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03-12-2020, 18:24   #61
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Originally Posted by Purple Mountain View Post
Calling DVDs "videos" in front of your bemused teenager.
Even DVD's would probably bemuse them at this stage!
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You criticize the fashion of young people today. You'd be right but still.
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03-12-2020, 19:15   #63
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When you drop something and wonder if you really need it anyway before the effort of bending down.
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03-12-2020, 19:44   #64
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When you know what a tracker mortgage is.
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03-12-2020, 19:49   #65
Leg End Reject
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When parts of your body start to steadily make their way towards your knees.
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03-12-2020, 19:55   #66
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Originally Posted by Mad_maxx View Post
used to be a hard rock fan , now i only listen to Lyric FM while driving

Marty in the morning is my breakfast choice on the dial
Same but with newstalk.
I've also moved away musically from death metal to more country music.

Oh and my beard and hair is going grey!
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03-12-2020, 21:25   #67
Girly Gal
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Originally Posted by Roots 2020 View Post
You're constantly looking back nostalgically at the past. Deaths of people like Maradona or Jonah Lomu hurt more than they should. It feels like a bit of your prime has gone with them.
Agree with this, it really does feel like a little bit of you has gone forever with them. Also checking the ages of the oldest players still playing in EPL, CL, world cups etc, to see if I'm younger than any of them and delighted to find out Buffon was born a few weeks before me.
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03-12-2020, 21:27   #68
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Not having to pull the belly off yourself everyday
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03-12-2020, 21:38   #69
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For me it is being much more conscious of potentially slippy ground. It's getting silly. I used to stride comfortably across every kind of muddy and stoney ground and now I move much more carefully for fear I end up on my arse.
Also my dentist looks like a child.
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03-12-2020, 21:45   #70
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When your sh** smells like your olfellas.
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03-12-2020, 21:52   #71
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Your favourite songs are on classic hits radio.
Young people's fashion looks strange. Staff in a shop say sir to you.
You don't understand some of the slang in pop songs. you have given up trying to keep up with new music
You look forward to staying in and watching the late late show instead of recording it
You have to ask a young person how to use an app or get some device working
Your favourite pop group has released a greatest hits collection
If you have have a fine pints it takes longer to get over a hangover
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03-12-2020, 21:56   #72
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Britney turned 39 yesterday
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Originally Posted by Purple Mountain View Post
Calling DVDs "videos" in front of your bemused teenager.
What's a DVD...
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03-12-2020, 22:20   #74
Purple Mountain
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Seeing the kids you used to babysit marry while you're still single!

Last edited by Purple Mountain; 03-12-2020 at 23:26.
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03-12-2020, 22:22   #75
Niner leprauchan
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Taking 5 minutes to get out of a chair and hearing numerous clicking sounds as your body continues it's decay.

And hair on the end of my nose, ****ing father's hairy genes
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