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02-01-2021, 15:14   #46
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Originally Posted by lawred2 View Post
it does say Cross Ireland but there's probably going to be a load of companies who have always treated Ireland as an extension of Britain that haven't really done anything to prep for Brexit
The contact address for Ireland is their UK headquarters address.
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Originally Posted by Sheep Shagger View Post
An Post say they have an agreement with 95% of their GB 'partners' so that no additional fees are payable at the doorstep.
I'm obviously wrong but I thought the deal that went through means there are no import charges when buying from the UK.
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02-01-2021, 16:44   #48
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Cheers OP - didn't need one, bought 2 - the sign of a great BA!
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02-01-2021, 17:17   #49
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Bought another couple of pens seperately for under 20 to save any hassle.
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03-01-2021, 21:57   #50
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Originally Posted by Dante7 View Post
Cross are historically an Irish company, so it would be fairly embarrassing for them if they messed on Brexit and Irish people had to pay import duty and VAT to buy their pens.
They used to give out pens on RTE game-shows as prizes (sponsored I suppose) and had a plant in Ireland years ago but long gone

American company

Tbh I find that cheap (1 or 2 euro) gel rollerball pens with a comfortable grip write better than expensive pens and as for fountain pens the ink smudges, they tend to leak and the novelty wears off very quickly
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03-01-2021, 22:09   #51
Paranoid Mandroid
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Originally Posted by mr_edge_to_you View Post
Been out of work for 5 months and starting a new job on Monday so I treated myself to a new pen for €25 inc shipping.
Best if luck in the new job tomorrow
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03-01-2021, 23:45   #52
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How do u get the 15% off newsletter i signed up but no code
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03-01-2021, 23:50   #53
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Originally Posted by torrevieja View Post
How do u get the 15% off newsletter i signed up but no code
When you log into your email and verify it via link, you get emailed the code.
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Check your spam folder, or gmail, check your promotions folder
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03-01-2021, 23:54   #55
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Thank you Mr Edge, I too love a good fountain pen and just ordered a Cross Century there with engraving, and with all the codes it came to around €23. Cheers!
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04-01-2021, 00:03   #56
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Originally Posted by torrevieja View Post
How do u get the 15% off newsletter i signed up but no code
I think the newsletter code is the same for everyone

try W3LC0M32X
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04-01-2021, 00:29   #57
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Thanks OP, got a fabulous engraved pen delivered for €21.
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04-01-2021, 01:32   #58
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I worked in their manufacturing plant in Ballinasloe back in their hayday in the 80s/90s. The only plant outside the US (Rhode Island). Opened in 1971...closed around 2003. Great company and fantastic place to work.
They were fairly elite, exclusive and expensive back then.
I remember machining solid gold ones for the elite in the Middle East. Company and is gone basically now with the brand sold to the Chinese. Wouldn't be interested in buying one now.

Anyway....a small sample of my historic collection.

Attached Images
File Type: jpg 20210104_011027.jpg (2.05 MB, 956 views)
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04-01-2021, 10:57   #59
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So I rang their office. Shipping will be from Luton, UK. The guy I spoke to said that as far as he know, what we pay on the screen is what it is, they are not expecting more thereafter and mentioned free trade agreement.

I'm still a little unsure because from Revenue summary it would appear that VAT will still apply (Unless Cross already applied Irish VAT, seems unlikely though right?).

On another page from UK Gov site, it seems to say personal user (not VAT registered) will be charged UK VAT.

VAT within the EU and with other trade agreement countries
If you supply goods to an EU country these sales are technically known as dispatches or removals rather than exports.

Dispatches within the EU between VAT-registered businesses are not subject to VAT. This also applies to goods imported into the EU that have been released for free circulation following payment of import duties.

However, when you dispatch goods to someone in an EU country, who is not registered for VAT in that country, you should normally charge VAT.

Read more about VAT: exports, dispatches and supplying goods abroad.

Customs declarations are not generally required for goods in free circulation within the EU, but traders must remember to raise VAT invoices showing the VAT Registration Number of their customers and obtain evidence of shipment.

How to handle VAT within the EU
If your EU customer is VAT registered and can provide you with a valid EU VAT Registration Number:

you can apply the zero rate of VAT to the sale
the VAT will be due in the destination country from the customer on acquisition of the goods
you must keep paperwork that shows both the seller’s and buyer’s VAT registration numbers (with the correct national codes) on the invoice
you must number your sales invoices in sequence
you must also get and keep valid evidence that the goods have been removed from the UK within certain time limits to be able to zero rate
Read more about charging VAT.

If your buyer is not VAT registered, or you cannot get their VAT number, then as the seller you must charge the UK rate of VAT.

Maybe someone who might know more about this subject can shed a light.. as far as I can see, I think we will be charged VAT once it get into country over €22 (inclusive of shipping charge). Just a matter of what VAT did Cross apply that I don't have answer to.
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04-01-2021, 11:39   #60
The Inbetween is mine
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Just bought my second pen.. €100..and saved €70.93...
Not too shabby at all for €29.07
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