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To get back on topic..

Models still showing the same thing for next week with Ireland having dominance from high pressure for at least a few days. Things start differing between models by this time next week however.

The GFS wants to retrogress the high to the north and northwest with low pressure invading from the Atlantic forming deep lows running on a southerly tracking jet stream. Looks pretty awful and quite a different run from the previous few following the lovely weather of next week.

The ECM attempts to retrogress the high at the very end of its run but it keeps pressure generally high over us.

EC clusters from this morning's 0z run want to retrogress the high a bit to our northwest by the end of next week and into the weekend or following week but not to the extent that the GFS 12z shows so low pressure systems do not affect Ireland here. It stays dry but maybe a tilt to the wind in it being more of a northeasterly direction so be cooler particularly in eastern regions.
Eeek. Trying to interpret this. Not a full week of sunshine then? Cooler by next Saturday?