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Roofer Pete

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    Closed Accounts Posts: 4,785 Dirk Gently

    Sadly recent events have forced the mods to site ban rooferpete and he is sadly missed already by those of us who have received professional building advice from him through pm's and by reading his advice on public threads. For those of you not familiar with rooferpete he was a regular poster on the DIY forum and was the man a lot of us relied on for top class advice. A lot of fuss has kicked off since his ban with many people angry that he has been banned and want him back.

    There are enough threads active at the moment dealing with whether he should be allowed to come back or not but in this thread I simply want an answer to the question....

    Is roofer Pete a legend of the boards?

    Please no debating the site ban here, simply vote to make Pete a legend.

    Is rooferpete a legend of the boards 49 votes

    Yes pete is a legend of the boards
    pete was a great poster but not a legend
    jdBluehairVokeslaykejhegartynetwhizkidPacificoL5kikeldellypatrickoleeFirewalkwithmebbbaldyphilologoskadmanmukkipaddyjoe18dogg_r_69DebracdThomas_S_Hunterson 34 votes
    Pete was a **** poster and not a legend
    tuxytbaskibumSeanie MCoolsmileygirlHuggleshiscanYeAh!justfortherecor 9 votes
    Atari Jaguar the Roofer!!!
    WhiteWashManmagpieTerrorFirmerArcadianThe_DazzlerMichaelAnTony 6 votes