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Any such thing thing as 'Irish Classical Music'?

  • 19-07-2015 12:06am
    Registered Users Posts: 90 ✭✭✭ MrYlad

    I'm not sure what that actual definition of 'classical music' is - I assume it is very broad. But I have always wondered; is there such a genre as 'Irish Classical Music'?
    Has there ever been any acclaimed Irish composers? Is there a certain style of classical music that is Irish? Are there any famous Irish Classical pieces? Etc etc.
    Thanks, and Ps, I'm a novice in regars to this art form (I'm more of an art-lover).


  • Turlough O Carolan is a figure I'd consider as a composer in the Baroque tradition though hes mainly associated with Irish traditional music.In the early 19th century there was John Field though I don't know if you could say theres anything overly Irish about his music.Onto the twentieth century theres Sean O Riada,who again is associated mainly with Irish trad but also did classical compositions like on the LP Vertical Man,also Gerard Victory(not very well known,not outside Ireland anyway).

  • Well, classical music can be broken up into different sub-sections like all art - there are gien names to each time period, i.e Baroque (1600-1750), Vienna Classical (1750-1800) etc, etc, etc...

    John Field, as was mentioned by a previous poster, is widely considered the inventor of the Nocturne - and belongs to the early romantic period. As a wannabe concert pianist, I am ashamed to admit I haven't heard much of his works.

    More recently, Contemporary Irish composer Patrick Cassidy is well worth checking out. Have a listen to his Aria -"Vide Cor Meum" - which featured on the soundtrack to the movie Hannibal a few years back. It is a stunning piece: Sorry, I am still a relatively new member so can't do Youtube linkys - You will find it via a quick search, though

    I would add, I hate putting nationalities to music - I guess that's why I hate National Anthems, especially the Irish one... So... so... zzzzZzzzzzZzzzzzz... dull... Anyways...

    "ducks for cover*