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03-12-2020, 15:34   #46
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when you ask your kids how something works on an electronic device
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03-12-2020, 15:36   #47
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You simply cant be bothered listening to the hard luck stories of anyone under 30 who has had to suffer the indignities, an underpaid unglamorous first job or two, sharing a house and not enough people telling them they are brilliant since they left home.
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03-12-2020, 15:55   #48
Canis Lupus
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I like to keep fit and I can't shrug off injuries any more like I could in my twenties. I sprained my ankle in September and it's still f*cked.

I also catch myself thinking from time to time that I'm passed the half way mark to the average age to die and that 35 years seems like a terrifyingly short amount of time left. I always used to think I'd never like to live forever but a good few thousand years wouldn't be so bad....
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03-12-2020, 15:58   #49
Jenna James
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Injuries, hangovers, cursing trying to get out of not up from the couch
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03-12-2020, 16:00   #50
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Having to use "classic" controller layouts for GTA and FIFA.

Also, defending on any football game after 2012.

Taking your 1st born for their 1st actual pint!(soon to occur round my way)
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03-12-2020, 16:04   #51
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You're constantly looking back nostalgically at the past. Deaths of people like Maradona or Jonah Lomu hurt more than they should. It feels like a bit of your prime has gone with them.
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03-12-2020, 16:11   #52
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When it takes you all night to do what you used to do all night !
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03-12-2020, 16:11   #53
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yep when I see footage of the 80s 90s 00s I think they were simpler times.. now I worry about the state of the planet
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03-12-2020, 16:18   #54
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Still suffering with a hangover from Saturday.
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03-12-2020, 16:25   #55
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Having a conversation in work last week about going on holidays back in the day and bringing travellers cheques and two girls at the lunch table asked what they were as they had never even heard of them
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03-12-2020, 16:27   #56
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When you go for run and 5 minutes in your watch prompts ‘do you want to record a leisurely stroll’
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03-12-2020, 16:36   #57
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When bending down to tie your shoelaces you look around to see if there's anything else to be done whilst you're there.
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03-12-2020, 17:22   #58
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Forgetting the simple things, like pocketing your housekeys before leaving the house. And lately, my hands seize up in pain doing tasks I have always before done with ease.
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03-12-2020, 17:28   #59
corner of hells
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Thank God , I am not alone with aches and pains.

I discovered, I'm fairly good at gardening and D.I.Y. too.
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03-12-2020, 17:30   #60
Purple Mountain
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Calling DVDs "videos" in front of your bemused teenager.
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