Out 5yr old wakes every morning by 5am. He goes to bed by 7:30/8pm. We have stopped having the tv on completely and he doesn’t get an iPad. When he wakes up if he entertained himself until 6:30/7am that would be fine, ideally we would like if he slept through until this time. We have tried bring him in with us to go back asleep but he’s happy to sit talking to us. We have stopped bring him into us and refuse to get up before 6:30 in the morning so he will start screaming and shouting , cough to make himself sick, poo his pull-up. He is a great kid and is good during the day and has a good routine. He goes to preschool and we want to kick this habit before big school starts in September. This has been going on about 12 months, any help or advice would be great. We are thinking about getting a sleep expert but want to give it one more go ourselves before we go to that expense.