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Pals dilemma (past cheating)

  • 26-05-2015 10:46pm
    Registered Users Posts: 4 naomi1987

    Hi guys,
    Just need a little guidance. A pal of mine recently visited me quite upset. She is normally very upbeat and cheery so I couldn't understand what was bothering her. Turns out she is riddled with guilt over past cheating in college. She told me she suffers from depression and anxiety (which I never knew) and her guilt is making it worse.
    She works in healthcare and is very successful and well liked/respected and does a great job. Apparently she copied a small portion of her undergrad thesis from another student several years ago and the guilt has always stayed with her.
    She is also turning into a bit of a recluse I tried to console her as best I could. I'm calling around to her's tomorrow to check on her. Any advise? Such a random post I know!! But I would really like to try help her. Cheers


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    Sounds to me like the cheating isn't the problem. The girl needs some professional help. Encourage her to see a GP.

  • Registered Users Posts: 4 naomi1987

    Thank you for your response. Ya I thought so too. But seemingly theres a few things going on in her life at the min. She is over thinking things. She told me she feels a lot of guilt over her past cheating tho...very hard to know whst to say to her. Didn't see her today after all but hopefully during the week at some stage.


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    Keep us informed. I know dozens and dozens and dozens of people who cheated in exams. It doesnt bother them one jot. In fact, I'd say you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who hasn't taken a shortcut of some sort in their educational scrudu's.

    Your friend sounds like she is depressed. If it wasn't the exams, something else would stick out in her mind and bother her. I dont know what to say, only be supportive of her and give her a soft place to fall when she needs it.

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    Remind her that copying off one person is plagiarism but copying off a load of people is research...;)

    But seriously, I am quite sure that 99.99% of people (including me) will have copied from another piece of work. There is nobody who produces any piece of work that is totally 100% original.

    All you are doing is rearranging the syntax to make it look original. Just look at some German government ministers- most have PhDs and most have been shown to have lifted their work from others -the expression is "Dr Cut and Paste" is used mockingly.

    I lifted about 95% of my thesis from a Swiss student's Phd. Not boasting but at that stage I just did not care anymore and by coincidence was exactly the same as my (what I thought was an original idea) title. I got a very respectable 1H...biggrin.png. It doesn't bother me in the slightest.

    I suspect your friend has got some more fundamental issues at play and she is latching on to this as an easy physical manifestation without realizing it. As mentioned above, she should seek some professional counseling.

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    Hey OP. Hows your pal doing?

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