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xbox 360 plug and charge cable

  • 21-01-2015 8:28pm
    Registered Users Posts: 2 rubicradz

    hi, i was wondering if anyone knew where i can buy a replacement pin that plugs into the top of the wireless control to charge the battery, my dog thought it would be fun to eat it, i dont want to cut the cable and attach it to the inside of the control as i have 2 controllers and only the 1 cable.

    thanks for the help


  • This will go better in the Console Modding and Repair forum.



  • I don't get by what you mean pin? Do you mean the whole plug assemble the plugs into the controller, if so a replacement plug and charge kit is the only way to go, as I never seen them sold separate.

  • i was guessing that myself as I couldn't find any, but I was hoping that someone would know a place to get them. thanks anyways.

  • All you're looking for is a replacement charge cable, you can buy them without the full pack in lots of places, here or here for example