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Highest rounds on zombies

  • 11-03-2016 6:08pm
    Registered Users Posts: 12,472 ✭✭✭✭ sryanbruen

    What are your highest rounds on zombies - that's if you play them!

    Buried - round 44 (solo)
    Mob of the Dead - round 26 (with people)
    Call of the Dead - round 31 (solo)
    Origins - round 26 (with people)
    Die Rise - round 9 (I'm crap at Die Rise and I just never try 'cause I hate it :pac::p) (solo)
    Der Riese - round 37 (solo)
    The Giant - round 34 (solo)
    Shadows of Evil - round 9 (same with Die Rise, I never try at it) (solo)
    Der Eisendrache - round 16 (well it only came out on March 3rd, so I'm gettin' to know the map) (solo)
    Ascension - round 41 (solo)
    Moon - round 34 (solo)
    Shangri-La - round 29 (solo)
    Five - round 26 (solo)
    Kino der Toten - round 37 (solo)
    Nacht der Untoten - round 29 (solo)
    Shi No Numa - round 154 (solo) (obviously the World At War version...)
    Verruckt - round 27 (with people)
    Dead Ops Arcade - round 15 (solo)
    Dead Ops Arcade 2 - round 14 (solo)
    TranZit - round 18 (solo) (never try it 'cause it's the worst...)
    Bus Depot - round 21 (solo)
    Town - round 25 (solo)
    Farm - round 31 (solo)
    Nuketown Zombies - round 24 (solo)

    Well overall, I would say I'm a pretty average player, not amazing or not very bad

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