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New project...



  • unklerosco wrote: »
    Not much.... I moved out of my folks place so have no space to work, got quite ill as I was nearly finished it and didn't touch it for 6 months. I still have the case and that in storage. When I eventually get my own place(renting at the mo) I plan to get stuck into it and get it finished. Would like to have it as a HTPC, so its on show. If nothing else it will go down as possibly the slowest mod in history....

    All the great mods take time man! Look at orac, it took a couple years to finish that.

  • Its been over 2 years since I started this thread... Was just reading back over it. Tis crazy the amount of gear I used to have... A've jack all now.

    I think i'll get my finger out n finish this... Will prob just build a low spec pc as a media server n to use for studying/net access.

    Now who wants to donate some gear!!! ;-)

  • I have a spare 650i board sitting around not being used. and gathering dust.