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AutoCad Course recommendations

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    I am looking to do an AutoCad course in Dublin. Dublin Institute of Design and Griffith College do them but I am a bit uneasy about the quality of the course.

    Anyone have any recommendations/experience they could share with me?

    I know learning on the job is great etc, but I am trying to do a course in AutoCad to stick it on my CV to hopefully help me land a job

    I saw a similar thread to this here on Boards but it dates back to 2011.



  • If you're unemployed you can avail of free CAD courses. I know FAS have courses in Finglas. If you're not in receipt of the dole, I think you can pay for it. I did a couple of courses (not CAD) in FAS Finglas a few years ago and they were good.

    I not too sure if many private companies are offering CAD courses anymore because it's all Revit that current graduates have and architectural practises are requiring Revit now. I did a 3 day Revit course with Arcdox in Sandyford years ago and they're good. I was unemployed at the time so FAS paid for it. Revit and BIM are the way to go.

    Are you looking to get into an architects practise? The reason I ask is because there are construction companies, for example ones that fabricate curtain walls or facades that would only require autoCAD if that's where you're hoping to pick up some work.

    There are loads of tutorials on youtube if you have your own autocad.

  • Hi, I am an interior architect graduate from Griffith college & I could not recommend them highly enough. Griffith runs both CAD, Revit & Bim courses and as far as I am aware they are still doing these as Springboard courses so they may be no, or heavily subsidised fees (not entirely sure).
    Anyway to answer your question..... Please do choose the design, faculty at Griffith. Their CAD/BIM lecturers are incredible. I think you'll need relevant experience to be accepted onto the Revit/ BIM course & I never knew they ran CAD as a solo course, but if they do.... DO IT!! You won't regret your choice.

  • Once it was CAD but the office I work at won't employ anyone without Revit experience. Wasting your time now starting to learn CAD if it's architecture related you're getting into.