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26-03-2018, 18:03   #31
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Originally Posted by Supercell View Post
Loving it so far, zoomable rainfall radar is great.

Are you planning on implementing precip types? - are these snow patches over Wicklow or coverage gaps/glitches?

The pink bits? Those are army firing ranges, Glen of Imaal and Kilbride.
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26-03-2018, 18:23   #32
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I like the csv download of current observations, but is there any API for historical data? Perhaps another way to retrieve machine readable current conditions for a specific location?

Does the CSO provide any historical weather data?

Anyway, my initial impression using chrome on my android phone is that the homepage displays too much data and perhaps needs more organisation.

Overall though, a great improvement.
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26-03-2018, 19:09   #33
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First glance - I love it. I really like it.

It's a much fresher look and the things that I'd go to click on first are there on the home page (RADAR and short range forecasts). Images load very quickly from that right-hand menu, so it feels really nice to use.

Well done and thank you!
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26-03-2018, 19:17   #34
Irish Steve
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Just had a quick look at the front page, the only thing that stands out during that quick look is that for the location marker on the weather radar, which is a good idea, it would be better to use something other than the same blue as is used for rainfall, and on the further out zoom, it wouldn't hurt for it to be a bit smaller. I realise the colour choice may be restricted due to the wide range used for different rainfall, but the blue is probably the most common of them all.

An option to go for a longer radar time period with a longer time interval would also be nice, in order to be able to get a longer picture of the movement of weather systems.

I will look further as I get time.

Overall impression though it that this could be a good upgrade.
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26-03-2018, 19:20   #35
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Very, very nice. A huge improvement on the old, well laid out and simple to use. All the graphics look great.
Works perfectly in Chrome and on Mobile.

A couple of tidbits from me though that would work a bit better:

-font is a bit large, nothing that Ctrl+Scroll won't fix but default should maybe be a little smaller.
-rainfall radar - is it possible to have the high-res?
-layout on homepage; would be nice to see maybe latest recorded TV forecast up top (similar to UKMO, maybe with off-air videos produced also?) with radar + IR sat side by side above or below this.
-the blue is great, a lot of it though so maybe change up the colour of the navbar and add accent colours just to brighten things up a little.

Otherwise, I'm sold. Great stuff.
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26-03-2018, 19:25   #36
Donegal Storm
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Originally Posted by igCorcaigh View Post
I like the csv download of current observations, but is there any API for historical data? Perhaps another way to retrieve machine readable current conditions for a specific location?

Does the CSO provide any historical weather data?

Anyway, my initial impression using chrome on my android phone is that the homepage displays too much data and perhaps needs more organisation.

Overall though, a great improvement.
I actually emailed them last week asking about an API, there's none available but csv's with entire station histories are available on the historical data page. I'm considering trying to put a database together though it'd be very tedious work to get up and running and I just don't have the time right now. Would be an interesting project though with plenty of possibilities
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26-03-2018, 20:05   #37
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A quick look and i love it but the radar needs to be the same as the Hi-Res one they show on Twitter. Great to have 5 min updates though. Great improvements overall.Well done to all involved
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26-03-2018, 20:19   #38
Oneiric 3
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I actually had no problem with the 'old' site While some may have considered it 'archaic' and 90s looking, I liked the consistency and reliability of it, and it has become like an old friend in a way. And it also contained charts and radar that had a distinctive high quality look that you would never hope get on third party commercial sites.

Anyway, my pros and cons for the new site:


Really like the idea including local based meteograms

The ability to download current and recent data is a great new feature.

Zoomable forecast charts.

Some petty cons:

The loss of the daily Atlantic frontal charts + the 3 hour forecast maps.

The loss of the clean looking, minimal radar with green land/ blue sea. Probably on my own here, but I think inclusion of roads/town names etc on the map just makes it look more cluttered.

The overall colour scheme. Have grown to love the traditional and distinctive light gradient greens of the Met Éireann brand.

As much as I love the Dubs and Dublin itself, but despite entering my location, I still get a visual historic report for Dublin Airport on the top of the current/yesterday's weather page when I click on them.

List of first world problems complete.
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26-03-2018, 20:22   #39
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Love it and having rainfall radar on front page is a real bonus.
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26-03-2018, 20:30   #40
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Any chance we could have more NWP data from the ECMWF on the site?

The Icelandic Meteorological Agency has this freely available to the public for the North Atlantic on their website.

I'd also like to see the temperature at 850 hpa height as this is far more intuitive for deciphering different air masses. You could put a good few other parameters in there as well.

Otherwise it's fine. Just that lack of extra NWP data is disappointing.

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26-03-2018, 20:33   #41
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I like it. Better than I expected for a beta version. Love that we finally have Belfast radar coverage, and 5 minute updates are great too.

Can we get the two "step" forward/back buttons on either side of the play button like on the old radar page? I know there's a slider now, which is is nice to have, but the buttons are much easier to use when tracking shower trajectories.
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26-03-2018, 20:38   #42
Gaoth Laidir
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On the new site I can't find that hourly Marine surface analysis chart that is on the old site here

Also, it would be nice to have the regional airport reports too. I know they're metars and Donegal and Kerry are part time, but it should be no problem to incorporate their metars into the Current Observations table, when available. Most of all, a clickable map of the stations to bring up their data is a must and is standard in most other countries.
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26-03-2018, 21:15   #43
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Just on the surface level pressure charts - i'm not sure the focus is correct. Probably should be zoomed out more with greater emphasis on the Atlantic... is offline  
26-03-2018, 21:29   #44
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Looks great. Animated rain radar is a big improvement
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26-03-2018, 21:39   #45
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I only ever use the Android app.
I mostly use it for the radar. Very handy when out and about and you want to see when the rain is coming. I also look at the regional forecast and the temperature.

On a Galaxy S8 I have been having scrolling issues where the screen jumps back up when I scroll down the app.
No issues with other apps.

It would be nice if the app had rainfall amounts in the Latest Reports section but with the totals over a day/week/month/year and the ability to compare with other stations.

Thanks and best of luck.
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