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26-03-2018, 12:56   #16
Gaoth Laidir
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It's a nice change, and I like the new content on a lot of the pages (e.g. airport photos, etc.).

Just a couple of comments:

- It seems very zoomed-in, with a lot of scrolling required. Slightly smaller images and text may make it more user-friendly (but I'm nitpicking here).
- To have non-rounded temperatures would be great, and also to have dewpoints in there too.
- The homepage has all the NWP parameters (rain, wind, temperature, pressure), but these can't be accessed from the Forecasts page (as far as I can make out). You have to click back to the homepage to get them.
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26-03-2018, 13:26   #17
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Originally Posted by MetEireann View Post
Hi guys,

We have released the link to our new Met Éireann website, available from the link at

This is still a beta site and both websites will be running for a period with all products produced as normal but current site will be eventually be replaced by this new site.

New iOS and android app will be released probably around the changeover too.

This site is still under some development.
There's an issue with radar length and meteogram times at the moment, possibly due to UTC times so bear with us today!

Feedback welcome!

I would say your front page has too much data on it.
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26-03-2018, 13:33   #18
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Great improvement overall and the Meteogram is a great idea. The fact that it is responsive rather a very basic mobile version is a huge improvement.

I do hope the final version will be hosted in Ireland rather than in the UK

I would question the Rain Radar image and the chosen colour legend though.

Analysis below

Version 5: which is in use on current live site is very hard to distinguish between rainfall intensity

Version 2: in my opinion was the best version and made it very easy to distinguish between rainfall intensity

Version 3: Which appears closest to the version being used on beta site is better than 5 but still not as clear as 2

The current version is better than 5 but not as good as 2 or even 3
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26-03-2018, 13:37   #19
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Actually to follow up that the version you tweet is probably the best version and closest to version 2:
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26-03-2018, 13:41   #20
Gravity is a harsh mistress
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Really like the new site. My only comments are on the forecast - on the current site I would normally go for a day of the week, and then jump between the wind, precipitation and temperature forecast. Each time you move to a new section then the time jumps back.
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26-03-2018, 13:42   #21
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I like it in general, great job, few quick points

- Map needs county boundaries if possible. Or enable the option to show a satellite view if the user wants. (never mind, spotted its osm so its whatever it can show)
- Any chance you could use larger fonts, they can't quite see it from the ISS... more seriously, your fonts are very large. I had to check chrome to see if I had set it to 110%. If it were me, I'd nudge them down a point or two.
- Speed up the animation on the rainfall radar, its glacial.

Works nicely:
- Worked nicely on the ipad also, picked up my location and the home page defaults to that data. (again large fonts though, makes it feel zoomed in)
- Site loads fast
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26-03-2018, 13:51   #22
Tae laidir
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Well done.
Couple of suggestions.
Forecast overview to include temperature.
No search facility.
Cloud cover/sunshine?
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26-03-2018, 14:09   #23
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Excellent upgrade!

Just a couple of comments on the rainfall radar
  • Possible to have more history on the radar?  The current 6 hours is very handy for predicting showers.
  • Ability to drag the slider and see image update would be great, or even a speed control for updates (as mentioned in earlier posts).
  • Would also agree with earlier post RE colour coding of rainfall intensity - the clearer the differentiation the better.
Great job all in all.
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26-03-2018, 14:14   #24
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its great,I like the colour, maybe the font is a bit large.

How about you take part in the the monthly Forecasting competition.
link to march
March Link

You obviously have missed three months but you could get in now for April and you never know, if your good at forecasting you could win....
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26-03-2018, 14:33   #25
I speak fluent sarcasm
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Waves are missing from the forecasting.
Satellite/forecasts/rainfall images are too big. I need to scroll on my screen to view the entire image, running on the default macbook pro resolution of 1440x900. It just fits on 1680x1050.

Same feedback as others:
-Homepage is very busy
-Scrolling on the homepage zooms the map... annoying
-Speed of the radar playback
-No preview when sliding through hours/days on the radar or forecast maps.
-County outlines were very useful to help locate your area.
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26-03-2018, 15:27   #26
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New website is nice and a welcome improvement but I feel the radar colours need working on, especially the colour legend and the lack of contrast between land and sea.

The plain white map of Ireland and the pale blue ocean doesn't really work that well imho, plus there's a little too much distracting information added by way of the road network. County borders might be more beneficial than the roads.

The hi res radar display is so much better though but as someone already pointed out a few posts back, the best colour legend on display was no. 2 shown below:

or even the present hi-res display which would be so much better again.

Still, all in all, a big improvement from what I've seen so far. I'm sure when it's all up & running it will be very good.

Last edited by Comhra; 26-03-2018 at 15:31.
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26-03-2018, 15:44   #27
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Hard to change a weather website thats already fairly good.

I used to try and change mine and kept going back to simple format.

Lots of people of all ages use Met Eireann website.

Dont over complicate it.

Main Issues I would improve

1. Rainfall radar...HAS to be like twitter one or not an improvement
2. Temperatures include the decimal points in latest reports.
3. Satellites like Sat24 would be nice
4. Video forecast like Met Uk n BBC.
5. The main things i look for on Met are latest obsevations nationwide, yesterdays weather and text forecast so leave these as they are as they are satisfactory bar the decimal points.

Its beta but could be better if kept simple.
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26-03-2018, 16:16   #28
Harry Palmr
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Alas another upgrade site that won't work in classic-era Opera browsers

The forecast progress is rather slow and it needs to scroll so we can decide its rate of progress (broadband speed allowing!)

Last edited by Harry Palmr; 26-03-2018 at 16:23.
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26-03-2018, 17:47   #29
Happy :)
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Loving it so far, zoomable rainfall radar is great.

Are you planning on implementing precip types? - are these snow patches over Wicklow or coverage gaps/glitches?

Attached Images
File Type: png rainfall.PNG (148.3 KB, 951 views)
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26-03-2018, 18:01   #30
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Will take a small bit of getting used to, however great to see and nice improvement. Really liking this new site. A bit of feedback:

1). Love the fact that the radar is now updated every 5 minutes. Something like Netweather where the radar shows precip type would be welcome but still a great improvement. Also, having lightning in the radar is brilliant.

2). Good to see a 6 day outlook tailored to my location, however I am never a fan of painting one day with the same brush, perhaps showing a few icons rather than one to show what the weather will be like? For example, we could easily have heavy rain in the morning and then sunshine for the afternoon and evening, many days can have different types of weather all thrown into few hours.

3). Monthly values up to a certain point and being able to compare them to past years is great. No obivous improvement to be made here!

4) Having all current observations available on mobile and being able to download them are great! However if (as Gaoth Laidir mentioned) we could get temperatures to 1 decimal place and have the dewpoint too, that would be a great advantage.

5). Just spotted the short term and long term forecast charts available on the home page. Brilliant. Valuable resource for us weather enthusiasts!

Last edited by JCX BXC; 26-03-2018 at 18:04.
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