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  • 09-08-2013 7:42pm
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    Whistle are a 6-piece band playing a mix of American folk, bluegrass, country etc, old and new, as well as plenty of their own music. We play acoustic & electric guitar, banjo, mandolin, violin, harmonica, bass and cajon.
    Unfortunatley we dont have too much in the way of recording done, but there's a few live tracks up on soundcloud, and all going well we'll get some videos posted in the next few months.

    We have been going about a year in this current format and play a couple of gigs a month around Dublin.

    We are delighted to be playing the Trailer Park Stage at the Electric Picnic this year (Sat 8:30pm) so if you're there, give us a shout.


    Breaking Tunes



  • Getting excited now! What the hell did they do to our photo though!! :)

  • Whistle are playing in Graingers on Malahide Rd on Nov 8th and Dec 6th. We are also playing in The Viscount in Whitehall on Dec 31, and best of all these are all free entry gigs.

  • We are playing a free gig in The Viscount Inn, Whitehall Road on April 25th.

    This is Jesse James from a fundraising gig we did for SVP recently.

  • Whistle are playing a fully unplugged acoustic gig in Big's Bar on Ellis Quay, Dublin tonight from 21:30. Free in and free music in a nice little pub.
    Stick your head in if you're in Dublin tonight, and tell them Gaspode sent you.

  • That gig in Big's Bar went so well they've asked us back this Saturday.
    It's a great little pub, and probably the cheapest pints in the city centre so well worth dropping down to.

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  • We are delighted to be playing Electric Picnic again this year, guess last year wasn't a fluke after all!
    We're in Jimmie Lees Juke Joint in the Trailer Park area on Sunday evening so if you're about drop in and say hello.
    Say you're from boards and I'll personally give you one free hug!

  • I'm 17 I have no id for electric picnic what do u think I should do

  • Just had a listen to Whistle, enjoyed the work!

  • Cliona1234 wrote: »
    I'm 17 I have no id for electric picnic what do u think I should do
    Hi Cliona1234, I've no idea - I'm way past the age checking thing! More likely to be turned away for being too old!

    Reebrock wrote: »
    Just had a listen to Whistle, enjoyed the work!

    Hi, thanks for listening and the feedback!

  • We will be playing next week in The Globe as a warm-up/Dress rehearsal for our Electric picnic spot. If you'rein Dublin, drop and say hello.
    Free music from 8pm, we are headlining so on last at around 10:30pm.

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  • That gig is tonight - seemed to come around very quick. If were not ready for Electric Picnic after this we will never be.

  • So, it's been a while posting here!

    We are playing in the wonderful Abner Brown's next Saturday Jan 31 in Rathmines, and The hut in Phibsboro on Feb 6, spanning both sides of the Liffey for anyone who gets a nosebleed if they have to cross the river!

  • Cell collective have published a short interview with us here