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18-07-2018, 11:30   #1 Niamh Community Manager Niamh's Avatar
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Now ye're talking - to a country barman

Our next guest is a barman in a country bar in County Kerry. The bar is in a small town which is home to about 800 people. As with all good country bars, there is also a shop and a post office in the bar. Drink driving is a hot topic that he can answer questions on as well. Niamh is offline  
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Did I leave my glasses on the bar?
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If a man asked for blackcurrant in his Guinness, how would you (as a proud country barman) feel inside?

Potentially I am way off the mark, but I'll ask anyway.
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Have you ever taken the keys off someone?

Have you ever had to refuse to serve?

Any fights?

Do you sometimes feel like a councillor?
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laoch na mona
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on behalf of patrons of small country pubs everywhere I salut you

what do you see the future of the country pub being
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What kind of a shop is it, is it one of those ones you see where people are sitting up at the bar which also doubles as the shop counter or is it a separate shop? I find the other ones fascinating being from a very urban upbringing. You'd see all sorts on the shelves in them, wellies, rat poison, rope, a hammer, lol. Maybe it's not that kind of shop.

More serious question...have drink driving laws had much of an effect on business there or on how some people, particularly the older generation make use of the bar?
Would they come less often now or are they more likely to come in groups (i.e. with a designated driver) rather than alone? The Healy-raes would have us believe that the newest drink driving limits will kill off the bar business altogether, would you agree with that or do you think it will have any effect at all?
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Is it practical for publicans to drop customers who live in rural areas home, rather than have them risk their own, and others lives, by getting behind the wheel?
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King or tayto?
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Are you on a tourist route and do you find the tourists do a lot of drink driving
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What kind of behaviour does it take from a punter for you to stop serving them?

Has your personal attitude towards drinking changed for the better or the worse?
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Are Dubs welcome in your pub ??
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You don't say a whole pile do you?
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What time do you actually top serving at?
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Do you find the shop and Post office actually help your pub business, A man calling over to send a letter/grap a paper and gets a pint when he's at it or would it be quite the opposite.
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Is every night a lock-in?

I swear I'm not a cop

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