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15-07-2018, 15:00   #106
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Originally Posted by Meteorite58 View Post
NW and N could do fairly well out of this, E and SE very little.
Raining pretty much since yesterday early evening in Roscommon and Leitrim anyway, long and regular showers and some heavier stuff.
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15-07-2018, 15:01   #107
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Heavy drizzle here in South Tipp. Lovely to hear the water running into the water butts. The rivers still flowing too.
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15-07-2018, 15:04   #108
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Just here in enniskerry and its steady rain. I was talking to one of the locals here and they said its been raining on and off in enniskerry since 8am.
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15-07-2018, 15:05   #109
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We've had 3.0mm here in Glasnevin in since this morning, 1mm of it in the last hour. The ground looks very wet. It's currently 18.4C.
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15-07-2018, 15:07   #110
Cantona's Collars
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A bit of drizzle here in Enniscorthy.....aaand it's gone.Even what did dampen a few surfaces has evaporated. 21c currently.
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15-07-2018, 15:18   #111
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Originally Posted by MJohnston View Post
My favourite thing about the rain is how quiet it makes the place. I'm in a housing estate in Dublin 7 but out back I just hear the splashing on the trees, the birds chirping, and the rain running into the drains.

No BBQ parties.
No kids playing on bouncy castles.
No street drinkers.
No dogs endlessly barking.

For a misanthrope like myself, this is bliss.
Not often I learn a new word these days. This week's challenge will be to use it at least once in office banter.

The quiet is nice but there's something very pleasant about those warm summer evenings where it's 20 odd degrees at 8pm and you can open all the windows and listen to the goings on. Distinct seasons are nice for that reason because you get variety over the course of the year.

Slightly OT but was listening to Kilkenny v Limerick commentary in the car just now and only in Ireland would the conversation about the wet pitch making play difficult turn into a conversation about how the silage crop might be very good in September.
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15-07-2018, 15:19   #112
Storm 10
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Very heavy rain in Galway now
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15-07-2018, 16:07   #113
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Mod Note:It might be best to close this thread now so as to keep posts on the same topic together .

Please continue to use the Summer Discussion Thread, or the Drought / Low Rainfall Watch Thread or one of the more specific threads.

Thank you for your contributions.
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