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01-05-2019, 20:20   #1
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Gin-the most depressing alcoholic drink?

Fair to say I've now sampled enough of it to agree it is the most depressing drink known to man.
Obviously alcohol in general is a depressant,but having drank wine,cider,beer,vodka etc and experiencing a wide range of hangovers,I find gin to be the worst.Almost like a sadness that lingers for a few days...

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01-05-2019, 20:27   #2
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Gin makes me cry, tequila makes me a party animal, whiskey makes me punch people

All a myth OP
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01-05-2019, 20:28   #3
The Rape of Lucretia
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Only the first post of the thread necessary. Says it all.
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01-05-2019, 20:28   #4
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Alcohol is a CNS depressant, which doesn't mean what many confuse it as meaning - it slows down brain and spinal cord activity as opposed to necessarily depressing mood. Depressed mood can arise as a result of alcohol, but alcohol isn't inherently a "mood lowering agent" which is what many interpret the "alcohol is a depressant" thing as meaning.

Regarding gin, I don't know the constituents or the science of any of them, but it's easily possible that one or more of the additives used to flavour it, or something inherent to juniper berries, does indeed have an effect on mood which other spirits don't have. It could also be (and in my view is possibly more likely) that it's something in the tonic which does this - quinine has a large array of listed adverse effects when used medically, and although mood isn't one of them, things such as headaches, nausea, and altering one's blood cell profile are, which could very much result in one's mood taking a nosedive.
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01-05-2019, 20:28   #5
Your Face
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It doesn't suit some people.
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01-05-2019, 20:32   #6
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OP you reminded me I haven't had a gin in ages - Now I wouldn't really go for the new craze in gin and botanicals (big glasses, blueberries etc etc) but a couple of gin & tonics with ice and lemon are lovely on a summers evening. I don't find they make me sad although any drink could do that depending on the level of hangover.
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01-05-2019, 20:33   #7
SEPT 23 1989
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Aul ones drink
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01-05-2019, 20:34   #8
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Originally Posted by mikemac2 View Post
Gin makes me cry, tequila makes me a party animal, whiskey makes me punch people

All a myth OP
So it's not the Brandy...
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01-05-2019, 20:36   #9
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The price of it can be pretty depressing...
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01-05-2019, 20:37   #10
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That’s what I thought for years and was surprised when this new trend took off.
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01-05-2019, 20:39   #11
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Love a nice gin. Cry a river when I drink vodka.

Too much of anything and I'm in tears though
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01-05-2019, 20:47   #12
mad muffin
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Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world… I walk into this thread.

Last edited by mad muffin; 01-05-2019 at 21:06.
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01-05-2019, 20:52   #13
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It never had a depressing affect on me.

The ethanol is the depressant and the only difference, in the affect on mood, between various drinks is the alcohol content.
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01-05-2019, 20:55   #14
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Grand refreshing drink gin and tonic at the end of the night after 10 or 12 pints of stout.
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01-05-2019, 21:09   #15
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When ever I think of Gin I think of Audrey.
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