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14-01-2017, 18:38   #31
Buford T. Justice VI
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Originally Posted by Deedsie View Post
Ireland is a metric country since the 1970's. Some people don't seem to realise.
But we're getting there, inch by inch.
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Originally Posted by alchemist33 View Post
The imported rabbits killed off our wolves and bears? Jaysus!
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There was a time when transport by tram around Dublin wasn’t restricted to two bizarrely unconnected routes, when tramlines extended miles in every direction, spreading from O’Connell Street outwards like arteries from a heart to Dublin’s rapidly expanding suburbs.

Three companies operated the trams initially, the Dublin Tramways Company, the North Dublin Street Tramways Company, and Dublin Central Tramways. These companies united in 1880, forming the Dublin United Tramways Company, with 137 trams running routes which totaled over 32 miles. The last horse tram ran in January 1901, by which time Dublin had completely electrified it’s system, now with 66 miles of track, of which nearly 50 were owned by the DUTC.

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Can't quote yet but knew about the Lillo Brancato thing. Now, do people know that Robert Iler, who played AJ in the Sopranos (I was reminded because Lillo Brancato has a small part in the Sopranos) was given probation for robbing two Brazilian tourists when he was 16?

Another one. Before he was famous, celebrity chef Gino D'Acampo served time in the late 90s for his part in the burglary of the home of 80s popstar Paul Young.
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Originally Posted by DuMorph View Post
People aren't native to Ireland; they arrived on the boats that brought the cattle and sheep.
The bears also walked in a few years previous
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King William of Orange departed the Netherlands on11th November 1688 to invade England, and arrived in England 6 days earlier on 5th November 1688, just in time for an ould Guy Fawkes knees-up.

And if you think that's cool, listen to this:

There was a young fellow called Knight
Whose speed was much faster than light.
He set out one day
In a relative way
And returned the previous night.
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There was a third Apple founder. Ronald Wayne sold his 10% stake for $800 in 1976.
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Junkyard Tom
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Robert Peel didn't actually invent the potato peeler.
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If you could remove all of the empty space from the atoms that make up every human on earth, the entire world population would fit into the size of an apple.
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Originally Posted by Capt'n Midnight View Post
Rabbits aren't native here.
Neither are trees like the chestnut, sycamore, beech a couple of pines and the red poppy. Ireland because it was cut off and scoured by the ice for so long originally had far less biodiversity than our neighbour Britain(and a much reduced geology). Because the south of Britain remained ice free and a land bridge connected it to Europe for longer their biodiversity is much higher.

Irish bears were related to Spanish bears, not the ones found in Britain(or most of the rest of Europe).

Irish wolves were larger and more aggressive than mainland European wolves(or indeed British). Wolf attacks on humans were vanishingly rare, except for here. The old annals regularly mention people being attacked and killed by them(and reports of werewolves). This continued quite late too. The English Planters were scared of their reputation and were hell bent on wiping them out. Oliver Cromwell of all people was likely the most responsible for protecting the old Irish Wolfhound, as he encouraged their breeding and banned their export(and there was a small fortune in reward for killing wolves). The last one known was killed in Carlow.

The Irish wolfhound is one of the few wolfhound breeds bred to take on a wolf one on one, hence their huge size. The majority of the other breeds were bred to work as a team in large packs. They were also famed as war dogs across the ancient world and the Romans mentioned them with wonder and fear, including one Gaius Julius Caesar. As an aside oul Julius reckoned that Ireland lay off the coast of Spain. Bless. Luckily they have also long being regarded as having a lovely temperament(even the Roman's noted this) and are big oul softies(to friends). Which is a good thing cos if one went rogue, it would make mincemeat of most other dogs and really ruin your day.

Oddly as well as the big bad wolf and werewolves and all that, the Irish Brehon laws mention them as quite popular pets, along with herons of all things. The latter particularly popular with clerics.

The last Irish round tower was built when the leaning tower of Pisa was going up. The deepest foundations on an Irish round tower are only a couple of feet. Even though the monks were aware of European classical building techniques they're also built on near neolithic building methods, with the addition of mortar. They even made doorways using a lintel stone, but carved the classical arch onto it, even though they knew how to make an arch. Contrary feckers we've always been it seems.

For much of the Roman empire east of a particular point Greek was more spoken than Latin. Romans gave us the notion of courses in meals. The word "salary" comes from Rome too. It roughly translates as "salt", as Roman soldiers were often paid in same. The purple dye used only by the richest of Romans stank to high heaven which added to the status.

That's my stream of consciousness waffle.
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Around 5% of us have Psychopathic tendencies
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Sean Connery turned down the Gandalf role in Lord of the Rings
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