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Does Buddhist believe in Spirits?


  • No. Spirits don't exist. In Buddhism or any other religion.

  • But wasn't there a ghostly silence in here for the last month?

  • More seriously, I can't speak much for other traditions, but in Tibetan Buddhism, the place is chock full of all kinds of beings. One phrase that springs to mind is "Where ever there is space, there are beings".
    In all kinds of Buddhism, there is the notion of the six realms of samsara (also the three worlds). It seems in Tibetan thinking that there is a confusing area between visible beings and other entities that interfere in our existence. In some cases, or in some way, they are aspects of our deluded minds. But then also, trees and mountains and all other beings are somewhat aspects of our deluded minds. It's down to the way we perceive.
    Then there's after death where beings pass through a variety of states before taking on a new existence. It seems that some don't pass on to another existence but get stuck in association with their old lives. Then there are "demonic forces" and negativity which can be more associated with our own delusion but may also have some aspect of their own existence.
    This comes out of "emptiness" and interdependence where we take what is a fluid and magical play of reality which is full of possibility to express in an infinite variety or ways and we solidify this into our version of reality (it's a bit like Schrödinger's cat, only weirder). A fully realised being is said to see their reality as a buddha field filled with enlightened beings. Their experience is entirely different even if to our experience they look like regular folk. It's said that when we come to experience reality as it is, the solidity we normally experience breaks down and we start to see this magical display.

  • Effects wrote: »
    No. Spirits don't exist. In Buddhism or any other religion.
    but do you exist?