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So what other toy lines do you collect?

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    Registered Users Posts: 1,127 ✭✭✭ MarkHall

    Aside for the many many Converting Robots.

    I still possess from my Youth an awful lot of my M.A.S.K figures.
    A similar concept to the Transformers. But you got little dudes who drove the units with special powered masks.

    A real bummer it's not been picked back up on. But we live in hope.

    And several boxes of GI joes. But they where under lockdown in the mothers attic before the move. I really should dig em out some evening.

    Outside of these my other big money drain is Battletech

    I do love it in all it forms. Again its more stompy robots with guns. With a backstory of 20 epic years. Nearly 200 in game fluff terms.

    So what else do you have sitting besides your Transformers? Or are you a toyline sort of person.


  • Do you play with them?

  • All the Live long Day. (Or as time premits)
    Have even done up a wargaming system, for the various collections.





  • Superb stuff there and excellent displays. It's great to see a collector having fun.

    I used to love Mask but only had a few. I remember loving the dune buggy that turned into a plane.
    While i lived in Australia i was close to a huge jumble market called the Bazaar that had about 100 stalls selling all sorts (including a boba fett from the Droids cartoon for $100 that was actually worth $1000 but sold before i could get it).
    I built up a nice Robotech/Macross collection then and a Masters of the Universe set. But over the years my interest waned and i ended up selling them on to fund different collections (bank notes, coins).

    I do have a nice, complete, MOSC set of the Star Wars animated Clone Wars - the original one done by cartoon network and the Samurai Jack animators before it was replaced with the more CGI version.

  • I had tons of the Maccross/Robotech figures as a child. They sold them in the newsagents near my nannies. And I got one when we visited. Solid metal figures that you could really go to town on.
    If I knew how much influence they would have had on Battletech I may have treated them a little nicer.

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  • Cool. I've always wanted to collect like those things.

  • This news from the Nuremberg Toy Fair 2015 has me a happy camper.


  • Rumour about that G.I.Joe 3 will have a MASK tie in.

    Take salt as appropriate.

  • It may be a offering with the name being used for the sake of it.
    Much like the M.A.S.k reference in Transformers prime.

    I'll be happy with a new Toy line and Cartoon TBH.

    *Waits for NEW YORK TOY FAIR In quite awe and hope!*

  • @markhall

    Nice set up! What are you using to display the figures? Cos I now want one :)
    I also collect warhammer (though haven't painted much) and Gundam 1/144 HG scale.
    But mostly transformers!

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  • That is a Custom shelf unit Built by a chap call Ger. He does great work but and his stuff looks great on them.

    Warhammers an okay gateway drug to wargaming. Do you play in Gamersworld at all?

    On the Gundam Front I've been getting back into it now the cash flow has stabilized.
    Bought 3 kits from DCC this week. Working on a Custom Build for a Gunpla Fighter game the lads are planning on Running.


    Also there's a Gundam Club that will be meeting up once a Month if you're interested in popping along, We build, Watch shows, and now fight with the figures. If you know



  • I blame space hulk for my warhammer binge, still have everything I bought, just never got around to doing anything with it due to moving house so many times and getting an area properly sorted. Now that I have my own house, I'm hoping to change that.

    I have my UC gundams displayed in the wip office room, but still have 3 or so boxes of them to sort.
    And all my transformers are in my room in my parents house.

    Slow progress but getting there :)

    Whereabouts does the gundam club meet up? And if you wargame with gundam type mechs, I suggest keeping an eye out for the Aldnoah Zero mech Earth (i believe it's to be released next few months). Look solid and realistic to me :)

  • draven3410 wrote: »
    I blame space hulk for my warhammer binge,
    I have my UC gundams displayed in the wip office room, but still have 3 or so boxes of them to sort.

    And all my transformers are in my room in my parents house.
    Feel free to share the display. Always get a kick outta others collections.

    The Meet up is currently residing in the Geekeasy of Dublin City comics

    The next one shall be on the 25th of this month. We have a schedule set up if anyone is interested which will be:
    3-6: Buidling/Build fighters
    6-9: Watching Origin's

    Anything you wish to add or bring up,please do.

  • If only I still lived in Dublin, I'd so be there!

    Trying to find my camera to take some decent photos of my temp setup, but it's buried in a box somewhere!

  • If you PM me your email I can add you to the Facebook Group. at least let you share your bits and chat to other mechaphiles if you want.

  • It was nice to meet you Draven3410.
    Hopefully next time you'll come equipped for the building portion.

    Other highlights


    It was a fun afternoon!

  • action men and gi joes.. i remember when I was young and i found my sister had kidnapped them.. stripped them.. and forced them to do terrible things with her barbie dolls..

  • M.A.S.K., Star Trek