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28-02-2020, 11:37   #1
Put that light out!
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Coronavirus resources

Someone mentioned yesterday about having a sticky with some useful resources to help people understand the Coronavirus and what precautions to take

I set out below some specific sources of information

Guidance for employers from WHO

WHO Q&A on Coronavirus

Where else to find information:
HSE website
HSE Twitter
HSE Live
HSE leaflet if in contact with or returning from an affected area
Government updates
The Guardian - Busting the Coronavirus myths"
European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control - daily updates
US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Niamh asked that I specifically shill this one:

The Explainer podcast on The Journal and Covid-19 Facts on TheJournal

Discussion continues in the current dedicated thread. The OP of that thread provides links to earlier threads on this topic

This thread is remaining closed but stickied to avoid it being clogged up with random waffle

If anyone feels there are other useful resources that can be linked please drop me a PM. I may also pick things up from the thread and transmit them

EDIT: Special request for how to wash your hands

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Put that light out!
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I'll start putting new ones in a new post to remind people to have a look in

Government guidelines/information for employers This covers sickness benefits

Further WHO advice for public

International SOS website section on CoVid-19

Travel retrictions section on International SOS site

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Coronavirus resources

New Covid19 Unemployment Scheme

As part of the Government's response to the national emergency that is the COVID-19 outbreak, this evening the Government is asking employers, if at all possible, to continue to pay workers during this period - at least at the jobseeker rate of €203 per week.

Minister for Employment Affairs and Social Protection Regina Doherty emphasised:

“Where employers, who have to cease trading because of the impact of social distancing, continue to pay workers they will be able to claim refunds from the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection. A temporary refund scheme is being established for this purpose. This refund will be for €203 per worker per week. This means that workers retain their link with employers and there is no need for them personally to submit a jobseekers claim.”
The Minister explained that refunds will take some time to process but in the meantime the Banks will provide working capital finance in the form of overdrafts or short-term loans to cover costs.

The Minister announced that in addition to this fund the Department is introducing a new scheme for anyone whose employer is unable to continue to pay them due to a downturn in business. Minister Doherty will bring to Cabinet tomorrow details of the new scheme.

This evening, Minister Doherty stated:

“Ireland has entered unchartered territory as a consequence of the spread of Covid-19. This is now both a public health and economic issue.
“In light of the significant volumes of jobseeker applications expected this week, the Department will from tomorrow be introducing a new Covid-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment specifically designed to get thousands of people into payment as quickly as possible.”
The new payment that has been put in place will be available to all employees and the self-employed who have lost employment due to a downturn in economic activity caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.
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Put that light out!
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RSCI guide to reliable sources

HPRA guide re medicines

COVID-19 infection: anti-inflammatory and anti-hypertensive medicines

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Originally Posted by IrishStuff09 View Post
Putting together a page with some online services that have been made free during this whole thing. Might interest some here
Adding this.
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08-04-2020, 16:35   #7
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Coronavirus resources

I’ve no connection to this but cleared it with Beasty first.

Corona Citizens Science Project

The Corona Citizens Science project is a national anonymous online survey with the objective of developing an insight into how the Corona pandemic and the corresponding restrictive measures are impacting on people’s activities, work, school and childcare. With the results, we want to identify barriers people are encountering, how people are coping with the lockdown, how they are dealing with childcare issues etc.

This information is important for the government to improve their response and will help planning for future measures in relation to COVID-19 and beyond. We’re asking everyone in Ireland to fill out the questionnaire on April 8th any time from 6am for a period of 24 hours. The aim is to report on the findings the next day.
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09-04-2020, 21:52   #8
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Just had Jurgen Klopp on the blower

He's doing some good work in the community (don't laugh), and alerted me to this directory of Community Support Helplines

As part of this, each local authority has established a helpline that vulnerable people can phone if they are looking for basic services such as delivery of food or meals, or transport for essential trips.
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29-04-2020, 23:43   #9
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One suggested by LadyMayBelle

Freephone, text and email support for those 12-25yrs ... As well as group chats...
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02-05-2020, 16:19   #10
Outlaw Pete
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Just got some FFP2 masks in Decwells on George's St.

The one on left is pretty expensive at €12 but the ones on the right are €8 for a pack of two, so not so bad:

Decwells looks like it's closed but there's a hatch at the front which you can buy stuff through.
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