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Guide to Premiership Football on satellite

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    Premiership Football is available worldwide on TV.
    I recently watched it on network TV in Canada.
    The Premier League website lists the channels that have the rights.
    Many of these channels broadcast on satellite.
    It's a bit long winded, but essentially pick the country you want.
    Premier League TV channels

    To see listings of specific games you should use LJ's website.
    it really is the best.
    L.J.'s Football on satellite
    Go straight to UK/Irish section.

    many people want to get more Premiership football at home.
    Here's an overview to how.

    Q: What Premiership Football channels can I get on my SKY box ?
    A: Sky Sports , Premiership Plus, Setanta Ireland , RTE

    Q: So what was that channel they had in the pub showing the match last Saturday ?
    A: Most likely ART but possible something else

    Q: Can I get ART on my Sky Digibox ?
    A: No. The Sky dish is pointed at a different satellite. It also uses a diferent encryption system.

    Q: What's the Norwegian and Greek channels that used be in my pub showing the match ?
    A: Canal+ Scandinavia and NOVA. Both unlikely to be there now as ART is much cheaper.

    Q: Is ART the cheapest?
    A: No. The Albanian channel Digit Alb seems to be.

    Q: How many football channels on the ART card?
    A: 4

    Q: Do these channels, in particular ART, have English commentary?
    A: Normally yes but occasionally when they don't the rumours abound that Sky are forcing them to broadcast in their own language for one reason or another.

    Q: What equipment do I need ?
    A: An 80cm dish (slightly bigger than a Sky dish at 60cm) pointed at the Hotbird satellite at 13 degrees east.
    A satellite receiver.
    A viewing card.

    Q: can I use my cheap LIDL satellite kit?
    A: No. The dish is too small at 57cm and the receiver cannot take a viewing card.

    Q: How much does it cost?
    A: basic equipment should run about €250.
    card subscriptions in or about €20 per month.

    Q: How does the card subscription work?
    A: You buy it off-the-shelf in a 3, 6 or 12 month format. It counts down to expiry once you insert it in your receiver.

    Q: My mate gets free Premiership football. How does he do it?
    A: Read the rules. We don't discuss hacking here.

    Q: Does any channel show free to air Premiership football ?
    A: Yes. Channel 8 Turkey sometimes. It broadcasts on the Turksat satellite at 42 degrees east. get a motorised dish if you want this one. you could also try looking for a 'feed'. These are signals used by broadcasters to send matches to each other. Eutelsat at 16 degrees east usually has the most football feeds.

    Q: What channel shows Celtic home SPL games?
    A: Polsat Sport on the Hotbird satellite. it's an expensive card to buy. do a google. Sky Italy have recently started showing some too.