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15-01-2020, 13:31   #16
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Originally Posted by ShaneU View Post
Not for me, Blood and wine is the best DLC ever
It was tough between that and Hearts of Stone
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15-01-2020, 14:13   #17
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You are all talking as if none of the Soulsborne DLC exists.
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15-01-2020, 19:11   #18
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when The Witcher 3 enters the equation everything else is left in the dust
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15-01-2020, 19:28   #19
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Yeah lists are odd alright. No Soulsborne as retro said, nor Monster Hunter + its expansion. Iceborne is one hefty expansion!

I think when you make a list of games of the decade it has to include alot of games, maybe 30+ for each category. No easy task to make a list in my opinion
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16-01-2020, 10:18   #20
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I think there's something wrong with that voting page. I went onto it there and Bloodborne wasn't on it
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18-01-2020, 06:12   #21
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I kept asking myself why certain games weren't on the list and remembered that those ones were all released between 2004 and 2009... I can't cast a vote, I'm just too uninformed and need to get back to gaming.
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18-01-2020, 08:42   #22
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Originally Posted by Retr0gamer View Post
You are all talking as if none of the Soulsborne DLC exists.
Think it's more indicative of just how many people don't really like those games. Yeah, they're hard, and apparently rewarding, etc, but just not enough to out-do the mainstream gems.

Weren't these lists created from our voted GOTY over the last decade? Then blame only yourselves for not voting for a Soulsborne game to get GOTY in their respective years. You lose, losers!

Anyway, Blood and Wine was going to get my DLC vote, but I had to give it to No Mans Sky. Even ignoring what some people are calling content cut from the promised version, they have gone above and beyond anyone else with teh DLC. Even if it's not your cup of tea, Hello Games have shown how to drag yourselves back from publishing death and completely flip it with free DLC. It deserves it for making the VR free alone, as nearly everyone else would have charged for that.

Hoping Kratos gets the win, definitely my GOTD, even though it was very close with The Witcher 3. Was hard to decide between them, but the semi-open world and tightness of GoW just pipped Geralt and his sometimes annoying open world fare. Still 2 of my favorite games ever (just behind the Legacy of Kain series) and either are deserving of winning.
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18-01-2020, 10:41   #23
Mr E
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Really good response to this survey (more than double the responses of the 2019 survey last week).

Last two days - closes at midnight tomorrow.
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20-01-2020, 09:30   #24
Mr E
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Results! 1st, 2nd and 3rd for each category - percentage of votes in brackets after each entry. Several positions were tied.

Best RPG of the Decade
1. Witcher 3 (60.3%)
2. Mass Effect 2 (15.1%)
3. Skyrim (9.6%)
3. Persona 5 (9.6%)

Best Action/Adventure of the Decade
1. The Last of Us (25.3%)
2. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (24%)
3. The Witcher 3 (20%)

Best Sports Game of the Decade
1. Rocket League (56.9%)
2. Golf Story (12.1%)
3. Fire Pro Wrestling World (6.9%)
3. Madden 12 (6.9%)
3. PES 2020 (6.9%)

Best Racing Game of the Decade
1. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (41.4%)
2. Forza Horizon 3 (24.1%)
3. Gran Turismo 5 (13.8%)

Best Strategy/Puzzle Game of the Decade
1. Portal 2 (42.7%)
2. Outer Wilds (13.2%)
3. Hotline Miami (10.3%)

Best Downloadable Game of the Decade
1. Minecraft (20.9%)
1. The Walking Dead (Season 1) (20.9%)
2. Outer Wilds (13.4%)
3. Stardew Valley (10.5%)

Best DLC/Add-On Content of the Decade
1. Witcher 3: Blood and Wine (52.2%)
2. Last of Us: Left Behind (17.4%)
3. Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone (11.6%)

Online Game of the Decade
1. Overwatch (18.5%)
2. GTA Online (16.9%)
2. Rocket League (16.9%)
3. Battlefield 3 (10.8%)
3. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (10.8%)

Game of the Decade
1. The Witcher 3 (39.2%)
2. The Last Of Us (21.6%)
2. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (21.6%)
3. God of War (2018) (6.8%)
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20-01-2020, 10:10   #25
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Minecraft wins via alphabetical order
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22-01-2020, 23:59   #26
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As expected, TW3 winning GOTD by a mile (in comparison to others), and well deserved really. Also really happy to see God of War in there at 4th!

Thanks again Mr. E!
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