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blinds in north Dublin/city centre

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    I need to get about 4 blinds - kitchen, sitting room, study (bay window) and main bedroom (bay window) just wonder how much should I be expecting to pay, what places are the best for value/variety and should I go roller or venetian new to this.


  • Cant comment on providers, but will keenly watch this thread as I'll be looking myself.

    On the types of blinds, venetian blinds in my humble opinion look great, but theyre a bloody nightmare, especially when trying to open windows. Have had them in the last 2 places and they were a disaster - couldnt open the downstairs windows because of them (landlord fitted them, not us). Know that we're buying Im not sure what we'll end up getting.

  • Depends on the sizes, prices starts from 20 euro for small rollers, venetian costs more.

  • Think it will be rollers for me handier and cheaper torn between Alpine, Acme Home Focus or Baldoyle blinds

  • I used Ezifit blinds based in Knocklyon, for my Venetian blinds. Although I am based in Galway they sent with Fast way and we fitted them ourselves. I have the 50 mm slat with white tapes instead of a string finish. They are great for privacy without the loss of light.

    For bedrooms we went with blackout Roller Blinds with a white wood finish. I felt that Venetian blinds allowed too much light for bedrooms. I like my uninterrupted lie ins at the weekend too much!

  • Have used East Coast Blinds before and found him very good: A few years after, one of the cog things on one of our roller blinds broke (our own fault) and gave him a buzz and he dropped a replacement in to us free of charge.

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  • Hi guys, I know this is an old thread, but any updated opinions? Or miss_choc who did you buy from in the end and how are they standing up 5 years later?

    At the moment primarily considering ezifit, blinds direct and blinds2go. All are online and then need to fit ourselves or hey somebody on to do it.
    Any experience of these or others?

    I'm in South Dublin on case it is relevant.

  • You may want to ask if any of these vendors will incur customs/vat costs if you order from them.

    We are doing something similar and contacted to ask.

    They are telling us their products wont incur any extra costs, but not sure how they can be sure.

    They have a .ie website but an address in Nothingham on the website.

    Anyone knew anything about this or where clarifications could be sought? (Not opinions please)