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Lindybeige has some good historical/military talks - less of a fan of the nerdier stuff.
Numberphile for mathsy videos - more interesting than you'd expect.
As is Simon Roper - linguistics, emphasis on Old English, again something different to try.
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Originally Posted by blaris View Post
Lindybeige has some good historical/military talks - less of a fan of the nerdier stuff.
I don't really trust his takes on things.
Tod's workshop has some gems of videos if you like that especially when he gets actual scholars such as the guy from the Wallace Collection on. This video is interesting if you watch historic TV shows and films.

I also forgot in my previous post to mention Steve1989MRE and his strangely hypnotic reviews of military packed meals.

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Originally Posted by humberklog View Post
Steve Wallis is great. He's Canadian and does stealth camping vids. But his idea of bush craft is buying a bale of logs and lighting them with a blow torch. He usually does a video a week and is well worth watching for some good, clean wholesome fun.

Regular Car Reviews, 2 Pennsylvanian chaps reviewing regular cars.

Bald and Bankrupt is repetitive but still can be interesting. He wanders around old Soviet countries and towns filming his interactions. He's fluent enough in Russian too which gives a good insight into the everyday people.
I prefer his new Daily Bald channel, shorter videos and seems to be more spontaneous. He is in Uzbekistan now which has been interesting. I preferred his videos in India to the ones in Eastern Europe. Same with Harold, always thought he made much better content in Asia than in Europe.

Vagrant Travel is my favorite travel YouTube channel at the moment. American guy who goes to (mostly) Western Europe and sleeps rough, same guy who made the surveillance camera man videos way back in the day. This channel is far less ethically dubious but he still has a great eye for interesting day to day goings on. His video from the Seattle riots was brilliant.
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The Behavior panel - 4 professional body language and behavior experts analyze the behavior and body language of pop culture figure and famous interviews.

Soft white underbelly - A documentary maker interviews homeless people, drug addicts, sex workers, pimps, gang members and destitute people living in areas like skid row LA

Trash theory - Short historical documentary films about musicians, bands and music genres.

Blank on Blank - Short animated videos of famous lost interview recordings.

Sali hughes in the Bathroom - Sali hughes interviews well known makeup artists and people in the fashion & makeup industry.
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Ever check out the videos of Abandoned Places? Some of them are very interesting and its a well established niche hobby followed by a lot of people. A whole variety of areas like empty schools, offices, supermarkets are explored by enthusiasts of this hobby who normally film the whole area and you get to see what was left behind before these places went bankrupt or just faded away.

Most of the locations are set in bigger countries like the USA and the quality of the hosts can range from engaging with clever camera skills to extremely annoying "Sick" characters who fling the camera around every millisecond so you cant see a thing. And if you are wondering what the hell could be so entertaining about a 10yr old supermarket aisle littered with beer cans and grafitti, i was that soldier! But stick with it and they can be quite intetesting.

I think there is an irish one where a few D4 kids break into a kip of an old factory/units but its very amateur and there is no danger of getting caught by the Guards, they couldnt care less!
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Jim browning.
Mark Rober.
Car cleaning guru
Linus tech tips.
That pedal show.
Premier guitar
Rick Beato
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It depends what you like

Itchy Boots: She travels the world on her motorcycle and is just a really lovely interesting positive human being.

Matt D'Avella: Very popular, creates videos on productivity, life and minimalism.

Clarence Kennedy: Very strong Irish Olympic lifter from Kerry.

Chris Williamson: Interesting musings on people from various walks of life on productivity, philosophy and life hacks etc.,

Abroad in Japan: Sarcastic British guy living in Japan who films some nice videos on the country.

kermodeandmayo: Film reviews.

Nathaniel Drew: Kind of like Matt D'Avella but a little younger and living in Paris.
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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

Great channel if you enjoy science or explanations on politics
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Topgear on Dave
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Plainly Difficult if you like going deep into nuclear accidents, Scott Manley for space stuff.
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ETTV lots of videos of street food being cooked in Asia, mostly South Korea. No talking, just cooking some weird and mostly nice looking stuff in stalls or cafes.

Primitive Technology A guy in the jungle somewhere in Australia uses Stone age techniques to build things. No narration either, by worth putting captions on.
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If you're into exotic cars from the 60s 70s or 80s Ian Tyrrell restores some beautiful examples and takes some out for a drive after repair. Really interesting guy with a very technical brain.

There's nothing about old Lambos or Ferraris that he doesn't know.

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This is a good channel, he takes a little bit of getting used to but seems a cool guy (he ways mate way way to much)

I like a lot of stuff on pro wrestling by Whatculture, Wrestlelamia and others. Some of the Travel and event vlogs are great too

This is a great channel and can be quite addictive

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Scammer Payback
Jim Browning are my go to guys for dealing with Scammers

Karl Rock
Travels India uncovering scams and behaviour
Flossy Carter Tech Reviews
What culture and Wrestlelamia
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For restorations & theraputic watching:

My Mechanics His skill & attention to tiny detail would just sicken your arse, but absolutely compulsive viewing; he has set the benchmark for all the other restorers on YT.

For computers & such:

Explaining Computers A proper nerdy teaching channel by a proper nerdy teachery-type All sorts of tech stuff simply explained.

My Mate Vince Another nerdy type channel, amateur have-a-go fix it channel. He's so happy when he figures out how something works & manages to fix it.

And as mentioned before:

The Lock Picking Lawyer
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