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17-05-2019, 20:58   #1
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The Great Irish Porter War

Gunniess family v the Murphy Family.

On two separate occasions I've had this happen to me in Cork city. First occasion was on a stag, Early morning going for the cure, fella behind the bar refused to serve me G, told me it's Murphys down here boi. I thought he was doing the whole cute Cork hoor act and I laughed, but the fcker stood firm,. Took about 5 mins of arguing to get my stout of choice.

The second time was at my sisters Grad in Cork. All the family out for dinner in a nice restaurant. I asked for a pint of Art and was told, it's Murphys here. Didn't argue, the next time I went for a leak I took a gander over to the bar area and noticed a Guinness tap in operation. Wtf?

On reading the history of Guinness book I believe that there was once some sort of a gentlemans agreement between the families, G agreed to stay out of Cork county and Murphys agreed to stay out of the Dublin market. As Guinness grew they reneged on this agreement and broke into Cork.

A shot across the bow.
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17-05-2019, 21:11   #2
Tangatagamadda Chaddabinga Bonga Bungo
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I don't believe you. I have drank thousands of pints in Guinness in Cork accompanied by thousands of Guinness farts.

I prefer Beamish for what its worth.
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17-05-2019, 23:53   #3
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Porterhouse Plain
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18-05-2019, 00:08   #4
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Ur mistake ya langer was comin to the real capital spouting your up the country ****e. I hope you showed you're passport at the Cork border and got the visitors visa. And Murphys or Beamish is the only way to go. Think New York prohibition here. Arthur is as welcome here as Brian O Driscoll and his jackeen ilk.
C'mon the rebels.
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18-05-2019, 00:12   #5
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Guinness really pulled a trick convincing everyone they were Irish
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18-05-2019, 00:13   #6
Your Face
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I got Guinness in Cork City with no hassle but I was wearing a Leinster jersey so they would have felt subservient to me.
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18-05-2019, 00:21   #7
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A pint of Diageo is yer only man.
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18-05-2019, 00:26   #8
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Pints of peroni are yer man

U will be drunk as **** tho
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18-05-2019, 01:05   #9
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Originally Posted by Dexter2019 View Post
Porterhouse Plain
That or Sweetman's. Lovely stuff. On a sesh I like Beamish though. Unlike Guinness it doesn't taste like farts after the 6th pint.
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18-05-2019, 01:54   #10
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They don't seem to have a problem selling Guinness and Diageo products around the Jazz Festival in Cork.

Never had a problem ordering a Guinness there either at any time, maybe it's just you OP?
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18-05-2019, 01:55   #11
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100% made up story.
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18-05-2019, 02:00   #12
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Beer? I like beer.
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18-05-2019, 02:11   #13
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So you're saying some pubs in Cork buying Guinness but refuse to serve it?

Don't see the business logic there tbh
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18-05-2019, 03:13   #14
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Originally Posted by fonecrusher1 View Post
100% made up story.
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18-05-2019, 03:22   #15
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Originally Posted by Tangatagamadda Chaddabinga Bonga Bungo View Post
I prefer Beamish for what its worth.
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