..
    Pa here, been messing about with the production side for almost 3 years..Used to play in a couple of bands before that..
    Representin the West Coast(Ennis)..

    My rig consists of:..
    AMD 64 3something processor
    2 gig RAM
    Dual Monitors
    EMU 1820 soundcard
    Yamaha MSP5 Monitors
    Behringer Ultragain Preamp
    Behringer fcb1010 foot pedal
    A Couple of mics..ones an AKG..
    Novation Remote 25
    AKAI MPD16
    Yamaha psr something keyboard
    A Bastardised Stratocaster copy..
    Epiphone Les Paul
    Takamine Semi Acoustic
    Korg Microcube
    Working on getting my hands on a kenton control freak..

    And I run:..
    Cubase SX2
    Ableton Live 6
    Reason 3
    z3+a..(why cant every synth have that midi learn)
    Battery 2
    Absynth 2
    Halion 2
    Waves SSL..(Quality)
    etc, etc..

    Constantly looking for collabs/vocalists..Im enamoured with live at the minute and looking to get into the live side of things..And looking to soundproof the studio..

    “The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum....”

  • Hey guys,

    Been @the studio stuff for good while now, built my own in the parents house. good acoustics and isolation and a decent booth/drum room.
    I think acoustics make a huge difference!

    any way i like a huge range of music as long as it feels good it is good :D

    mainly in to the housey side now though, tec/deep/electro/vocal/funky etc... as long as its good:o

    main gear is Dynaudio bm6a's near fields
    presonus control station
    lynx 2 4 i/o converters
    Tascam fw1884 converters/control surface
    Access Virus
    SPL Gold MIKE
    SPL Tube Vitalizer
    TC PowerCore & Plugs
    Wave Dimond or Platinum or which ever it is:p
    Rode NT 1, 2 , 5's
    Audio-technica 4043
    Shures etc..
    Steinberg Nuendo or cubase (depends if doin audio or midi/audio but there much of muchness now).
    Reason 3.0
    About 60 GIG of House/electronic based samples
    All the usual VST-i's
    etc etc......

    Anyway im in galway/sligo and would be really interested in collaborating with like mind ppl. Singers/guitarists/bassists/keys/producers etc..

    I play drums also if any1's up for the live thing????
    would love to attempt some groovearmada/faithless/moloko/Nerv/prodigy type thing just for a laugh or some gigs.


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  • My bedroom:

    Custom build PC:
    AMD Athlon XP 2800+
    80GB IDE HDD
    120GB IDE HDD
    320GB External WD HDD
    Line6 Toneport UX2
    Behringer MS-16 Active Monitors
    (perfectly sufficient for my current needs)
    Sennheiser Evolution 815S Microphone
    American Audio TTD-2400 Decks
    American Audio MX-1 Preamp/Mixer

    Maverick F1
    Fender semi-acoustic
    (unsure of model)
    G+L 5-String Bass
    A collection of older cheap guitars from when I just started out
    Yamaha PSR220
    (broken at the moment, had it since I was a kid but does the trick for me when it's working)

    Boss Distortion DS1
    Marshall Supervibe
    Behringer Bass Overdrive BSD100
    Behringer VTone Acoustic Modeler-Driver ADI21

    Marshall MG30RCD

    Abelton Live 5
    (Bundled Toneport software. Amp modeller, stompboxes etc)

  • Howerya lads!

    12" Powerbook
    Miglia - Harmony Firewire Audio Interface
    Korg Microkontrol
    Korg Padkontrol
    M-Audio O2
    Fender Strat (jap)
    Boss Distortion / Overdrive

    Ableton Live 5
    Reason 3
    Apple Soundtrack Pro

    I DJ with Live by creating mixes on the fly with 100's of samples I've taken from various MP3s. I have Reason running via rewire through Live, which takes care of my drum loops.

    I trigger the drum loops & patterns via the Padkontrol in Reason. I crossfade & trigger samples in Live with the Microkontrol.

    Hope that makes sense.

    I'm into every kind of music. And I mean everyinthg... But the stuff I produce sounds like a mix of Punk / Hip Hop / Breakbeat.


  • Hi all, missed this thread when I found the board first.

    Currently working very strange hours due to doing a bit of FOH mixing and alot of late night tracking sessions at my studio.

    Cool thread.

    Music influence: (I'm gonna name the 1st 5 that come to me, prob what I was listening to today on the way home mostly)

    Elliott Smith
    Curtis Mayfield
    Marvin Gaye

    Gear list:

    Neotek ElanII 32 Channel with full patch bay

    Digital Audio Workstation

    Athlon64 3700+
    2GB (2x1GB) PC3200 DDR RAM
    Two SATA bays for audio drives in RAID array


    Windows XP
    Samplitude Professional 9
    Waves Platinum Bundle
    UAD-1 DSP Card ( x 3 )
    PSP Vintagewarmer
    Various others blahblah


    RODE NT4 Stereo pair
    Pearlman TM1 Tube Mic ( U47 Clone )
    Shure KSM 44
    AKG C414-BULS ( W/ Audio Upgrades Mod )
    MXL 603s Stereo Pair
    Shure SM57 ( x 2 )
    Sennheiser e602
    Sennheiser e604 ( x 4 )
    Sennheiser e609
    Sennheiser MD421
    Beyerdynamic Soundstar MkII (One of my fav mics, keep an eye on evilbay)
    CAD e100 x 2
    AKG D112
    Yamaha Subkick


    Mackie HR824 active monitors
    Yamaha NS-10s
    Sennheiser HD280 ( x 2 )
    Remote Audio HN-7506
    Eight channel headphone ampage by Behringer. Actually not THAT bad.


    Lynx Aurora16 A/D/A Converter
    RME Fireface800


    Tubetech CL1-B (Mmmmm. The bypass switch is the 'suck' button)
    DBX 166 XL ( x 2 )
    TC Electronic M350


    Little Labs IPB
    Fender Twin Combo
    THD BiValve
    Ampeg SVT Bass Head
    ZVex NanoAmp
    Vox Valvetronix
    Sansamp DI
    Vintage Marshall 4 x 12


    Fender Thinline Telecaster '72 RI
    G&L Legacy
    Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail - Reverb
    Marshall 'The Guv'nor' - Overdrive
    Fulltone Supra-Trem - Tremolo
    Line6 DL4 - Delay
    Crybaby - Wah
    Ebow - Magnetic bow

    Nice to meet you all.


  • Getting everybody to introduce themselves, nice idea. Ok, here we go:

    I'm Liam of Carrig Sound

    I played bass in rock bands for over 25 years and am a singer/songwriter, guitarist and drum programmer as well as a Sound Engineer.

    I gained my Diploma in Sound Recording & Music Technology in London, and have done many other related courses. I've been working as a Sound Engineer for 15 years and hae recorded, mixed and mastered all sorts, ranging from poets, choirs & opera soloists, jazz, Salsa, rock and heavy rock bands, through to pop and karaoke.

    My last studio in Cork closed last August (due to subsidence). We've happily found a new site and the building of the Control Room should start in January '07. Please check out the 'news' page on which'll tell you how it's going.

    Please see here for Carrig Sound's equipment list and pictures,

    I look forward to chatting with ye all on in the future.


  • I like the introduce yourself idea :)

    Well i'm Owen from Kildare currently in Kerry doing the city and guilds sound engineering course through Fas,i would thoroughly recommend it! Very hands on and problem solving orientated.

    I use lots of different equipment in the studio,The Jam Factory, and in Fas itself so i won't list it all!

    My tutors name is Denis Loveitt.So far so good i'd like to think i'm learning fast!

  • Well I've lurked here long enough so I'd just as well do an intro

    I've been messing for years writing/playing a few hours a week outside work/family and practice as often live as I can. Old bird's side of the family has a string of guitarists & musicians I was pretty much the same. Started classic piano, went to guitar, did bands, forced to uni, work took over etc. etc.. emigrated from Wales 4 years ago ( sheep jokes, to follow etc.. )

    I maintained my interest in it all along & when the PC explosion took off & you could suddenly get all the keyboards you dreamed of owning as a kid emulated on your PC I nearly shat my pants. I was still running a version of cubasis bought with a roland midi controller & having fun. So I suppose the last 2 years has been 4 or 5 hours a week learning cubase vst, then SX3 & plugins ( and probably only now getting my feet back on earth after getting lost in the plethora of what's available)
    At this point I'd still regard myself as a bedroom musician doing it because, like angry people like to shout to release emotion , I learned music as a release at an early age & if I'm anything but tickidifeckinboo I've a head full a tunes and am a little unhinged until it's out.

    I've maintained an absolute minimal setup all along as money is for the family. A fast PC , a ****ty old controller keyboard & a decent soundcard with various real instruments around the house for the kids to learn. Now a audiophile Maudio card, I knew my way around every squalk of a SW1000XG with the DX7 board but gave it up & went totally software based as that card had too much latency & not enough sample rate.

    Musically I'm all over the place. I grew up with metal/punk, ended up in Psy/Goa trance land for years, progressed to D&B , then spent time in Classical Piano/Guitar & world music thanks to internet radio.
    I don't know much about the engineering side of production, the two tools that have worked properly are my ears & my creativity so I hope to post a few snippets & give my opinion on what I hear. I do 20+ hrs of listening a week thanks to my wexford / dub drive.

  • Ok - Where to begin (so i don't bore you all to death!)

    My name is Matt Laws, a musician of about 15 years. Into pretty much any music to listen too and analyse from a production standpoint :) - I've had jobs in music shops, studios small and large and lots of live experience in small and large venues (upto about 15k people), basically a good grounding in loads of areas in the industry.

    I've been lucky and also a hard worker in music always trying to squeeze the most out of cheap kit and have enjoyed the journey that music has brought to my life. I've gigged as a guitarist and Live PA (for the electronic music) also jammed in cover bands doing allsorts in many styles. I have a passion for shaping sound and making melody driven music and creating soulful non-verbal or vocal music - my main focus for making music is to create a unique accesable feel with modern equipment.

    The act called 'Binary Finary' is my current commercial project ( ) - this is an on-going project that is a platform for the melody driven electronic music. I also teach modern electronic music production techniques and dance music production.

    I play guitar, keyboards, bass and some drums and guitar is my fun/let rip instrument and my focus for learning theory and song writing.

    Ok, it took sometime to compile this current kit list :)

    Event SP8 Monitors
    TC Powercore Firewire
    Powercore NonLin Reverb
    SSL Duende
    Edirol FA-101
    Summit Audio 2BA-221 Mic & Line Module
    Rode NT2 Mike
    Pop Filter
    Guitar to midi
    Alesis DM5 Kit
    Digitech GNX3000
    Hughes & Kettner Red Box
    Steinberg Nuendo 3
    Nuendo Keyboard
    Musicman Axis
    Joe Satch Guitar
    Spectrasonics RMX Stylus
    Spectrasonic Atmosphere
    Spectrasonics Trilogy
    Steinberg Hypersonic
    Soundcraft mixer
    Headphones 1
    Headphones 2
    Echo Indigo (for live work)
    Edirol PCR-M1 (studio/live)
    Spectrasonics Retrofunk S.A.G.E. Expander
    Spectrasonics Liquid Grooves S.A.G.E. Expander
    Ilio Skippys Noizbox S.A.G.E. Expander
    Spectrasonics Backbeat S.A.G.E. Expander
    Vintage Cheapy nice bass
    Yamaha w7 (that paid for all the above kit!)
    [URL=" CTX PRO
    "]Laptop 1- (studio) [/URL]
    Laptop 2 - (Live)
    Analogue Monster - (stuffed in attic)
    Reason 3
    Virus TI

  • hey im Dave - im a bass player/singer/pianist and im in a band called Melophobia for the last few years. Not gigging much these days unfortunately - but writing some tunes and recording as much as i can in my own little studio setup. I just set up my own studio and i am currently trying to make a living from it - its great fun and i love getting paid for doing what i love!

    Heres a list of what i use.

    DigiDesign Digi002 Rack: 18 in/18 out, high sample rate, 96kHz/24bit

    MOTU 8 Pre: 8 mic preamps, A/D converter 96kHz/24bit.

    10 Channel Mixer: Used as headphone and talkback mixer.

    Boss BR-1600: Digital hard drive recording and mixing unit. Capable of recording MIDI and audio.


    Microphones: Shure SM58, Shure Beta 58, Shure SM48,

    Shure SM57, AKG D190es, AKG D112, Rode NT5a

    Sennheiser e840, Sennheiser e604, Samson C05 CL, M-Audio Nova, Behringer Dymanic Mics.

    Outboard: Alesis, Leem, Sony MD, VCD Player, Lexicon, Line 6, Dunlop, Boss, DigiTech, Behringer.

    Extras: Passive & Active DI Box, ReAmp


    Proccessor - Intel Pentium Dual Core 950, 3.40GHz, 800MHz FSB.

    Memory - 4GB RAM.

    Storage - 400GB Internal Hard Drive. 300GB Internal Hard Drive. 2 x 250GB External USB Hard Drive. 300GB External FireWire Drive.

    Screens - 19" Xerox LCD Flat Screen, 2 x 17" TFT Flat Screen.

    Monitors - M-Audio BX8a.

    Soundcard - ASIO Digi002, 96kHz, 24bit resolution. & Intel High Definition Audio 7.1.

    Graphics - 512MB NVIDIA GeForce 7600GS.

    We record all tracks digitaly using Digi Design's 002 Rack unit as our digital converter and Pro Tools interface. We can record a total up to 48 tracks and up to 16 tracks simultaneously. We have many editing tools and programs available on our Studio PC. The software below is installed and ready to use on our Studio Workstation.

    Pro Tools: The leading audio recording and editing suite in the world. We use the 002 Rack and Pro Tools 7.3.

    Reason 3: It's a virtual studio. Used for dance tracks, hiphop, samples, electric instruments, MIDI sequencing and much more.

    Ableton Live: Is a complete proffesional audio creation and remixing suite. Our version of Live is adapted for Pro Tools.

    Cubase SX 2: An alternative to Pro Tools. It can perform the same basic tasks as Pro Tools.

    Fruity Loops 3: A MIDI Sequencer, sampler and Dance Track creator. Similiar to Reason.

    Beatcraft: A great independant beat machine. Used for creating realistic drum beats in minutes.

    T-Racks: A great mastering stand alone application. Analogue by design, with EQ, Compression and Limiting settings.

    Massive: State of the art sytnehsizer. Can be used natively or with Pro Tools.
    We have a comprehensive collection of RTAS plug-ins such as EQ, Dynamics, Reverb, Amp Modulation, Multifx, Synths, Samplers etc...

    Wave Labs Nomad

    T-Racks Bomb Factory

    Waves Wizoo

    TL Altiverb

    Focusrite Antares

    Instruments etc....

    Sonar Force 2003

    Pearl Export

    Fender Jazz Bass 1975 Re-issue

    T.M. Vincent Piano

    Yamaha CP33

    Tanglewood acoustic guitar

    Earlham Pro Series II Saxaphone

    Electric mandolin

    Yamaha EV204 Electric Violin

    Yamaha DJX MIDI Keyboard
    Amplifiaction & FX
    Ashdown Bass Amp

    Fender Acoustasonic Junior DSP

    DigiTech FXRP6

    Boss Distortion

    Cry Baby Bass

  • Hi folks,

    My name is Enda, I used to play drums but now they're in storage until I find somewhere where I can leave them set-up permanently!

    My studio is a MacBook pro running Windows XP, cardinal sin ;0) I use a few bits of software and even fewer bits of hardware. As I run, my kit list reflects a lot of what we tracked down to sell.

    Ableton Live 6 Ties it all together quickly
    D Blue Glitch Chops it all up again
    [URL="Http://"]Reason 3.0[/URL] For Huge COMBINATOR Patches!
    iZotope Trash: Multi-Band Distortion!
    iZotope Ozone 3 Great Mastering Tool
    iZotope Spectron Spectral Effects, effect harmonics only if you want
    G-media impOSCar Serious Synthesis from a software plug-in
    G-media MiniMonsta Even meatier!
    G-media M-Tron I usually use this in Blended sounds
    AAS Tassman Brilliant depth
    AAS Lounge Lizard Have gotten some amazing bass sounds from this
    AAS String Studio For the wierder side of life

    MacBook Pro 2.66Ghz, 160 gb drive partitioned : 100gb XP/60gb MAc.
    Virus TI Polar Need I say anything?
    Focusrite Liquid Mix Outboard DSP processing EQ's and Compression
    Jazzmutant Lemur Multi-Touchscreen controller.
    Novation Zero SL with Automap Automap rocks!
    KRK RP6 Monitors Will get the VXT8's when they arrive!
    Ultrasone PROline Headphones I love these cans!
    Mindprint Envoice For those rare recordings!
    M-Audio Sputnik Tube Mic The best they do so far.

    As we distribute Focusrite, RME and Tegeler, I obviously I have heaps of deadly outboard gear to hand if I need it, but I mostly use Live 6 to get all our ideas down and the LiquidMix for processing, along with that short list of plug-in's. To be honest, the type of electronica we produce doesn't need much more. The Virus TI would eat you for breakfast and usually needs no further processing. I might use a summing mixer in the future but I'm happy with my lot at the moment, and when Reason 4.0 finally launches, I'll be as happy as Larry Gogan!

    Speaking of high quality tunes (!), a friend and I have produced some and we're copyrighting at the moment, I'll post a link to them when I put them up on myspace. I'd really love to see them used with visuals, anybody out there with some short films needing some music?

    I hope that explains my little set-up!

    All the best,


  • Frank Here, Known as the Biker DJ among Biking Circles, Have played at many MC/MCC Bike Rallys across the country over the years. Experienced in 70s80s90s. Rock, Metal and classic dance (Rave).

    Large PA Rig Consists. (6kw +)
    Crown Macrotech 3500 Driving two large Proel subs x 2400w Peak
    Crown Macrotech 2400 Driving Trace Elliot mids x 4.
    Crown Macriotech 1200 Driving mids/tops.
    DBX Crossovers
    DBX 2231 Graphic Equaliser

    1200 Smaller Rig
    Peavey 1200 Driving two full range DJS2 Speakers.

    Club Standard DJ Equipment
    Technics 1210 decks (Pair)
    Pioneer CDJ Mk 2s (Pair)
    Allen& Heath Zone 62.
    Final Scratch #2.
    Pioneer HDJ 1000 Head Phones.

    SF includes Moving Head lamp,
    Martin Destroyer Gobo x 3
    Various Gobo x 3
    Martin / Jem Technofog x 3
    Bubbleking professional Bubbler.

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  • Hi Im In Dublin

    I class myself as home project song writer, guitar and one finger keyboard.

    I use an mbox pro tools 7.3.1..
    Mac G5
    Plug Ins
    Samson Rubicon 6 monitors
    Condensor mics SeElectronics/akg c3000

    I got with it ableton and sampletank but just dont what to do with them??? I know there must be good resource for me there.

    I really would like to become a sound engineer but Im on the treadmill a 9-5 job mortgage etc. so any course is out.

    Im really slow at my projects because of my lack of skills knowledge ..

    any help I can get would be great.

    Now how Do I Mix and get the pro sound!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi, my name is Paul Brewer

    I'm a ex Pro Engineer/Producer from Tullamore in Offaly.
    Over the years I've made records with or toured with or played with or sold stuff to -

    U2 , I sold that Korg Triton to the Edge!

    Richie Kavanagh, I made a heap of albums and played on them!

    Madness, Toured UK, Europe

    Joe Dolan, made a few albums. May he Rest in Peace.

    Iggy Pop, European Tour

    Crowded House, UK Tour

    That Petrol Emotion, UK, Europe, US tours and played bass

    Something Happens, US tour

    A Blur/Gorillaz(Damon), A stack of Keyboards

    A Pixie (Frank), Stage Crew at Feile

    Christy Moore, Recorded and Toured

    Billy Bragg, Front of House

    Ronan Keating, Recorded

    Andy White, F.O.H

    Kerry Katona, Recorded

    -and many others both with and without Talent!

    I may make a 'Without Talent' List in the future....

    My day job is with a Pro Audio Dealer, Audio Warehouse in Dublin.

    I still do a bit of studio work , I've recently been mixing the Blizzards and Glen Baker.

    I'm an average bass player and a bad guitar player with some nice guitars.
    Have a look at
    for photos.

    Nice to meet You!


  • Hey ya all great site by the way,
    Run a small little studio called Blackhorse Recordings...

    I got some experience working in Vicar St along side some really nice engineers thanks to the production manager Ed. Then I Studied with Dave Slevin from Virtu studios. In between I record clients when I can catch them. Started recording demos at sixteen and up and began taking it seriously at twenty two when I took out a loan for some gear from Paul Brewer at Audio Warehouse. He is a sound chap.. At the moment I would like to meet people who would like to invest in renting a double room and perhaps setting up a studio ?


    . Digidesign 002

    . Midi Controller - M audio key station pro 88
    . Oxygen 8 V2
    . Monitoring Genelec 8040 (a) bi amplified active near fields

    . MAC PRO
    . RAM DDR2 8GB
    . BARRACUDA 750 GB..

    . SE electronics Gemini dual valve microphone
    . B1 condenser,
    . Shure SM57 X 3,
    . Shure SM 58 X 2
    . Akg complete Drum set

    Software -
    . Waves diamond
    . Pro tools 7.4
    . Reason 4
    . Sound soap
    . BFD 2

    . Media Formats / Samsung cd/Dvd +/- Recorder
    . Headphones 1 x Beyer Dynamic, 3 x AKG acoustics
    . D.I. L.K Boggo


    . Fender Telecaster (American series)
    . Gibson Les Paul (Black beauty)
    . Tangle wood TW 1000 Series
    . Fender blues combo amp.

    . Line 6 Bass pod pro XT
    . Line 6 Guitar pod pro XT
    . Focus rite 8 channel Octopre Platinum
    . Behringer Tube Compressor
    . Behringer Power play pro 8 (8 way channel headphone amp)
    . Lexicon MPX 110 Dual channel Processor

  • Hmm I wasn't able to edit my message to update it.

    Heres a pic of my current little setup:


    It would be cool if anyone else could post a little pic with their info!

  • Mm, thats a nice little setup! I have a 25 key axiom myself but a few more octaves wouldn't go amiss...

    I can still edit posts with mod wizardry so let me know if anyone wants pics inserted or any other changes made.

  • Hi, I'm based in Limerick.

    Started producing just a little over 3 years ago. Using Cubase sx2 and reason 3 and a ridiculous amount of VST's and using a M audio Key Rig 49. Have KRK Rp-6's as my monitors. Its pretty basic compared to most but it does what I need it to.

    I mainly produce electronic based music (ambient/club) but always try and incorporate as much melody as possible. I like doing other styles aswell and do short scores for films (imaginary of course :D). is where you can hear most of my stuff.

    Feel free to add me and introduce yourself!


  • Hey,
    I'm not very experienced in all of this but i do have good knowledge.
    Its only been a year since i had my first taste of production after doing a part-time sound-engineering and production course. This is where i learned most of what i know from.
    Apart from that i'm a guitarist/vocalist/writer/lyricist.

    Currently working on my first solo project which i plan to have completed by the end of this year. Its something along the lines of industrial/electronic/experimental thing. Influences range from NIN, Aphex Twin, Thrice, Radiohead and the likes... Gonna do all of this one by myself!

    My setup is verrrry basic.
    All i have is a beaten up macbook. 1.8ghz Intel core duo processor, 1250mb ram (soon to become 2gb).
    M-Audio FW solo audio interface
    Cubase SE (gotta get a new version of it)
    A SM58 mic.
    (though there's a few more stuff in my coll's music room that i sometimes make use of)

    and thats bout it. Trying to make the most of what i've got...!!

  • Trying to make the most of what i've got...!![/QUOTE]

    Aren't we all Bro! Welcome to the mayhem that is Music Production!!

  • Hey,
    I'm not very experienced in all of this but i do have good knowledge.
    Its only been a year since i had my first taste of production after doing a part-time sound-engineering and production course. This is where i learned most of what i know from.
    Apart from that i'm a guitarist/vocalist/writer/lyricist.

    Currently working on my first solo project which i plan to have completed by the end of this year. Its something along the lines of industrial/electronic/experimental thing. Influences range from NIN, Aphex Twin, Thrice, Radiohead and the likes... Gonna do all of this one by myself!

    My setup is verrrry basic.
    All i have is a beaten up macbook. 1.8ghz Intel core duo processor, 1250mb ram (soon to become 2gb).
    M-Audio FW solo audio interface
    Cubase SE (gotta get a new version of it)
    A SM58 mic.
    (though there's a few more stuff in my coll's music room that i sometimes make use of)

    and thats bout it. Trying to make the most of what i've got...!!


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  • Ok, here goes.

    I'm a solo artist from Celbridge, Co. Kildare.
    I've played gigs with The Frames, Damien Rice (some lead guitar with him too back in the day), Mundy, sang with The Maryjanes, and play 0xegen in 2005.

    I'm just got into the home recording on a serious level recently, and am working on a debut album.

    I don't need to record more than two tracks at a time at home, so this setup is really working well for me. I can't get over how easy working with Logic on Mac is compared to other DAW's I've tried. The Solo 610 is a lovely piece of kit, particularly for someone who doesn't have the experience or know-how to get the full benefit of a more fully featured channel strip like the LA610, an Avalon 737 or something like that. Getting great results with it on vocals and acoustic (seems to pair really nicely with the TLM), and it's sweet as a DI too.

    That's it I guess. I look forward to posting some of the new material I'm recording at home here for feedback!