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Fear The Walking Dead - News/Details/Rumours



  • ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Adds ‘House Of Cards’ Alum Sandrine Holt In Recurring Role

    Deadline is reporting that Sandrine Holt will take on the recurring role of Dr. Bethany Exner in Fear the Walking Dead. There’s not yet any indication about how the character will fit in with the previously announced character lineup, but there’s certainly plenty of story opportunities for a medical professional to contribute to a story about a zombie infection breaking out for the first time among the general population

    The vague description of Holt’s part on Fear the Walking Dead makes it hard to really say how integral to the show she’ll be – or even how long she’ll be sticking around. After all, this is a near-future where flesh-eating creatures roam the Earth, and the parent series isn’t exactly shy about killing characters off.

    Besides, although a doctor among the new cast of characters could prove useful, it would be all too easy to ratchet up the drama and tension than introducing and subsequently eliminating the one person with the necessary medical skills to tend to the sick and wounded. Point being, whereas we expect the characters played by Curtis and Dickens to hang around for a while on Fear the Walking Dead, Holt’s fate seems more up in the air.


  • Fear The Walking Dead Storyline

    Robert Kirkman and David Erickson

    It will indeed be set during Rick's coma, but don't call it a prequel: "We are loosely covering the period of time that [The Walking Dead's] Rick (Andrew Lincoln) was in his coma in season one. We're able to watch and experience the things that he missed. It's more of a parallel story than a prequel; imagine the opening where Rick gets shot and goes in his coma — that day was probably very close to our day one."

    It's about people, so don't expect an explanation of the virus: "I had a couple of early pitches that touched on what you're referring to and Robert [Kirkman, the creator of The Walking Dead comics, and a key creative force during its TV adaptation] shut me down. For him, it's never been about what caused it. It's always been about the impact it has on people."

    Don't expect too much government or disease control stuff, either: "Robert very poignantly said that he likes to avoid the CDC
    perspective, the FEMA [Federal Emergency Management Agency] perspective, at least moving forward. It's something I agree with. We'll never tell the story from the perspective of the bureaucrats, politicians, and generals who are all trying to contain it. It will always be from the ground level looking up."

    There won't be a crossover any time soon, if at all: "I think logistically, it would be very difficult. There's no plan for a crossover. I never considered seeing that in some way, shape or form. That show has been going on for five years since the original outbreak and we're just in the infancy [of the outbreak]. There are no plans to do so, but I do think that's a world that could be explored at some point."

    There could be a lot of seasons: "[I see this as] about five or six [seasons]. The more we dig into it, the more we'll find. The original show is at least another few seasons based on the material that Robert has written for the comic already, and that serves as a guiding light. I like endings, and — I haven't discussed this with Robert, but I think it's more of a question for us to discuss when we sit down and really start breaking season two."

    Villains - a la the Governor - will not be the focus: "No. The goal for us — it's not difference for difference's sake because it works beautifully on The Walking Dead and Sons [of Anarchy] was very similar: we introduced a new villain each season and that became the main rail. What's interesting to me is to try to internalize it as much as possible."

  • Is there a date for when this starts yet?

  • 12th june

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  • frash wrote: »
    Is there a date for when this starts yet?
    naughto wrote: »
    12th june

    It won't be airing until August, no exact date has been announced yet.

  • The Authorities Would Tell Us | Official Teaser
    After last week’s fleet-footed sneak peek at Fear the Walking Dead, AMC has released another teaser trailer, this one spotlighting series star Kim Dickens. The actress plays single mom and high school guidance counselor, Madison, who in this snippet tries and fails to convince one of her students that there’s no such thing as the zombie apocalypse. That’s maybe not the best advertisement for her “guidance counseling” skills…

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  • A new 10-second trailer for the upcoming AMC spinoff series “Fear The Walking Dead” has been released and it shows three short scenes: one of missing persons posters plastered on a wall, the second of two characters driving, and a third shot that shows a lone zombie walking through a park. It ends with a title card and confirms that the premiere will be this August.

  • fear-the-walking-dead-poster.jpg

  • “Flu Shot” is the third sneak peek we have seen from the pilot.
    The clip is 10 seconds long, and it features Madison (Kim Dickens) walking down her school’s hallway when a coworker spots her and says he thought she would be another victim since a lot of employees have been getting sick. Madison replies with, “No, I got my flu shot.

  • Sky viewers WILL get Fear the Walking Dead, but only if they pay BT
    Fear the Walking Dead, the much-anticipated spin-off from AMC’s hit zombie drama The Walking Dead, will be available to Sky households – but only if they pay BT to watch it.
    Earlier this month BT announced it had bagged exclusive rights to a new channel showcasing AMC’s output, including Fear the Walking Dead, which it said would be “available exclusively to BT customers”.

    As previously speculated by SEENIT, it’s now been confirmed that this will include Sky customers who pay BT to watch its ‘BT Sports Pack’

    Unlike most channel owners who wholesale their channels to Sky which then either includes them in its channel packages or retails them to its users as a premium add-on, BT takes advantage of a rule which allows it to sell channels direct to Sky households for watching on their existing set top box.

    By doing so it gains more money then Sky is likely to per customer under any wholesale agreement and, more importantly, a direct relationship with subscribers who it can then market other services to.

    The AMC channel will join BT Sport 1 & 2, ESPN and a new BT Sport Europe channel which will serve as the exclusive home of the Champions and Europa Leagues.

    Previously free, the expanded channel pack now costs £5pm for customers with BT Broadband and £19.99pm for those without. HD and multi-room options cost extra.

    BT will be hoping the addition of top US dramas to its channel line-up will persuade customers to absorb the price increase.

    A BT Spokesperson has previously told SEENIT that the AMC channel will only be available to its customers, suggesting a deal to bring it to Virgin Media is unlikely.

  • Fear The Walking Dead - Greeting From Set - Cast Interviews

  • Fear The Walking Dead Season 1 Teaser HD 'Neighborhood'

    Teaser #6 HD 'Skate Park' AMC 2015 Sneak peek #6

  • First full trailer (from Comic-Con)

  • Jasus just by the look of the trailer it already seems better than the actual walking dead

  • Yeah it's very strong alright.

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  • I hope its not slow like the main show can be at times would be great if that's all footage from the 1st episode or close enough

  • ricero wrote:
    Jasus just by the look of the trailer it already seems better than the actual walking dead

    In fairness they do have the benefit of hindsight. They had the chance to fix any thing they got wrong with TWD and also know better now what the audience want.

  • Walkers look more creepy are far more of a threat. I like it. Makes sense, they are fresher and people don't know quite how to deal with them yet. How many episodes will be in Season One does anyone know?

  • I wonder will they have have something like the Sky News presenter in Shaun of the dead giving the instructions "removing the head or destroying the brain"

  • I heard there were only 6 episodes

  • How many episodes will be in Season One does anyone know?

    The first season consists of six episodes. A second season has been ordered and will air in 2016.

  • Looks great, can't wait to see it.

    I'm getting a kick out of listening to people say things like 'More action in the trailer than in five seasons of The Walking Dead' :pac::pac:

  • NUTZZ wrote: »
    Sky viewers WILL get Fear the Walking Dead, but only if they pay BT
    Whats that? Go ahead and pirate it and skip all this bullsh*t? Oh okay if you insist...

  • What channels will it be aired on, Fox like TWD?
    For us UPC'ers

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  • Walkers are a little more sexy on Fear The Walking Dead :p

    A while back, we learned that the zombies on AMC's Fear the Walking Dead will look very different from those seen on the flagship series. Where The Walking Dead's "walkers" are heavily decayed, Fear rewinds the timeline to the very beginning of the zombie outbreak. So logic dictates that Fear's undead, being "younger" or fresher zombies, shouldn't be so decomposed.

    That's the approach being taken by special makeup effects guru Greg Nicotero, who's overseen the rotted flesh of The Walking Dead's zombies since the very first episode. For Fear the Walking Dead, Nicotero and his team have come up with a completely different look for the new show's walkers.

    By the way, zombies on Fear the Walking Dead won't be known as "walkers." That's a term used almost exclusively by the group lead by Rick Grimes. Others have used different names, such as the residents of Woodbury referring to them as "biters."